Bunnie Rabbot (SatAM)

"… YEEP! Whoa nelly, sugah! Oh shootinanny!"


Name: Marilyn Susann Cash
Nicknames: Bunnie, Buns, Rabbot, Aunt Bunnie (By Tails), Oth'Mama (By Ray)
Species: Cyborg marsh rabbit ("Rabbot")
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Alignment: Neutral Good
Stats: Physical: 12 | Mental: 4 | Luck: 5
Height: 3'4
Build: Athletic, partially robotic
Residence: Knothole
Occupation: Freedom Fighter, farmer
Likes: Artwork in almost any form, going for strolls, friendly gossip, romance novels, lemonade, gardening, working out, pumpkin pie, baking, hair styling
Dislikes: Robotnik, obviously. Snobs, people who can't admit their mistakes and tries to put the blame on others, people who intentionally hurt others, seeing people hurt or in danger, spicy things.
Hobbies/Talents: Drawing, painting, sculpting, sewing… pretty much any arts and craft type activity she can work with in Knothole's limited conditions. She also enjoys cooking and gardening.
Played By: Jammerlee
Theme: "I'll Be" - Reba McEntire
"Twang Thang" - Terri Clark


Fun-loving, sweet and spontaneous. She’s a girl who would never give up or back down once she's set her mind on something, and will always be there for her friends to support them. Despite being half-robian, she tends to be the one comforting others rather than being comforted. Extremely loyal and sympathetic, she tends to put others' needs above her own and seems to be very in tune with what those around her are feeling.

Bunnie is very generous and warm-hearted. She radiates with a sunny disposition and always looks for the brighter side of life, using her upbeat sense of humor and optimism to entertain those around her. She loves social interaction, particularly gossip, and is at her most comfortable when with her close friends. Though often a good-natured flirt and something of a hopeless romantic, she's very down to earth, practical and modest. She carries with her a soft and gentle feminine charm and expects others to treat her as the lady she is.

This isn't to say she doesn't have a gloomy side or that she isn't bothered by her condition - she is, very much so. She just does an excellent job of hiding it and putting on a brave face, even going so far as to joke good-naturedly about it, in the hopes of inspiring others. The only times it really comes out are when she's caught off guard, or when she's venting her frustrations to Sally, whom she considers a sister.

Despite her girly ways she has a surprisingly tomboyish streak in her, especially when it comes to her love of sports. She isn't afraid to work up a sweat, tumble around in the dirt or take a beating. She's very energetic and loves to be active. While she may not always portray it that way, she's no pushover from either a physical or a mental standpoint. She's very determined when it comes to her goals, has an unshakable desire for life and a rock solid mind to what she believes in.



Of her natural abilities, Bunnie's biggest and most obvious asset is, of course, her phenomenal sense of hearing. Able to hear over long distances and even create 'mental maps' based on how sound reverberates off the objects around her, if necessary she would be capable of navigating in the dark - though not to the degree of accuracy a bat could. Her sense of smell is also highly acute. Overall Bunnie has a very athletic build which gives her excellent stamina, along with fast reflexes and an excellent sense of balance.

In terms of her mechanical limbs, they're extremely lightweight but durable, giving her a tremendous boost in strength and allowing her to lift, carry and throw weights many, many times her own size, as well as throw devastating punches and kicks that are capable of puncturing steel. Her natural trait for jumping has only been enhanced by her partial roboticization, allowing for spring-loaded leaps covering both distance and height. These springs have been modified by Rotor to also allow her to telescope her legs several times their length to improve her reach. She can also shift her mechanical fingertips into a set of screwdrivers, which can be used both for their intended purpose or as a makeshift set of claws. Her limbs are waterproofed.


Bunnie is exceptionally skilled when it comes to a self-taught style of martial arts that resembles Tae Kwon Do, taking full advantage of her mechanical limbs through a combination of brute force and momentum. As with her ability to cause destruction, she's also learned through trial and error how to be delicate, having no trouble handling objects such as eggs and tissue. In addition, Bunnie has a keen eye for noticing details, and because of her love of gossip and super sharp hearing she always seems to be right on top of information and often knows things you wouldn't think she should know.



Just as they're her greatest strengths, her two most obvious traits are also her biggest weaknesses. While she can tune out most sound, loud noises can cause headaches, disorientation, temporary hearing loss, and in really extreme cases can even cause complete blackouts. Her mechanical limbs can also be a crutch; with both legs and one arm effected, disabling them would cripple her and render her pretty much helpless. Strong magnets can be used to restrain her, EMP blasts will disable her limbs, and she's prone to general mechanical failures.

