Antoine D'Coolette (SatAM)




Name: Antoine D'Coolette
Nicknames: Ant, Frenchie, Twan, Tony, Fraidypants, all manners of nicknames Sonic makes up.
Species: Coyote.
Gender: Male.
Age: 17.
Alignment: Lawful Good.
Stats: Physical: 7 | Mental: 9 | Luck: 5
Height: 3' 6"
Build: Thin and lanky.
Residence: Knothole.
Occupation: Royal Guard, Knothole's cook, Freedom Fighter.
Likes: Sally, his sword, his father, his job (he's near Sally a lot <.<), good food. Cleanliness.
Dislikes: MAGARINE. Sonic. Sonic near Sally. Being mocked. The fact that no one understands him. Messes.
Hobbies/Talents: He likes to cook and fence. It's debatable whether he practices speaking bad English or not. He's notoriously talented for getting large words mixed up.
Played By: Topaz Mutiny, and one of the few she didn't adopt.
Theme: "Living in the Sunlight, Loving in the Moonlight" by Tiny Tim (Joke Theme?)


If Antoine got to play a role in the Wizard of Oz, he'd get to play the cowardly lion. He'd rather run to live another day than risk his life and fight. Though when it comes to his love interest, Sally, he'll muster up the tinyest bit of courage to protect her. Though she usually ends up protecting herself, or the enemy still advances, at which Ant will embarrassingly run away. Through his thick accent and away from any danger, he appears sophisticated and intelligent, and dislikes those who are rowdy, who show interest in Sally, and those who basically are Sonic.



Squeaking, running away.


Speaking REALLY BAD ENGLISH, but is a good fencer and a surprsingly good cook. Is also the master of KING FOO.



Quite clumsy at times. NO ONE KNOWS WHAT HE'S SAYING.


He's nearly scared of everything, even his own shadow. Jumps at the slightest spooky noise, and opposes going into a dark, dead forest at night.

Pre-RP History

Antoine was the newest generation of a line of royal guards, taking after his father in terms of training. There were only three problems apparrent in his young age: For one, he had a crush on Sally, secondly, he was clumsy, and lastly… he was a complete and utter coward.

After the coup, Antoine was stricken with the loss of his father, which only served to increase his cowardice. He grew up in Knothole as the French maid who is scared of his own shadow, and often bungles the job on missions. Feeling as if his cooking skills, fencing knowledge, and romantic pratter were useless in the face of his faults, he emplored Bunnie to teach him martial arts, which helped, to a degree. He serves as Knothole's main cook.

Post-RP History

Antoine was called to a meeting, where they paraphrase the events up at Never Lake, and then celebrate Tails' first smashed Swat Bot. Sally, at the head of the meeting, then discusses the influx of visitors, some of which are going to be permanently housed in Knothole. The next day, Antoine was guarding the Power Ring Pool when he came across a stranger: Mighty. After a failed attempt at being a competent guard, Antoine then starts to interrogate the armadillo, but was stopped as Bunnie came by and explained that she and Sally had brought Mighty and a few others to Knothole.

After a face-to-face encounter with Ray and an involuntary dip in the Power Ring Pool, Antoine left to go eat. Later on, he was making a patrol around Knothole when, as luck had it, he tripped over a tree root, rolled down a hill, smacked into Coconuts, and the duo went careening into the Great River. And ended up splashing Sonic. Repeatedly. As they both freaked out at eachother. Right up until a well-flung rag made Antoine faint. Good grief I haven't updated in so long.

Crossover History

Right from the start, Antoine was portaled into the Sega dimension, specifically a bakery. A bakery that used MARGARINE. His shriek was so loud, it drew Scratch and Grounder to the bakery, as well as Antoine's Sega counterpart. If Antoine was terrified of the two robots, he broke his brain and fainted when he realized that he was being rescued by HIMSELF. When he woke up, he was suspended on a board with sticky glue along with his attempted rescuer, and the both of them were being tortured by Scratch & Grounder's terrible cooking. When the two bot's brought out what looked like MARGARINE, Antoine managed to summon enough adrenaline-pumped strength to rip free of his confines, and fled like the coward he was.

Later on, a hysteric Antoine was dumped into Mystic Ruins by the humans on the train, where he fortunately met up with Rotor and Tails. When Swat Bots suddenly appeared, Antoine helped defend against them up until Sonic appeared. Then, when Metal appeared, Antoine ran away and hid in a nearby cave (read: tripped over a rock and fell into a cave). Things calmed down as he hid in the cave, though he could barely believe what he was hearing and seeing- a GOOD Metal Sonic AND a GOOD Robotnik! And Sonic was FERTILIZING WITH THE ENEMY. Well, not really. After calming down some, Antoine listened as Eggman informed everyone as to what was going on, which Antoine surprisingly managed to understand. Of course, the sober interlude didn't last long as Antoine feared for his and Sally's saftey, and, thanks to a quick position-swap by Sonic, got air-tackled by Amy.

And then, inexplicably, Sally appeared among them! Which unleashed the apocolypse, for when Amy saw Sonic kiss Sally… she went ballistic, terrifying not only Antoine, but some of the others too. Of course, Antoine was the only one who FAINTED, so…

By the time he woke up, Amy's psychotic episode was over, and Sonic and Sally were about to leave. Antoine grabbed ahold of Sonic, and soon they arrived at Uncle Chuck's Chili Dog stand, in which Antoine immediately proceeded to slam into the counter head-first. After recovering, Antoine was confused, but nonetheless estactic, when Sally asked if she could borrow his jacket to cover her nakedness. And he was even further confused by the women-shouldn't-be-naked scene Alternate Bunnie was making. And then they found out that the tenrec sitting with them was actually the tenrec that got lost and roboticized. But then he puffed up because Sally kissed Dash. As Dash explained about the deroboticizer that was used on him, Antoine listened until the subject of food was brought up, and they all ordered food and ate with gusto.

Of course, when 27 arrived on the scene and grinned at Antoine, the coyote was so terrified he climbed on top of Sonic's head, and was soon joined by Tails and Dash.


Sally Acorn Antoine's would-be sweetheart. He always tries to impress her and treat her royally.
Sonic the Hedgehog A FUEL. Also someone who is interested in Sally and vice-versa. NOT GOOD. Antoine is often annoyed and jealous of him.
Tails the Fox A kid fox that follow Sonic. Antoine disapproves of Tails being influenced too much by Sonic.
Rotor the Walrus A good childhood friend, and a rather messy technogeek. Antoine is often his aid, despite the coyote's clumsiness.
Bunnie Rabbot Another good childhood friend, they get along fairly well when Antoine isn't being an idiot.
Dulcy the Dragon Kind-hearted dragon, though very clumsy with her landings. Antoine would rather stay out of her way and on the ground.
Uncle Chuck Sonic's roboticized uncle who's an asset in their missions. Antoine holds a lot of respect for him.
Dr. Robotnik He makes Antoine piddle. And scream like the little French girl he is.
Snively Robotnik MAGARINE!!! D:
Griff the Goat Leader of the Lower Mobius freedom fighters, who TRIED TO MOVE IN ON HIS PRINCESS.
Knuckles the Echidna Guardian of Little Planet. Not much else yet.
Mighty the Armadillo Suspicious guy he found at the Power Ring Pool.
Coconuts the Monkey Spazbot that freaked Antoine out.
Ray the Squirrel THE PEE PEE KING. D<

Misc. Info

Oui oui, my preenzess.


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