Black Knife (Sega)

"Die- ooh, strawberries!"


Name: Daniel Wright
Nicknames: Black Knife, Knife, BK, Burger King Man, Kahniffy (though he may kill you for the last two)
Species: Marten (Between a cat and a weasel)
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Alignment: Dark
Type: Speed
Height: Tall
Build: Lean but muscular
Residence: Anywhere he needs to be
Occupation: Mercenary/Assassin
Likes: Knives (obviously), Strawberries, politics, especially corrupt…. um. Glaring at people?
Dislikes: Most things and people
Hobbies/Talents: Stab things, throw knives, eat strawberries, read newspapers… um. He's really good at glaring?
Played By: Sipp


Callous and dispassionate - Knife only has one true love - STRAWBERRIES. He may be weird and quirky around strawberries, but underneath the weirdness, there is… .. well, he's still weird. Despite this, he is still a force to be reckoned with - expert with knives, cruel, cunning… and… he has an inflatable Strawberry Balloon.



He is fast and strong… and um… I think that's it. He can blend in with the shadows well. Oh yes. He has this little piece of machinery attached to him due to the experimentation, that when he presses a button and it activates, he becomes translucent for a very short period of time (40 seconds max) so everything will go through him, and he can go through walls - he can't use it too often, maybe 10 times in one day, then it just doesn't work.


He has really good aim with his knives, which he throws, has years of practice. He has a bit of a knife fettish, as he has several thousand scattered around the planet, he has some that are electric. He's trained in martial arts and etc





When his phasing thing is smashed/broken/malfunctioning, and/or he runs out of knives, he's pretty useless.


He's not right in the head. Sometimes will get a fixation that some person is responsible for every bad thing that's happened to them, and then will not sleep or eat properly until they're dead. He's not really skilled in anything except throwing knives, so he's not tough to beat.

Pre-RP History

One of Dr Finitevus's.. semi successful projects. He wasn't terribly impressed, but approved of Knife's affinity for stabbing things, so unleashed him upon the mainland. Knife believes that one day Dr. Finitevus will get tired of him and kill him; and this is probably the one thing he's really afraid of. Has a grudging respect for Dr. Finitevus. Um, he now wanders around, wreaks havoc, works as a mercenary, and eats strawberries.

Post-RP History

Their track record since they've been in the game.

Crossover History

Their track record in the crossover.


Dr Finitevus He fears him.
Raoul the Stag Current partner. He provided Knife with many strawberries, so, Knife considers him a worthy partner
Faulco the Phoenix Knife hates him because he ate and destroyed strawberries in front of him. They got into a fight, Faulco lost.
Rem the Dragonfly Rude rich singer that Knife dislikes, but he has no qualms with stealing his car. And possibly other stuff.

Misc. Info

He has thousands of knives - he keeps as many as he can hold in his trenchy, and has little hoards of them scattered everywhere. Has a few electric knives. If that machine gets destroyed then that will hurt him pretty badly, and he'd be easy to finish off.


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