Amy Rose (Sega)

"If anyone ELSE has any reason why my hammer should not be embedded in this robot at massive speeds, speak now or forever hold your peace."


Name: Amy Rose.
Nicknames: Ames, Rosy, Rosy the Rascal (she dislikes those two), "NOOOOOO.", Pipsqueak.
Species: Hedgehog. OF DOOM.
Gender: FEMME TO DA MAX! Heck, her fur's PINK for cryin' out loud!
Age: 14.
Alignment: EMBODIMENT OF HELL. Hero.
Type: Speed.
Team: Team Rose.
Height: 2' 11.5".
Build: NOODLE! But deceptively willful… kind of like how in times of stress or excitement or other extreme emotions, average people can somehow lift cars or helicopters.
Residence: Parkside Square Apartments, Station Square.
Occupation: KIDNAP FODDER. Student? She gets kidnapped so much it'd be hard for her to have a steady job. Might be a part-time fortune-teller due to her uncanny accuracy with Tarot Cards (THOUGH THAT MAY BE DEBATABLE).
Likes: Sonic, Chao, cute things, ribbons, pink, dresses, shopping, shoes, her Piko Piko Hammer(s), Shadow (to an extent), Cream, cooking, Birdie and his family, the late E-102 Gamma, Twinkle Park (EXCEPT FOR THAT ONE TIME), Tarot card reading, fortunes, magic 8 balls and other such superstitious fortune/future things, parsley, competitions to not only impress but one-up Sonic.
Dislikes: Not Sonic, Dr. Eggman, Eggman's robots (particularly Metal Sonic), Rouge, Vector, Espio, machines, mechanics, messes, people looking like they're wooing Sonic, Sonic constantly evading her grasp, mindless or pointless fighting, people saying she's crazy, people making fun of her, people treating others badly, monsters, scary things, ZERO. Being kidnapped all the time and used as bait. Ghosts.
Hobbies/Talents: Probably shopping. BEHOLD. Chasing Sonic, Tarot card reading, making shrines toward Sonic, shopping, flirting with Sonic, wielding innumerable amounts of hammers, fantasizing about her and Sonic being together, being a magnet to kidnappers and hostage-takers, trying to persuade Sonic to marry her, putting ribbons and pink things on everything… yeah. Near constant attempts to get Sonic to father any children.
Played By: Topaz Mutiny. Former player was Gale.
Theme: "My Sweet Passion" by Nikki Gregoroff (Canon Theme)
"I Want Someone to Love" by Lunarock (Classic Theme)
"I Will Possess Your Heart" by Death Cab for Cutie (Obsessive Theme)
"Hands Off" by Maria Vidal (Possessive Theme)


She's very determined. I don't think the phrase "you can't" is in her vocabulary. She also has a habit of sticking up for the little guy; if there's something she doesn't like, you can bet she won't stop spazzing out until she fixes it! She has an almost unhealthy obsession with Sonic the Hedgehog, and if you make her mad she gets very violent. (Though she's quick to anger anyway. ;p) Due to her open and honest nature, she makes friends easily. She's incredibly loyal and won't abandon a friend in need. - Gale

The first thing anyone realizes about her is how obsessive she can be. She's a lovesick teenager on an endless quest to end up with who she thinks is her true love. As such, she can be bold, rash, outspoken, and headstrong, quite similar to her bigtime crush. But whenever she's not thinking about her dream-man, Amy is a kind and caring girl who would do anything to help someone or something in need. While an underdog herself, she sticks up for those who are weak or picked on. She's easily frightened and can be out of her element often, but she always ends up being optimistic until the end. She's also open and honest, friendly to those she meets, and is generally and easy person to befriend or be befriended by. As seen, she appears to be calm at some points and NEAR INSANE at others, which leads to a suspicion of her having Manic Disorder. Another clue to this is her wrath. Seemingly triggered by people making fun of her, or those constantly picking on others, or Sonic losing a fight, she looks as if she got possessed by an otherworldly demon, and seeks to spite and wreak revenge on the wrongdoers. - Topaz



The ability to lift really big freakin' hammers. In Sonic Heroes she could levitate for a while by spinning the hammer around but I don't think that counts (after all, if we included every move and item ever then she'd have a couple cars too). The sight of her can terrify Sonic. She's very flexible.