Having no sense of touch in her mechanical limbs is also a disadvantage, causing her to sometimes physically forget where she's placed her limbs and need to check on them visually, as well as potentially not noticing damage until it becomes a liability. This is in addition to the fact that while, for the most part, she's learned how to control her strength… mistakes do happen. Most often when she's tired.

Unlike most marsh rabbits, she's also not a very strong swimmer - she can as long as she has a way to keep herself buoyant, but poorly - which is actually due to a childhood trauma.


Bunnie has a mild fear of water, in particular running water. While it isn't so strong as to be crippling - she will jump in if necessary, or if coaxed - it's certainly enough to make her pause and consider other options first. For the most part she's learned to accept her mechanical limbs, understanding that they're a critical asset in the war and that a cure is being worked on, but this doesn't stop her from occasionally feeling upset or out of place, especially so when caught off guard. She suffers from post traumatic stress disorder, which she hides very well from most people and most often manifests in nightmares.

Pre-RP History

Bunnie lived in a privileged upper class family whom had immigrated to Mobotropolis from the southern regions of Mobius. Being a child of status she spent her first few years around Princess Sally, Sonic the Hedgehog and other children under the care of Rosie the Woodchuck. When the coup happened, she was ushered away by Rosie to Knothole and was lucky to learn that her older (and at-time pregnant) sister Vanilla had also managed to make it to the refuge safely. Bunnie was raised primarily by Vanilla alongside her later born niece Cream.

Some years later, when Bunnie was fourteen, Cream was captured by a SWATbot patrol after wandering off into the woods. Frantic, Bunnie recklessly charged off to rescue her, and only wound up being caught herself. She was forced to witness the roboticization of her niece, but as she began to be subjected to the process herself the Knothole Freedom Fighters arrived before its completion and managed to pull her out. Bunnie was left scarred, both of her legs and her left arm now robotic, but as a result had lit a fire of determination under her. Once adjusting to her new body she joined the Freedom Fighters, eager to assist and use her newfound strength to its fullest potential in their struggle against Robotnik.

Post-RP History

Crossover History


Sally Acorn The princess of Mobotropolis as well as the leader of the Knothole Freedom Fighters. Her and Bunnie and have been friends with each other since they were young children and consider each other sisters.
Sonic the Hedgehog A childhood friend of Bunnie's, Sonic is the fastest runner known on Mobius and is considered one of Knothole's greatest assets.
Tails the Fox A young two-tailed fox who can fly by spinning his tails. Bunnie has been teaching self defense to him and treats him as a surrogate nephew.
Antoine D'Coolette Another person known from childhood, Antoine is an obsessive compulsive clean freak and a coward. Though Bunnie regards him as a friend, his uptight attitude often strains her patience.
Rotor the Walrus Another friend she'd known since childhood. Rotor is an uncannily talented mechanic who often helps with maintenance on Bunnie's robotic limbs.
Ray the Squirrel A small boy who had been found outside of Knothole after losing his parents to Robotnik. Though extremely timid he has attached himself to Bunnie as a surrogate mother.
Lance Argentum A partially roboticized wolf. Bunnie doesn't give a lick for his womanizing ways, but unfortunately has been put in charge of helping him adjust to his robotic strength.
Dulcy the Dragon A young dragon the members of Knothole found shortly after losing her mother to Robotnik. Bunnie considers her a very sweet person.
Uncle Chuck Sonic's roboticized uncle and the inventor of the roboticizer. A rare robian in possession of free will, he acts as a spy and assists the Knothole freedom fighters.
Vanilla the Rabbit Bunnie's older sister and a caretaker around Knothole. She was responsible for Bunnie's upbringing after the coup.
Cream the Rabbit Bunnie's niece who was captured and roboticized. The two had shared more of a sisterly relationship than that of a niece and aunt.
Dr. Robotnik A tyrannical dictator who's taken control over most of Mobius. Bunnie and the other Freedom Fighters are fighting to overthrow him.

Misc. Info

Marylin was Bunnie's name in the French version of SatAM. Her last name was inspired from the classic country singer Johnny Cash. I was originally gonna go with Belle as her last name, but, my late grandmother's maiden name was Marion Bell and… that was just too weird for my comfort.

Bunnie's timidness around water stems from when she was a child. While marsh rabbits are normally well known for their ability to swim, Bunnie once fell into the Great River while she was still learning and required rescue. The trauma was enough to make her skittish of swift currents, and to this day she's remained inexperienced.


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