Anansi the Web (Sega)

"The one who controls information, controls EVERYTHING."


Name: Anne Scarlet
Nicknames: Anansi the Web
Species: Cyborg Red-backed Jumping Spider
Gender: Female
Age: 18, but according to some records, 21.
Alignment: Dark
Type: Intelligence
Height: 2' 5"
Build: Appears to be fit, but not built, or athletic particularly.
Residence: Dark Legion Base
Occupation: Cyber-Terrorist, Dark Legionnaire
Likes: Being left on her own; using her skills to cause a little havoc, claiming it keeps life interesting; going up against a hacker as good as she is, which is rather rare.
Dislikes: Being kept away from computers, or anything else she can reprogram or fiddle with the programming of; firewalls she can't crack; n00b hackers who think they can take her on.
Hobbies/Talents: Honestly, she just likes hacking into tough systems, then messing around in them from the inside, even if this could hurt other people. She simply doesn't care, because in this world based on information, it's someone like HER who has the real power.
Played By: Vize
Theme: Phantom Virus - Draze


Anansi seems to have a split personality to those few who know both her personas…

As Anne, she's shy, almost frightened to speak to people, rarely looking them in the eyes, although when angered, a little of "Anansi" shows through.

As Anansi, the spider girl is completely different, incredibly self-confident, almost cocky, and has an enjoyment of toying with people.



Can jump VERY far, although oddly, vertical jumping is, while still formidable, only about half as far.
Can cling to, and climb on, nearly any surface, although if said surface is rendered slippery, she loses her grip.
And, like all spiders, Anansi possesses venom, albeit only in amounts to use it about three times a day. The venom is paralytic, although it's effects can be resisted by the victim.

Post Dark Legion - Now possesses cybernetics (located in her head and abdomen) allowing her to access computer systems wirelessly, using her own thought processes as commands. Also, her right arm now has a lightning gun mounted into it, which Anansi uses to devastating effect on computer's she's done using, yet never uses on organic opponents. Anansi also has an array of plugs on her body, along the back of her legs, her lower back, and he back of her neck, as well as a few on her arm. These plugs allow her to plug into the DL mainframe, but the process is a bit painful… and requires her stripping down to pretty much just her underwear.


Hacking. LOTS of Hacking. If there's a backdoor into a computer, or even a robot, this girl can FIND it… and use it! But sadly, that's really her only strong point. She's smart, but has turned all that knowledge to computers, and how to get into them.

Post Dark Legion: When hacking into systems, Anansi projects her mind into a Cyberspace version of that device's programming (Think the Cyberspace levels of Shadow). During this time, Anansi's body is completely helpless, and, if her connection is broken, Anansi will find herself trapped in the system until she can reestablish a link to her body, or to something that can get her into range.

Interestingly, while in Cyberspace, Anansi looks like she did before she received her implants, except for a Dark Legion tattoo on her abdomen, and a definite lack of any clothing besides her sunglasses.





Physically, Anansi is very weak. In fact, her best tactic in a fight is to simply run away, although the chances of someone actually MEETING her face to face are slim to none.

Post-DL: All the above, as well as standard cyborg weaknesses; Magnets could be used for restraint, EMP blasts will disable her cybernetics, although those housed in her head are shielded to prevent brain damage, and because of the fact the limbs contain computers they're vulnerable to viruses and hacking. On the flip-side, their limbs are waterproof, extremely lightweight and could withstand pretty much anything else the person is capable of enduring.

And as if that wasn't enough, her cybernetics are also sensitive to her environment, and could become hampered b certain conditions, or even cause her physical harm. The most common are very high and very low temperatures, and high moisture content in the air.


Anansi has difficulty keeping her cool if forced into a face to face confrontation with someone, getting reduced from a confident, skilled woman, to a scared little girl.

Surprisingly, except for in regards to her hacking skills, Anansi has very little self esteem, and doesn't react well to compliments to her appearance, becoming a stuttering mess until she collects herself.

Post-DL: Unique to Anansi, however, is that, while she CAN transmit her mind into computer systems, she can only remain there for a limited time, before having to return to her body. Being organic, and not a robot or android, who could maintain a mental digital state indefinitely, Anansi only gets two hours in which she can function 100%. After this time limit is reached, her mental stability has reached its limit, and starts to degrade, causing her hacking capabilities to slowly weaken into uselessness…. After this point, Anansi is limited to speaking, and moving from one uninhibited system to another. She usually has about three hours after this point, although the time varies depending on if she has a connection to her bod, among other things. Once returned to her body, she needs to rest for at least as long as she was online before attempting any "hands-free" hacking again.

Pre-RP History

Anne has always seemed rather normal, a bit TOO normal in her family. except for the fact she was ALWAYS using a computer, or a palm pilot, or some other electronic gizmo that had internet access.

For the problem was… she was the youngest daughter in a family of gifted people. Her older sisters were beautiful, and one of them had incredible skills in art, while her two older brothers were both incredible sports players… and while her mother TRIED to pay attention to the youngest child of the family, she was left almost forgotten in the shadows of her siblings' spotlights. Sure, she was good with computers, but that would only take you so far in life, right?

She set out to prove that wrong. By age twelve, little Anne had become skilled enough in her computer accessing that she could hack her way into lots of things… and it was then she decided her family WOULD notice her, one way or another… and she began by ruining her siblings', and her parents' lives.

But… this had unforeseen consequences. Her parents had no idea that it was THEIR daughter doing this to them, and finally, it all came to a head… Her mother, the one member of the family who'd actually TRIED to pay attention to her, committed suicide, driven to desperation, and depression by her family's "attacker".

This left Anne in shock. She'd known that controlling information could affect a lot of things but… to drive someone to kill themselves… that kind of power… And she was horrified to find part of her LIKED that power… And Anansi was born.

And her first act, as she CONTINUED to be ignored, even in her grief, was to finally break her family apart, and free herself from school. She learned everything she would have learned in classes online, and even began taking college courses online, all while using her skills to ensure she would have enough money to continue living alone.

Post-RP History

Crossover History


Inari the Wolf Rival?
Dr. Finitevus Boss

Misc. Info

Anansi's venom attack acts just like a normal attack, with her deciding how much venom she injects with a single bite. This amount decides how strong the effect can be MAX.
1= slight tingle with a little stiffness
2= some stiffness in limbs, difficulty moving fingers/toes/etc.
3= difficulty moving limbs, fingers/toes/etc paralyzed.
4= greater difficulty moving limbs, may not be able to bend arms and legs fully.
5= Cannot move limbs, but is still capable of speech, and possibly moving their head.
6= Complete paralysis, victim cannot speak, and may actually have trouble breathing.


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