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Name: Ada Evangeline Robotnik
Nicknames: Omelette
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 12
Alignment: Neutral Good
Height: 4'8''
Residence: Eggmanland
World of Origin Gaia
Occupation: Eggman's daughter / student / amateur photographer
Likes: Her dad, her big brother Metal Sonic, her pet ballhog Bacon, Metal's pet motobug Tori, photography, the color deep red, sushi, candy
Dislikes: Having to move around a lot, constantly being sheltered (even if it is for her own protection), people who don't understand her dad's goals
Played By: Jammerlee


(This field will be updated frequently as I get to know her better through play) Unlike her bombastic father, Ada tends to be more on the shy and awkward side when you initially meet her. That is until you manage to open her up, especially if it happens to be a subject that she's interested in. She tends to be on the introverted side, favoring her own thoughts and showing a strong appreciation for art and aesthetic. This isn't to say she can't be excitable and happy-go-lucky, however. She loves her father dearly but lives by her own moral compass. She's quite sheltered and naive of the real world due to her father's efforts to protect her, but also very curious about the world. As a full-time student who's been especially pushed hard in the sciences, Ada is very well book-learned, but much off her experience with the real world has come through books, television and social media.


A whiz with programming and a very skilled hacker, often times Ada will spend her time breaking into computer systems for the pure fun of it. Given whose daughter she is, it's natural that she's also picked up a lot of skill and technical know-how in the fields of electronics and mechanics. Mainly enough to be self-sufficient enough to fix and/or put together practical machines here and there, but she's nowhere near the level of her dad. She also has a fantastic eye for color and composition.


She's very near-sighted and can't see terribly well without her glasses. She's only human and lacks any particular skill in agility, running, etc. She's not really used to the "real" world due to having been sheltered and spoiled by her dad.

Emerald Abilities

None. She might play around a bit with an emerald if she managed to acquire one, but more than likely she'll just take it to her dad

Pre-RP History

The result of a brief marriage and all-too-soon divorce. Although Ada will occasionally get to visit with her mom Katella, her custody is with her father, Eggman. Despite Eggman's world-conquering goals he takes as much time as he can to spend time with Ada. Because of his bids for world domination, however, Eggman has gone out of his way to keep Ada's existence a secret, going so far as to hack all official records and striking himself out as her father, knowing full well that many of his enemies would use her against him. This has caused Ada to live a sheltered life that frequently results in her having to move, and has rarely been allowed to leave her home without a bodyguard - her "big brother" Metal Sonic most recently and frequently serving as this role with the installment of his own android form. This has caused her to rarely be able to meet many people or make many friends in the offline world (not to say she doesn't have friends online). Ada has lived as a full-time student under the tutelage of E-51 Intellegente, a robot created by Eggman that serves as both Ada's nanny and homeschool teacher.

Since Eggmanland's establishment, Ada has managed to find more stability in her life and more freedom to move about without the need of a bodyguard (though Metal Sonic is still called on whenever she wants to leave Eggmanland). She hopes to be able to make real, permanent offline friends as a result of this.

Post-RP History

Their track record since they've been in the game.

Crossover History

Their track record in the crossover.


Dr Eggman Ada's devoted and often over-protective father. The two share a close bond with each other.
Metal Sonic Ada's older brother and heir to the Eggman Empire. The two are close and Metal often acts as her bodyguard.
Milo the Coyote An organic member of Eggman's legion, Milo recently took on the role of Ada's sharpshooting tutor.

Other Info

She has a pet ballhog that she affectionately calls Bacon. Bacon does not carry bombs in his belly but Ada does use him to store various items.

Officially Ada is not listed on any record as having any sort of relation to Eggman. This is in an effort to protect her from those who might otherwise use her against him.

Yes, I'm aware of her resemblance to Eggette. It's not intentional. You don't have to point it out. Ada far pre-dates Eggette and believe me it's a point of insecurity for me due to how similar they look and how much more popular Eggette is.


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