Blaze the Cat (Sega)

"You think these are YOUR emeralds? Kid, I've got some news for you that'll probably make you sad…"


Name: Blaze the Cat
Nicknames: Blaze, Princess, Burning Blaze (super form alias) BURN BABY, BURN *SHOT*
Species: Generic Feline
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Alignment: Hero
Type: Balance
Height: 3'2
Build: Slim
Residence: Sol Dimension: Soleanna Kingdom to be exact.
Occupation: Princess of Soleanna/Guardian of the Sol Emeralds/public hero
Likes: The Sol Emeralds, her land, Sonic, Cream, Catnip, string, fish, scratching posts, warm areas, getting scratched behind her ears (so heavenly…)
Dislikes: Eggman, Nega, Maze (her robotic “sister”), water, cold, her fur getting wet and heavy, discrimination, when her Emeralds are stolen, dogs (natural order and all…)
Played By: Mage, formally Stoney
Theme: N/A


Blaze is a complex little kitten. She can be very anti social, and devoted to her job as protector of the Sol Dimension and Emeralds, which can put her off as cold. Her past as a child didn't help with that at all; despite being princess, Blaze was frowned upon for her strange powers over fire and fear the flames out of burning, so many people in her life avoided her. This has gotten better over the years, but not before the damage was done. But Blaze's encounter with Cream the Rabbit and Sonic has finally allowed her to heal from that mental scar, so she's not as cold or uncaring anymore, in fact she has a warm heart under all that fur. Blaze also has a short temper, but she tries to keep a calm and cool outward appearance. Although frankly, she just can't help herself for snapping out of frustration. When someone looks at her Emeralds the wrong way, she is quick to cast a suspicious eye on that very person. Blaze does try to keep her wits in control. All and all, Blaze is a good intentioned girl with a warm heart, but with a pinch of shyness, and a small fuse.



As the name and species state, Blaze is very fast. Not Sonic fast mind you, but still about as fast if not quicker then most people. Blaze isn't the kind of princess who's afraid to get her nails dirty, in fact she's well prepared to fight for her kingdom is necessary. Blaze has some good techniques that sort of resemble a combination of martial arts and ballet, Spinning Claw, Axel Kick, her own version of Sonic's homing attack, Fire Claw, and more. Fittingly enough, Blaze also has pyrokinetic abilities thanks to her being born Gifted; she can use these very flames to enhance her attacks and deal a lot of damage to some foes. As for the rest her animalistic trait, she has sensitive hearing to sharp sounds, quick reflexes, and excellent night vision.


Blaze is well studied, very intelligent due to her parents putting her through private studies and hiring skilled tutors to teach her. And since she read some books on war and battle, she's gotten good leadership skills out of the experience. Of course princesses need to be well trained in manners too. She sure knows her way around table talk and silverware. She also has very minor swimming abilities, but tends to just sink like a rock in water. And she’s also picked up some ballet moves, which strangly adapts very well In combat.


Since Blaze has been guarding the Sol Emeralds since her coming of age, she knows quite a bit about them. The emeralds can allow Blaze to transform into Burning Blaze, which is her Super form to the akin of Super Sonic/Shadow/Silver etc. The differences from her usual self are: better fire control, more intense flames, and flight. She can also use Sol Control with a Sol Emerald in her grasp, but it is unknown if all these ablities can be done with a Chaos Emerald.



She's a cat who can use fire naturally, so large bodies of water, or indeed any cold substances, could be very fatal to her powers and even herself. When she DOES hit water, heavy fur can also slow her down significantly. And in the end, Blaze is frail compared to big foes and could be trounced around when caught or slowed down. While fast, she’s not very strong. As such, to build big damage she has to combo a lot.


While Blaze has learned the meaning of friendship through Sonic and the others, she's still very timid and shy around strangers she just met. She'll try to get along with them if it's part of an important mission, but for the most part she will keep to herself. Also, Blaze seems to have a fear of heights (Acrophobia) as shown during her last adventure. This fear keeps her away from high ledges and dangerous places where anyone could just fall for miles, so asking her to mountain climb is out of the question…unless you want some claws sticking into your back.

Pre-RP History

Blaze's early childhood was spent in the castle of Soleanna, with her parents lovingly caring for her. Blaze was born naturally gifted and talented, beautiful, well taught, and elegant. However, one day her parents discovered Blaze had pyrokinetic abilities when she accidentally burned a fellow child. They managed to quell the people from revolting against her, but she was still shunned by the general public and couldn't go into town without being frowned upon. That moment of her life left her emotionally scarred.. A few years have passed since then, and Blaze still hasn't moved on. But when she turned 13, she was given the Servant Emerald and the task of protecting the Sol Emeralds, just as the ancestors of the royal family have done before. Since then, Blaze has been perfecting and crafting her skills, both as a princess and a warrior.

Sonic Rush History:
A year after the ceremony, Blaze discovered a flux in her land. But before she could do anything to stop it, she and the Sol Emeralds vanished out of sight. Blaze soon awakened in a strange land, similar to her own but still very different. She wandered around confused, franticly looking for the Sol Emeralds. Until she bumped into Cream, that is. Cream offered her help, but Blaze tried to keep on track, any minor distraction would mean the complete loss of her emeralds. Soon enough, the feline met Sonic the Hedgehog, a famous hero Cream and others have been talking about. The first time she saw him, she wasn't impressed, and didn't think much of him after that. But after gathering enough of the Emeralds, she bumped into him once more and picked a fight over a disagreement. Once they cleared up that little spat and rescued Cream from Eggman, Blaze and Sonic knew they had to team up in order to defeat Eggman and Nega. So Blaze discovered that the Sol Emeralds can be used just like the Chaos Emeralds to allow her to transform into her super form, and thus: Burning Blaze was born. Through the combined efforts of Blaze and Sonic, the two dimensions of Chaos and Sol were saved and returned back to normal. Blaze had returned to the Sol Dimension to continue her mission as princess and guardian, but her adventure with Sonic, Cream and the others have finally let her move on and began the healing process of her mental scar.

Post-RP History

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