Able to summon a seemingly endless amount of hammers from her hammerspace. Can read tarot cards with errie accuracy. How to control her mental disorder. She can drive, and has some persuasion skills. Due to her flexibility, she has some acrobatic skills, and has learned to combine them with her hammer in order to do stunts she normally physically wouldn't be able to do.


Amy has no Chaos powers. BAHAHAHA. - Gale

If Amy ever gained any Chaos Abilities, it would probably begin the end of the world. Possessing an emerald would probably give Sonic a big scare though, seeing as she could use it to her advantage (meaning his disadvantage). It is currently unknown what a Sol Emerald would do to her, but it could only mean bad news for everyone. She'd probably go completely psycho and wind up trying to kill everyone she loves and hates, while perversely still fawning over the things she likes. It's like she's channeling a really good, non-B-rated horror slasher thriller film… or that one episode of Sonic X where a ghost possesses her. « - Topaz



Besides her hammer and the hammer abilities which gave Hammerspace its name, Amy is nothing more than a teenybopper with a never-ceasing crush on a celebrity and hero. Meaning she is really, really weak, and she's quite small as well. One talent of hers is apparently being a magnet to kidnappers.


When seeking out Sonic, she develops severe tunnel vision, which could lead to her mistaking someone hedgehog-like as Sonic. She has (in my opinion anyway) a severe Manic Disorder, as she can be cute and cuddly one moment, and have Godly Wrath the next. She's also extremely obsessive, which probably leads to her having tunnel vision at times. She's also easily distracted by Sonic or cute things, and on the flipside, her headstrongedness can easily land her in trouble.

Pre-RP History

When Amy's Tarot Cards told her that she would meet her true love at Never Lake, Amy went there immediately, and wound up seeing Sonic the Hedgehog. Convinced that he was the one, she was equally dismayed when Metal Sonic kidnapped her and flew her to Little Planet, sending Sonic on a wild quest to save her and the Time Stones. When Amy saw how Sonic was determined to save her, she found herself equally determined to show him how they were predicted to be together. Ever since, the shy little Amy changed as her feelings for her predicted true love changed from a crush (Sonic CD), to a good friend (pre-SA), to a potential boyfriend (Sonic Adventure), to a husband (Sonic Adventure 2), to a very unhealthy and dangerous obsession (Sonic Heroes). She's tracked Sonic down across the globe, and eventually settled down in Station Square, since it appeared to have near-daily sightings of her beloved.

Post-RP History

Amy Rose was down at Emerald Coast when it appeared that Metal Sonic was attacking the coastline. Determined to stop him, she attacked, but was stopped as the robot and a person known as Dr. Zachary (Fini) stepped in to explain what was going on. She was then invited to what would appear to be a party, and she left to get ready. However, she came back to the coast due to forgetting her stuff was there, and a while later she was kidnapped by the rogue Silver Sonic unit, to be used as bait for Sonic. Of course, this failed when she rescued herself by transporting back to the mainland via the Chao Garden teleporters. She then teamed up with Knuckles and Shortcake to track down Fang, who apparrently had something Knux wanted. She was last seen in Station Square Hair, where she then saw an Ultra Fuzzy Sonic being shaved by Chocolate the Porcupine. She then decided to 'rescue' Sonic from Mrs Oldbag, Chocolate's boss, who wanted Sonic to sign her tits lots of autographs. Or something. THIS ISN'T GALE TYPING, I JUST SKIMMED WHAT SHE HAD DONE.

As of Topaz adopting her, Amy has bought some flowers at Cosmo's Flower Shop, and then tracked down Sonic to Tails' Workshop, where she is currently trying to persuade him to go out to a movie. Wow I haven't updated this in a while.

Crossover History

Amy went to Chuck's Chili Dogs, where she saw two very Sonic-like hedgehogs. One was Metal Sonic in his Merce form, while the other was a touring SatAM Sonic. Almost mistaking Merce for Sonic, Amy latched on to the SatAM counterpart, and EVERYTHING WENT TO HELL. Along with her trying to get Sonic to go out with her, Uncle Chuck guffawing on the side, and Sonic trying to run away (which FAILED HORRIBLY, and caused him to wrench his arm painfully), Merce tries to persaude Amy to let Sonic go because they had things to do. This tactic did not work, and Amy thinks Merce is cute enough to try and get him to come along with her and Sonic as well.

