Black Arms
"Theme Song"
- Artist
  • Death Leeches
  • Black Warriors
  • Black Oaks
  • Annelids (Common, Death, Gold)
  • Killer Plants
  • Black Wings
  • Black Hawks (Common, Volt)
  • Black Assassins
  • Black Bull
  • Project Shadow Prototypes
  • PS27

The Black Arms were a race of technologically advanced aliens with a Hive Mind collective led by several overlords, easily recognized by their black, leathery lizard-like skin, red markings, and yellow eyes. There are a wide variety of species, though the overlords are assumed unique unto themselves. Their larvae, known as Dark Leeches, could metamorphise into the various species seen, and possibly mutate into new species depending on the situation and the will of the overlord. They are a warlike, command-and-conquer race native to a long-gone planet that had an atmosphere poisonous to the denizens of the Chaos Dimension.

(The below is taken from Black Doom's profile; sorry Deebs!)

The Hive Minds of Atratus (the original home world or the Black Arms) were unable to co-operate with each other or any other reasoning being, for the simple reason that each expected unquestioning loyalty and obedience from each other, the way the Minds’ expected such actions from the individuals that made it up. But each Hive Mind, being it’s own entity, had their own ideals. Thus the warring, each Hive Mind attempting to batter the next into submission, and if that did not work, into destruction. While this led to the development of many types of weapons, other areas of culture stayed underdeveloped, while methods of destruction continually developed to stronger more dangerous forms. That is, up until the point where a fatal mistake was made. In an attempt to launch a surprise attack, one of the Hive Minds had sent a machine burrowing into the planet, planning for it to emerge from the other side and decimate the opposing forces there. Unfortunately, a miscalculation was made on the Hive Mind’s part, and the machine burrowed directly into the planet’s core, setting it off prematurely from the heat and destabilizing the planet’s core. The entire planet fell into the ruin as the core became more and more unstable, up until the point until the entire thing simply exploded, more or less turning what was once a planet into a large collection of planetary debris.

The weapon did work, in a way. It destroyed the majority of the Hive Minds, for when all individuals of one’s strain died, so did the Mind that dwelled in it. Of course, it probably also destroyed the strain of the Mind that had created the weapon in the first place.

The effective immortality of Hive Mind as long as one individual lived would be the reason why not all of the Hive Minds perished. For a few larger chunks of what remained of the planet were still able to support the barest minimum of life- thus, the Black Comet, where a few Black Arms were able to survive, ensured Black Doom’s survival. Of course, seeing as each chunk of planet was blown off into their own directions, each Hive Mind never came into contact with others again, thusly they all assumed that they had actually ‘won’.

It is unknown what happened to the other space debris containing the other Hive Minds. The Black Comet had eventually made its way into the solar system containing the natives of the Chaos Dimension, becoming caught in an eliptical orbit around the sun that traveled close to the SEGA universe's planet every 50 years. The comet was there for thousands of years, but was recently destroyed during the events of "Shadow the Hedgehog", wiping out the entire species, save for a Shadow Prototype Black Doom took control of when his own body was destroyed, PS27, and Shadow the Hedgehog. Even so, there are no longer any purebred Black Arms in known existence.

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