Blaze The Cat (Sega)

"Hmm, it seems you like to play with fire. Let me light up your fingers then!"


Name: Blaze
Nicknames: Princess, Brizzy-Boo (By Maze)
Species: Burmese cat
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Alignment: Lawful/Neutral Good
Height: 3’5’’ (when her hair is up)
Residence: Soleanna City
World of Origin Terra
Occupation: Princess of Soleanna, Protector of the Sol Emeralds and Servant Emerald.
Likes: Blaze has a lifelong love of reading. She doesn’t care what, she’ll spend hours just pouring over books. She would love to be able to cook but is unfortunately terrible at it. Also is a great fan of swimming, usually spending part of her morning in her family’s pool. Loves Fireworks of any kind. Though she’s new to the experience, she does deeply appreciate being able to call Sonic, Amy, Cream and Marine her friends.
Dislikes: Eggman Nega, Maze and anyone else who would threaten her world and the Sol Emeralds. Being referred to as “Your Highness.”
Played By: Val
Theme: Stand in the Rain - Superchick
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - "Again"
Fire Woman by Crush 40 - Joke theme


Blaze is, above all else, a very lonely person. She feels isolated and entrapped both by her status as a Princess and her Power as the protector of the Sol Emeralds, both things she has no say over and yet limit her socially.
Even before the ritual to grant her the Servant Emerald, Blaze was raised with her whole life planned out before her; to grow up and rule Soleanna as its Queen and as such has always felt tremendous pressure her entire life to be perfect. To be wise, to be graceful, patient, strong and with the added responsibility of the Emerald given to her, the stability and safety of her entire world was placed in her hands.
While she does have an incredible love of her kingdom and her people she can’t help but feel distant from them, especially considering she was mocked and ostracized by people as a child when her flame powers awakened and she couldn’t control them.

Viewing her power as a curse most of her life and living under so much pressure, most of it perpetuated by her own anxiety at the thought of not living up to everything she thought she had to be, Blaze became very self-reliant in almost everything and refused to accept help from anyone but her personal tutors in her private lessons. She had no friends and as such never developed any real social skills, only getting by on her training in manners and how she was supposed to behave while getting very little personal experience beyond the odd public event.

Since meeting Sonic and Cream this harsh refusal to accept help or even be around others has waned but she is still very anti-social and hates being in crowded places or even just having anyone too close to her and still very much prefers to do things on her own. She becomes easily flustered and tense whenever she is forced to be social with people and would prefer to just leave but insists on being polite, as she was taught.
Despite how proper and polite she tries to be however, Blaze has a fairly short temper and should she be irritated will snap at whomever is around her at the time, which she almost always feels guilty about and berates herself over later.

When it comes to her responsibilities with the Sol Emeralds she is extremely blunt and direct with people, brushing off most other things in her tunnel vision should the emeralds be threatened. In such a case as the emeralds or her kingdom is at risk Blaze has shown to have a lot of confidence in her own combat skills, even mocking her opponents in how outmatched they are against her.

Blaze has shown herself to have many emotions bubbling under the surface that she simply refuses to allow to show, for the sake of keeping up her regal appearance. She can be empathetic towards others if she takes the time to take her eyes off her own responsibilities for a moment but generally is so trapped under the pressure she puts upon herself that she simply won’t allow herself to have a life outside of what she is; a Princess and a Guardian.


Blaze is professionally trained in many skills such as ballet, fencing, skiing and ice skating, ribbon dancing as well as how to read the ancient texts of her cat ancestors and the Babylonians.
Able to see excellently in the dark. She’s an adept climber and has exceptional reflexes.
Due to her training and her natural skill Blaze has almost perfect balance, able to land on a small point and not fall.
While using her powers Blaze is able to run extremely fast by propelling herself forward but even without employing them she is exceptionally fast on her feet, her naturally sharp reflexes allowing her to react to oncoming obstacles with ease.

