Name: Bad NES
Nicknames: dasjlgk;fhwu0re358902zzzzzzzzzz
Species: Nintendo Entertainment System
Gender: You're joking, right?
Age: Born in 1985 (See History)
Alignment: Dark
Type: Power… of screwing things up
Team: None
Size: …NES-sized
Build: …NES-build
Occupation: None. Self-proclaimed RUINER OF GAMES.
Likes: Corrupting games and playing video games. Also likes making people bend to its will.
Dislikes: People who disobey it or make light of it. Also, tea.
Hobbies/Talents: Playing video games
Created By: Ishntknew
Theme: None


Bad NES is bitter and angry, and wishes to ruin all games in the universe. It can't speak, but it can corrupt games to display text for it.



Any game it "eats" will become corrupted beyond repair. Not unplayable, but still incredibly screwed up.


It kinda learned its physical ability.


Chggs Fvngnvhas! It will cause the surrounding area to be screwed up, much like a game it had eaten.


Cannot function after being repeatedly struck with a blunt instrument.

Pre-RP History

Bad NES was born in a factory much like other NESs. But one day, a cup of tea was spilled on the NES by an unthoughtful player, and the NES transformed into Bad NES, the Corrupter. Bad NES immediately scanned the data of the cartridge which was inserted into it, and used that data to gain sentience. The Bad NES then escaped, seeking for a way to adapt itself to be able to corrupt games from all systems. Feeling hatred for all people because of the stupid tea that no longer allowed it to function properly, it decided to take over the world of games.

Post-RP History


Crossover History



The Justice Arch-nemesis!

Misc. Info

The Justice and Bad NES are deadly enemies, but they haven't met yet!


Joke Characters

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