Aquaren the Otter (Sega)

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Name: Aquaren Riona Neptuna de la Corazon
Nicknames: Aqua, Mama
Species: Otter
Gender: Female
Age: 42
Alignment: Hero- Lawful Good
Type: Power
Height: 3' 6''
Build: Muscular but aging
Residence: Resort Island
Occupation: Retired; Formerly a GUN General
Likes: Hamburgers, spicy food, swimming, nerdy men, telenovellas, sad movies, music
Dislikes: Cowardly or devious people, bland food, vegetables, cold weather, her increasing gray hair
Hobbies/Talents: She loves to dance (ballroom and flamenco, specifically), play classical guitar, and Step Step Innovation (the Sega-verse’s answer to DDR.)
Played By: Dizzy


Aquaren seems to be several women at once. Who she is depends on the situation at hand- at home, at peace, she is a loving and dedicated mother. She is warm and supportive, keeping a careful eye on her daughter. While she does have her moments of discipline, she is peaceful and rather gentle.
This all changes when there’s trouble at hand. It’s here that her military background comes to life; the gentle mother steps aside for the bold, competent captain. Here is a woman who can lead hundreds into battle with bold words and a razor sharp axe, look disaster and even death in the face and welcome the challenge. She enjoys the thrill of battle and the joy of victory, and will not accept defeat or cowardice from herself or anyone else under her charge.
Underneath both of these lies a fearful, grieving woman who never quite got over the sudden loss of her husband, is lonely for having little adult company, and is terrified of the day that her daughter will leave home for good and truly leave her alone.



Aquaren is a born swimmer, and she moves much faster in the water than on land. She can also hold her breath for about ten minutes underwater with no trouble. Her legs are naturally strong, and she has more upper body strength than an average otter due to her physical training.


Aquaren has learned close combat skills from the military, along with the use of multiple types of firearms and some weapons, notably a sword and an axe. She also knows how to drive cars and military tanks. She is also well versed in the art of capoeira, both as a practitioner and an instructor. Aquaren also has a gift for speech, both in written form, and off the cuff pep talks.


Chaos Valor: Aquaren gains the ability to inspire courage in others. The ability is like an aura, it will only work when people are within about ten feet. It can be resisted; it will fail if the person in question truly has no will to fight, or has too weak a countenance for battle.
The ability increases ten feet for every emerald, but the strength remains constant throughout the aura.



Because she’s getting up there in years, Aquaren is not as spry as she once was. She wears reading glasses that she didn’t need a couple years ago, and finds reading without them leads to tension headaches after about an hour. She has an old scar on the left side of her abdomen that tends to pain her from time to time, especially after heavy activity. Beyond that, she just has generalized aches and pains that simply come from aging. She is also allergic to peanuts- they make her break out in itchy hives.


Aquaren suffers a lot of guilt from what happened to Eddie, and from the fact that she let GUN sweep it under the rug. She is also very afraid of being alone; her relatives are on another continent and Carmen is all she’s got left. This is coupled with a desire for her daughter to go out and experience the world; Aquaren is stuck between wanting to send her daughter away and wanting to cling to her at the same time.

Pre-RP History

Aquaren was born the second oldest child in her family. Unlike her bookish younger brother or mature older sister, Aquaren was wild and untamable even as a child. She was good in school, even excelling when she was there, but was constantly getting detentions for skipping class, speaking out, or generally inciting the class into humorous riots. Once she was finished with the obligatory amount of school, her parents talked her into joining a military academy, in the hopes that the disciplined lifestyle would rein in her spirit. It did much more than that- the same energy that she used to cause trouble was focused into learning; drills, forms, weapons, strategy. She graduated with flying colors, and then decided to enlist for real, joining the GUN forces at the age of 18. Again she proved herself, slowly rising up the ranks and earning respect all around.

It was here that she met Edison Neptuna, a brilliant but shy scientist working within GUN’s experimental labs. Opposites attracted, as they often do- Eddie was drawn to Aquaren’s vibrant nature, while she was soothed by his gentleness and impressed by his mind. They married- and had a little girl several years later. Tragedy struck the family then, as the project Eddie and many others had been working so long on, bore fruit- too much fruit. The Chaos energy they had been trying to harness became too much to handle- sending the entire laboratory and everyone inside of it to their demise. Unwilling to let their findings go public, GUN quickly paid off the rest of the people on the project, and the family members involved. With a three year old child on her hands, the suddenly widowed Aquaren accepted the deal- something she regrets to this day.

After her husband’s death, she retreated from Central City and raised her daughter on a warm, peaceful place known as Resort Island.

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