Her pyrokinesis allows her to enhance her kicks with flames for more damage, allows her to perform a Fire Boost which works exactly like Sonic’s Boost ability, launching her forward at high speed while enveloped in a ball of fire. She is also able to ignite flames at her heels to allow her to glide long distances with a slow decent. A personal favorite ability of hers is to perform a pirouette while surrounding herself in fire, calling this move the Spinning Claw.

Due to her affinity with fire, Blaze has a natural resistance to it, being able to stand under a harsh burst of flame without injury.


Terrified of heights.
Can be quick to anger.
Has a bad habit of misjudging others.
Blunt to the point of abrasiveness.
Insecure of her body.
Constantly putting pressure on herself not to fail in her duties.
Can be very harsh on herself for the slightest mistake.
Naturally her flame powers can’t work in the water.

Her flame resistance comes at the cost of extreme mental fatigue and crippling exhaustion and headaches as opposed to physical injury and only works on fire she is aware is coming. Fire based sneak attacks are just as effective on her as they would be on anyone else.

Emerald Abilities

When Blaze gathers all 7 Sol Emeralds she is able to channel their power into herself to temporarily become Burning Blaze, a Super form in which she is invulnerable, able to fly freely and her pyrokinesis is amplified exponentially. This form is only maintained however through the amount of Rings she has and will dissipate quickly unless she constantly collects more.

Pre-RP History

Born into the royal family of the Kingdom of Soleanna, Blaze would’ve had a very strenuous first several years of her life due to the rigorous training she would’ve undergone. From the moment she was able to, she would’ve been put into studies of all manner of subjects from dawn til dusk in preparation for the day she assumed the throne.
As a child Blaze wouldn’t really have much interaction with kids her own age beyond the children of the staff who worked in her parents home and both the children and their parents would quickly become fearful of Blaze when she began to display her fire powers. As a result she was kept away from almost everyone for several years until she was finally able to control her abilities but by then she had accepted that these powers were a curse that would result in a divide between her and others for the rest of her life.
At the age of 13 Blaze was taken and had a ceremony performed on her which resulted in the small gemstone her ancestors dubbed the Servant Emerald being transferred to her and placed within her forehead. The ceremony was interrupted by a newfound threat noone had seen coming; a robotic duplicate of Blaze, able to mimic her fire powers. The two fought and ultimately the doppelganger was forced to retreat, allowing the ritual to be completed. This gem bound Blaze eternally to the Sol Emeralds as their Guardian and from then on she was taught over and over what a monumental responsibility this was, ontop of her preexisting fate to become Queen.

Growing up feeling isolated, Blaze found herself at her most free and equally at her most anxious whenever she would be called upon to venture out into the world to protect or retrieve the Sol Emeralds. It was on one such mission that the latest and greatest threat to Soleanna; Eggman Nega, the creator of Blaze’s robotic double, managed to seize all seven Sol Emeralds and succeeded in using their power to rip a hole between dimensions. Blaze had been attempting to stop him and was dragged through the rift to appear on Gaia where she quickly met Dr Eggman, Cream and her mother Vanilla. Setting out into this strange new world to recover the emeralds before their energies destabilized her home world, Blaze met several of Sonic’s friends before encountering the blue blur himself and though initially resistant, together the pair defeated the Eggmen and Blaze was able to return home, emeralds and all.

Some time later Blaze set out to find and defeat Captain Whisker and encountered Sonic and Tails, who had been transported to her dimension seemingly by accident, as well as meeting Marine the Raccoon. Though initially irritated by Marine and demanding she leave Blaze alone and stop getting in the way the two eventually forged a friendship. One of the very few friends Blaze has in her own dimension.

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Other Info

Her Japanese title translates to “Imperial Princess” implying her parents would be an Emperor and Empress rather than King and Queen.
Blaze has a few “cat-like” tendencies such as a love of milk and dairy, and playing with yarn balls. Both of which she hates in herself and finds demeaning but can’t help herself from enjoying.
When not out doing any Guardian adventuring Blaze is often seen wearing a white cloak designed to dampen her powers.
Due to the Servant Emerald Blaze has a permanent connection to the God Solaris and, should the deity wish it, can communicate with Blaze telepathically.


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