Black Doom (Sega)

"Shadow, I require assistance!"


Name: Black Doom
Nicknames: Chibi Doom, Doomie Doom, BD, Black, PS 29
Species: Black Arm/Hedgehog/possibly some sort of lizard chimera (Project Shadow Prototype)
Gender: Neuter, technically, but has what many determine to be a deep masculine voice, so male it is.
Age: Physical body is chronologically around 50 years old, though it's experienced no aging due to cryogenic suspension. Mentally (or 'spiritually') older than space dirt.
Alignment: Dark (Neutral Evil)
Type: Balance
Height: 2'5'', horns accounted for.
Build: Tiny, frail, and petite.
Residence: Anywhere he can find residence at. Alleys and such.
Occupation: Disposed alien ruler and former hopeful for world domination.
Likes: Glory, power, control, pure strength, the might of his armies (none of which he actually has anymore). Robes, useless chains and baubles. The colours red and black. Chaos Emeralds.
Dislikes: Humans, losing, Shadow and the role he played in his defeat, that his race is basically extinct, his current physical body.
Hobbies/Talents: Plotting. It's a hobby. Collecting more useless things to add to his failure of a potato sack outfit. Apparently has become fond of Soap Operas- seeming to believe they're full of true tales of human suffering. And he loves his human suffering, yes he does.
Played By: Raki
Theme: "Tempus Vernum" - Enya


A list of words that would best describe Doom would be that he is egotistical, proud, determined, judgmental, conniving, and tyrannical. Or, to put it bluntly, he's a bit (or more) anti-social.

Now that he'd been greatly knocked off his former pedestal, he's struggling to regain even a semblance of former power, to no avail.

This is something that annoys him greatly.

He's fully aware of just how weak he currently is, and therefor tries not to make any grave mistakes that could bring him to physical harm. After all, this is the only body he has for now. That is another thing he is aiming to fix, of course…



In his current body, Doom is fairly incapable of doing much damage. While the body is equipped with claws and horns, they're rather small and the body itself is so weak that even if he were to attempt it, he'd be incapable of giving someone anything more than a few unfortunate scratches, and the most dangerous thing about those is if they were to get infected.

Nothing more than that, really.

Thanks to his wiry, light form he can climb and scamper fairly well… in theory. He wears so much useless, heavy junk that it slows him down considerably. Also why he probably won't be attempting to swim anytime soon.


Here he is much more capable. Thanks to his new body having enough Black Arms ancestry to exploit his older powers. Unfortunately, the usefulness of these abilities vary.

One of his abilities is the ability to tap into the Hive Mind in order to control other Black Arms… but seeing as they're … well, dead, and the only thing that remains are hybrids, this power is basically useless. It's also through this that he controls Doom's Eye.

Another psychic ability of Doom's is the ability to hypnotize or otherwise put others to sleep. It basically functions the same way as tapping into the Hive Mind, but for non-Black Arms. Deep suggestion is the strongest thing he can inflict on them however, and then even that varies from person to person, as opposed to the absolute control he used to have over Black Arm members.


If he were to regain the Chaos Emeralds, many more of his powers would return to him- most especially his destructive and reality warping attacks such as Chaos Blast and Chaos Control.

He could, in theory, do the same with the Sol Emeralds, but the detrimental effect they have on his personality prevent him from doing so. (The Sol Emeralds cause him to behave like a spoiled, bratty child).



Doom's entire physical body is a weakness, to put it bluntly. It is not particularly strong in anyway, and is actually rather frail. A good punt is generally all that's needed to send him sailing across the room.


Doom has little understanding of how organisms on Earth function- for instance, that each one has an individual will of it's own, as opposed to the overpowering Hive Minds of his own race. Because of this he has difficulty dealing with them, and often times underestimates the ability of a single individual, seeing them more as tools than … well, individuals. And seeing as each individual on Earth has their own mind… he basically sees them as weaklings without any direction. Which goes back to underestimating them, and believing he can more easily use people than is true.

Pre-RP History

At one point, Black Doom was the leader of a race of alien beings known as the “Black Arms”, in that he was the core of the Hive Mind and guiding force of the entire race.

And while Black Doom was leader of the Black Arms that came to Earth, there was a time when there were other Hive Minds, in factions. However, this also plays quite deeply into why the Black Arms no longer had a planet of their own by the time they had made contact with humanity.

The Hive Minds of Atratus (the original home world or the Black Arms) were unable to co-operate with each other or any other reasoning being, for the simple reason that each expected unquestioning loyalty and obedience from each other, the way the Minds’ expected such actions from the individuals that made it up. But each Hive Mind, being it’s own entity, had their own ideals. Thus the warring, each Hive Mind attempting to batter the next into submission, and if that did not work, into destruction. While this led to the development of many types of weapons, other areas of culture stayed underdeveloped, while methods of destruction continually developed to stronger more dangerous forms. That is, up until the point where a fatal mistake was made. In an attempt to launch a surprise attack, one of the Hive Minds had sent a machine burrowing into the planet, planning for it to emerge from the other side and decimate the opposing forces there. Unfortunately, a miscalculation was made on the Hive Mind’s part, and the machine burrowed directly into the planet’s core, setting it off prematurely from the heat and destabilizing the planet’s core. The entire planet fell into the ruin as the core became more and more unstable, up until the point until the entire thing simply exploded, more or less turning what was once a planet into a large collection of planetary debris.

The weapon did work, in a way. It destroyed the majority of the Hive Minds, for when all individuals of one’s strain died, so did the Mind that dwelled in it. Of course, it probably also destroyed the strain of the Mind that had created the weapon in the first place.

The effective immortality of Hive Mind as long as one individual lived would be the reason why not all of the Hive Minds perished. For a few larger chunks of what remained of the planet were still able to support the barest minimum of life- thus, the Black Comet, where a few Black Arms were able to survive, ensured Black Doom’s survival. Of course, seeing as each chunk of planet was blown off into their own directions, each Hive Mind never came into contact with others again, thusly they all assumed that they had actually ‘won’.

And although Black Doom was one of the Mind’s that had believed himself to have ‘won’, the cost was still obvious. A chunk of rock hurtling through space certainly managed to support his kind, but not enough to thrive. Thus came the pursuit of a new planet.

Endlessly floating through space and plotting a brutal take over of any available planet, the Black comet was eventually pulled into orbit around the Earthen sun, and Doom set his eyes on the planet Gaia, visiting it a few times over a couple thousand years to assure that it was in fact the Mecca he was searching for. On the Comet’s second to last pass by the planet, Doom managed to come in contact with a human being he thought useful to his cause, striking up a partnership with one “Professor Gerald”, feigning interest in helping the human race in the quest for eternal life, when in fact ensuring himself a weapon for the next time the comet would visit the Earth.

Thus, the events of “Shadow the Hedgehog”.

Post-RP History

Crossover History


Professor Gerald A human scientist he had worked a partnership with in his ploy to take over the Earth. However, he, as usual, underestimated the Professor.
Shadow the Hedgehog One of Gerald's creations made using Doom's blood, and as such, Doom is able to communicate with Shadow through the Hive Mind. However, Shadow seems to be able to ignore it. Regardless, Doom still attempts to boss Shadow around as a meat puppet. Doom actually intensely loathes Shadow, due to the fact that Shadow had not only foiled his plans for domination of the Earth, but destroyed his original body and the Black Arms race.

Misc. Info

He squeaks!


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