Eventually, Amy gets angry at Merce, and as a consequence, accidentally lets Sonic escape. Furious, she attacks Merce, smashing him with her Piko Piko Hammer so hard that he goes flying into the street, and immediately gets hit by a car. Amy doesn't seem to care, only wanting the hedgehog to pay for what he had done. Amy grabs him on the arm, but soon releases as he puts an electric shield up, shocking Amy enough for him to get away. Fortunately for both Metal and Sonic, Amy does not follow… immediately.

Amy manages to locate Sonic in the wide flat next to Tails' Workshop, and leaps off the train station's tracks, planning to glomp him. A split second before glompact, Sonic switches places with Antoine, and he is glomped instead. After Amy realizes the mistake, she tosses Antoine to the ground. Of course, after this, Amy notices Sonic having a rather intimate moment with Sally… a rather NAKED Sally.

Needless to say, Amy went absolutely BESERK, attacking not only Sally, but Sonic as well, in unending wrath. It looked as if she would never stop, until Satam Sonic ran up and slapped her. The sudden shock, and the fact that Sonic had actually hit her, caused Amy to stop and burst into heartwracking sobs. For quite a long time. Eventually though, she calmed down enough to realize that these were people from another dimension, and that thought made her think that her own Sonic might be in their world. After a failed attempt at persuading Sonic and Sally to let her join them, Amy bummed a ride in The Tornado 2 with Sega Rotor and Barby the Koala. As they neared the Angel Island portal, they were attacked by GUN, but fortunately made it through the portal.

And immediately crash-landed in Lower Mobius. After orienting themselves, they met Dr. Zachary, who explained that the powersource for their underground home had been stolen. Wanting to help but not having much to offer, the trio were led to Zack's home. Amy finds some grapes, and starts eating and daydreaming as she waits for stuff to happen.


Sonic the Hedgehog "HE'S SOOOOOO CUUUUTE! He's gonna be my future huzband! <3"
Metal Sonic Sonic's evil robot clone. First of Eggman's robots to kidnap her, and as such she is especially wary of him.
Dr Eggman The fat evil doctor who created Metal Sonic and tries to hurt Sonic.
Uncle Chuck Sonic's Uncle, and so her best bet at finding Sonic.
Tails the Fox Sonic's best friend and so second best bet at finding Sonic.
Knuckles the Echidna He really needs a girlfriend. Amy briefly joined up with him to help find Fang.
Big the Cat A slow-witted but gentle cat that Amy met during Sonic Adventure. After befriending the normally solitary feline, he has since become a part of Amy's Team Rose.
Shadow the Hedgehog A mysterious and angsty hedgehog Amy helped persuade to save the world during the ARK incident. Interestingly enough, Amy has a softspot for the emohog.
Rouge the Bat An evil seductress that Amy wishes would leave Sonic alone and focus more on Knuckles. Or Shadow.
Cream the Rabbit and Cheese the Chao A young and kind rabbit girl whom Amy loves to hang out with. They are good friends and love doing girly things together. Cheese the Chao is also very cute and squishy.
Team Chaotix A gang of detectives she ran into during Sonic Heroes. Due to their fight, she has quite a distaste for them.
Silver Sonic Mk3 Yet ANOTHER Sonic robot that kidnapped her for bait. The way it talks about things has Amy more curious than frightened.
Chocolate the Porcupine A rather flamboyant porcupine who works at the local hair salon that Amy visits. They both like to keep tabs on Sonic.
Cosmo the Plant Flowershop owner who gave her flowers to lure Sonic.
Barby the Koala "… Who the hell is this and why does she think she's somebody important?"

Misc. Info

She's trained as a professional hostage. XD - What Gale said.

I also gave Amy a mental disorder by the name of Mania, in order to explain why she went from such a shy kid to an over-obsessive fangirl, and her extremely violent mood swings. Instead of it being Manic-Depressive, it's just Mania since she DOES NOT become severely depressed. And after the traumatizing events of SA2 (Sonic's "death"), Amy has become even more obsessive, and started becoming POsessive, over Sonic. Needless to say, that doesn't really help the still sane and normal part of her.




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