Amy Rose (SatAM)



Name: Amy Rose.
Nicknames: Ames, Rosy the Rascal, Cutie-Pie, anything Knuckles can come up with, Pinky.
Species: Hedgehog.
Gender: Female.
Age: Ten, or thereabouts.
Alignment: Lawful Good
Stats: Physical: 5 | Mental: 6 | Luck: 10
Height: 2' 5".
Build: Small and girly, but very energetic.
Residence: Formerly Little Planet, now Knothole.
Occupation: Cute-thing that belongs to Knuckles. Hostage fodder.
Likes:Knuckles, pink, other girls, card games, waffles, nature, flowers, butterflies, cute little animals, Sonic (but… less obsessive than her Sega counterpart), Hide-and-Seek. Healthy people.
Dislikes: Robots, scary things, getting spooked, pranks, vegetables (what kid doesn't?), being away from Knuckles for too long, seeing people get hurt. Getting sick, or seeing others that are sick.
Hobbies/Talents: Singing, picking flowers, following Knuckles, 20 Questions, talented at where she can get anything if she looks pathetically cute enough, playing cards, playing games. She has an uncanny ability to sense when something big is going to happen. It's sort of like a premonition, but it's not developed to the point where she can control it.
Played By: Topaz Mutiny. Former player was Sipp.
Theme: "Lollipop Song" by WHOEVER MADE THAT SONG.


Amy is a very happy, bright, optimistic, and girly young hedgehog. She is curious about nearly everything, and as such she likes to ask lots of questions. Being with only Knuckles since a very early age has caused her to be very dependent on him, not only for protection, but for physical as well as mental sustinence. If Knuckles is gone for an alarmingly long time (about one full day), Amy gets skitterish and frightened, though it's not beyond her to go searching for him herself. She COULD take care of herself if she tried, but she would much prefer close contact with other people. Generally she tries to be a good girl, but there are occassions where she'll break rules.



While nowhere near as fast as Sonic or Tails, Amy is quick on her feet and light as a feather. Due to being a hedgehog, Amy can curl up into a tight ball, but not a perfect sphere. She's also a great climber, with an equally great grip. Not bone-crushing, but it's incredibly hard to get her to un-cling from things.


She learned to swim from Knuckles, and while not an expert, she at least knows how not to drown in deep water. She has incredible accurracy when using Magic Eight Balls. She's surprisingly good at math, with knowledge of up to basic algebra. She is also learned in card games such as Solitare, War, and others. She also has premonitions, but they are rare and she cannot induce them at will.



Since she's merely a little girl, Amy is rather weak, and easy to capture and hold.


She's quite naive and clingy. SPIDERS terrify her, even itty bitty nearly invisible ones. She is also somewhat of a germaphobe, but this seems to be only apparrent when it looks like someone else is sick, or getting sick, or was sick.

Pre-RP History

Amy was roughly three years old when she and her parents ventured to the fabled Little Planet. Also known as the Miracle Planet, her parents sought this place as a sanctuary and refuge from a terrible plague that had recently swept their village. Unfortunately, the group of hedgehogs brought the plague with them, and with the swiftness of Sonic the Hedgehog himself, soon had the two elder hedgehogs fighting for their lives. Futily they searched for medicine, or perhaps even a cure, on the Miracle Planet, but it was not to be.

Suddenly alone, confused, and not even able to yet take care of herself, Amy wandered aimlessly around Little Planet, never straying too far from the site of her parent's passing. Hungry and scared, she sat down upon a rock and gave in to sadness. And that was how Knuckles found her. Despite not knowing who this person was, or why and how he was there, all Amy could know was that this stranger wanted to take care of her.

Years passed, and Amy grew into a happy, girly, spunky young hedgehog, free of the trauma that happened early in her life, and absolutely smitten with Knuckles.

Post-RP History

It was during one of her gardening expiditions when she was captured by the fearsome Metal Sonic and taken to a prison cell in Metallic Madness, where she then met Tails- the first person she had seen since Knuckles adopted her.

They were trapped for a while, but eventually Knuckles, Sally, and the others came to their rescue. Unfortunately, despite how hard Knuckles tried, it was too late for them to get back to Little Planet. Apparrently they decided to stay in Knothole. Amy seemed to be immediately interested in everyone around her- particularly the other hedgehog, Sonic.

Topaz took over after this. Stuff happened; didn't write it down.

Crossover History

The craziest -expletive- ever. Blame Sipp.


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Misc. Info

The hell if Amy mispronounces any more words and calls Knux "Ketsu". >:|


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