Bokkun (Sega)

"You're both big stupid meanies and Eggman's gonna tear you apart!"


Name: Bokkun
Nicknames: Kun, Annoying Little Pest
Species: Badnik
Gender: Genderless, male oriented
Age: Young, created during play.
Alignment: Neutral (Neutral Neutral)
Type: Flight
Height: 1'7''
Build: Average for his height.
Residence: Wherever Eggman's current base is.
Occupation: Eggman's personal messenger
Likes: Eggman, buzzing around, goofing off, getting to deliver messages for Eggman, PIE, cake, oil, lollipops, cartoons (Especially anime. He's a total otaku), video games, comics/manga, music, people falling for his pranks.
Dislikes: His pranks not working, being tricked, being picked on, being pushed away or ignored, boredom, quietness, being disciplined, dark places, girly things, cooties.
Hobbies/Talents: Creating different varieties of explosives for different purposes, surfing the internet, getting into everyone's way. He likes to be loud and make noise. And make mischief (It's a hobby AND a talent!)
Played By: Jammerlee
Theme: "Tiny Explosions" - The Presidents Of The United States Of America


Bokkun is basically an annoying little nuisance. Think of a feisty kid who's had way too much sugar, then give him a steady supply of explosives, and you have a pretty good idea of what he's like. Bokkun is very brazen, sassy and immature. He's quite obnoxious and vengeful and has a habit of acting on impulse rather than thinking his actions through. Often cocky, he loves to pull pranks and joke around, though not always out of maliciousness; he doesn't really understand why no one ever appreciates him or his sense of humor.

He's very attention starved and hungry for praise, causing him to be very ambitious to please, but his attempts usually just backfire and he resorts to antagonizing because it's pretty much the only attention he gets. For as cocky as he can be, it's only for as long as he thinks he can get away with something. He has low self-esteem, and as soon as it looks like he's going to get into trouble he turns tail. He's something of a crybaby and often puts on the 'puppy eyes' routine for sympathy, and often threatens to tattle things to Eggman if he himself is threatened. He's also something of a coward is prone to typical childhood fears; he's afraid of the dark and the boogeyman for example. He's fragile and gets his feelings hurt easily, and when exceptionally upset will seek out solitude to sulk.



Bokkun has a jet strapped onto his back that enables him flight, of which he is very fast and agile. His small size allows him to squeeze into tight spaces others may not be able to. As the number of explosives he's taken to the face might indicate, his hull is surprisingly well fortified. Though then again it may not be so surprising when considering his role as Eggman's messenger. As a robot his memory and attention to detail are especially sharp.


He's an explosives expert; if you need something blasted he's the one to call no matter how big or small the task. He loves to experiment around to create new bombs for different purposes, whether for fun or for offense/defense, and yes, he's managed to create exploding paper like he's seen in the cartoons. He always has what seems to be an unlimited cache of bombs tucked into the mailbag he's never seen without.

Besides that, being a robot, this means he can naturally interface and communicate with other computers, but aside from being especially good at video games, he has no technical skills to speak of. He can speak in a variety of different languages. While he technically can't swim, his small size coupled with the fact he is waterproofed means he could get by should he become submerged. Technically he can be programmed to learn anything necessary.


None. If he got his mits on an emerald, he'd take it straight to Eggman.



Physically he's not very strong and can be easily manhandled. Just as his size can have advantages, so also comes a fair share of disadvantages. He's vulnerable to viruses and hacking that can break past his firewall and magnets can restrain him. EMP blasts will disable his software and effectively 'knock' him out.


He's a bit sensitive about his size and has a habit of making everyone want to beat him upside the head. He's afraid of the dark and of things like the boogeyman and can be easily spooked.

Pre-RP History

None. He was created during play.

Post-RP History

Nothing terribly noteworthy has happened to him so far. He was the one responsible for delivering the notice of Eggman's lawsuit to Jonas and Omega, and later was held hostage by SR-1412 Heat until Metal and the ES-Series rescued him.

Crossover History

To be written.


Dr Eggman The leader of the Eggman Empire and Bokkun's creator whom he craves attention and acknowledgment from.
Metal Sonic Bokkun's older brother. He may be considered Eggman's greatest creation, but Bokkun thinks he's a baka.
ES-002 Selica Younger sister and a BIG STUPID MEANIE who likes to pick on him for NO REASON WHATSOEVER D=

Misc. Info

Despite the fact Bokkun is perfectly fluent in Japanese, he often mixes/mangles it into his english speech in the style of an otaku. He also has a tendency to randomly speak 1337 and when he types he puts AOLers to shame.


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