Big The Cat (Sega)

"Feels Gooooood.."


Name: Big the Cat
Nicknames: N/A
Species: Cat (Tabby)
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Alignment: Hero
Type: Strength
Height: 6'6''
Build: Muscular, quite tubby
Residence: Mystic Ruins
Occupation: Fisherman
Likes: Fishing & spending time with Froggy, sleeping, and simply laying back and living a hassle-free life, and he holds his friends with the utmost regard, more so than most of the rest of the cast.
Dislikes: The hustles and bustles of the fast-paced real world and anybody who threatens Froggy or his friends.
Hobbies/Talents: Highly experienced fisherman. His trusty fishing rod is put to a lot more use than simply fishing, as he can pull off a variety of attacks with it ranging from simply hitting his foes with it, or spinning the lure around so it forms large, lethal objects to knock opponents into submission.
Played By: Xeric
Theme: "Lazy Dayz ~Livin' in Paradise~" - Ted Poley


Many would think that Big is just a lazy dimwit because of his size, vacant facade, and dull-witted voice. In fact, many do. But many don't realize that he has personally made a devotion to just laying back and enjoying a carefree life. All in all, Big's just a simpleton. His morals are basic and his social repertoire is based around nothing but very generic common sense. Big's worse nightmare is a life full of hassles and one that moves at a fast pace. His routine consists of no more than fishing with his best buddy Froggy (an actual animal frog) and sleeping at his hut in the jungle. He tries to avoid going to cities, but on occasion, Froggy goes missing and this requires Big to leave and go on an adventure: something he surprisingly doesn't seem to care for too much. Although, his voice sounds mentally-challenged, he is a sweetheart and is very friendly and easy-going. It takes an awful lot to actually anger this gentle giant. There is nothing complicated about Big… he just enjoys the simple things!



Big is very… Large, this allows to throw his weight around. His most powerful Physical ability is his Belly Slam. He jumps into the air and shifts his weight down to the ground.


Big carries a standard yellow/black striped fishing rod that he obviously uses for his fishing and for offensive purposes if threatened. The fishing rod can also flare outwards to form a parasol.

Life Belt; A green and black belt that let Big float on the water, making fishing easier.

Power Rod; Similar to Big's normal rod, but bigger and with longer casting distance.

Lures; Big has so far found 5 advanced, more powerful lures for his fishing rod. Oddly enough, each of them are more progressively advanced.


None currently known.



Big isn't exactly very fast on his feet due to his size.


Big isn't very bright or intelligent.

Pre-RP History

Big has always enjoyed a carefree life in the jungle with his best buddy, Froggy. He never intended to venture around or lead a huge business or anything too fast-paced. But unfortunately, life deals wild cards, and thanks to a little run-in with Chaos, Big had been dealt the motherload of a hand.

On a lone night, Big was just sleeping in the Mystic Ruins jungle as normal, and Froggy was lying on his enormous belly. That's until a large crash lured the amphibian over as he was overcome by a mysterious blue puddle, growing an odd tail in the process. Big points this out to Froggy, but totally uninterested, the Frog leaps over to Big's hut and gobbles up his Chaos Emerald, or as Big calls it, his lucky charm. That puddle? Chaos. The Tail? Chaos'. It seems when Froggy was taken by the liquid, he grew Chaos' now-missing tail, and thus became possessed by the water spirit, running away from Big.

Froggy was his only friend at the time, so Big wouldn't take that sitting down. He took his fishing rod, geared up and set out for an adventure that consisted of no more than fishing for Froggy each time he happened to encounter the amphibian. In the end, Big eventually managed to snatch Froggy after nearly 5 tries. However, with the last retrieval of the frog came a final capturing from Chaos, as the liquid monster gobbled up the frog and the Chaos Emerald, not only gaining power from the emerald but also getting his missing tail back. But after many casts of his trusty lure, Big finally managed to snatch Froggy for the final time. It was time to go home. Sure, this was Big's first major adventure, but to be honest, he wouldn't mind if it was his last. After snatching the crashed Tornado 2 aboard the Egg Carrier, Big and Froggy flew home to the jungle.

Later on, Froggy was kidnapped by a Sonic look-a-like, Big then set out to save him with the help of Amy Rose and Cream the Rabbit who where also looking for this mysterious figure who had also kidnapped Cheese the Chao's Sister, Chocola. They eventually saved them both and found out that it was Metal Sonic who has kidnapped them.

Since then, Big still tries his best to maintain his generally easygoing daily routine, but the constant skirmishes he gets himself into involving his amphibian escapee seem to always stop him from just sitting back and fishing!

Post-RP History

Big appeared briefly in Station Square outside Cosmo's Flower Emporium. Once again, he'd lost Froggy.

Later, both him and Froggy were attacked by Axe the Hyena, who was attempting to steal Big's rings. Luckily, Barby the Koala appeared to help out. Axe took Froggy hostage, but thanks to Big's clumsiness, the fell over a branch and caused the ground to sake, this causing Axe to fall and release Froggy from his grasp. They both managed to clobber Axe into retreating. Big then thanked Barby, and retreated into his hut with his little buddy.

Crossover History

Their track record in the crossover.


Froggy Big's best friend.
Sonic the Hedgehog Saved Froggy from Chaos and Dr. Eggman.
Dr. Eggman The Bad Guy.
Amy Rose One of Big's best friends. Also the leader and speed member of Team Rose.
Cream the Rabbit Best friend. Also the flight member of Team Rose.
Barby the Koala Helped Big defeat Axe in the Mystic Ruins.
Axe the Hyena Tried to steal Big's life savings, but was defeated by both Big and Barby.

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