Carmen Neptuna (SatAM)

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Name: Carmen Nerissa Neptuna
Nicknames: Carmela, Carmie
Species: Otter
Gender: Female
Age: 12
Alignment: Neutral Good
Stats: Physical: 08 | Mental: 07 | Luck: 06
Height: 3 feet 6 inches
Build: Currently average, but she's started to hit an adolescent growth spurt
Residence: Elem
Occupation: Freedom Fighter in training, cook
Likes: Seafood, spicy food, blue things, rainshowers, swimming, winter, sunrises, being around people
Dislikes: Pink, sitting still, bland food, too hot days, being too far from water, hiking
Hobbies/Talents: Carmen is a decent cook, and also has a very good knack for dancing and ice skating. She enjoys coming up with new recipes- and trying them out on others. She also eagerly soaks up any and all knowledge of combat she can; martial arts, weaponry, strategy, anything anyone is willing to teach.
She has a very good memory and will put her full heart into learning. She also knows how to sew, but actually making clothing from scratch would take some learning.
Played By: Dizzy
Theme: Emotional - Diana Degarmo


Carmen is a usually sweet girl with a bold, fighting spirit. Her blood runs hot and her emotions run strong. She enjoys being around others, and genuinely wants to make other people happy. Because of her social, bold nature, she has the makings of a leader. She's not the type to back down from a fight either, preferring to battle until she can't anymore.

Her nature also has it's drawbacks. Carmen expects other people to be like her, and that's simply not possible. She'll be the first to call a non-fighter a coward, and the last to run from a losing battle. She says what she thinks, and it usually doesn't end well. When she gets mad, she becomes difficult to control and rather violent. Although she doesn't hurt others, she has been known to break things until she's calm. Added to this is the volatile nature of a budding teenager- until Carmen learns to get her emotions, specifically her temper, under control, she won't be leading anything.

Carmen refuses to believe that her mother could be dead. She surmises that she would feel it, would know it, and takes solace in the fact that her mom was a fighter. She believes with all her heart that they will meet again. When they do, she wants to have something for her mother to be proud of.



Carmen is a born swimmer, and can hold her breath for several minutes at a time. She has strong leg muscles and if it comes down to that, nasty little claws on her hands and feet. Her tail is also very strong, and she can and will use it as a weapon. While she's good at moving quickly in place, on land she can only maintain a high running speed for a few minutes at a time, preferring a sort of long-jumping stride to flat out running. She has a good sense of where people are, because of thin, near invisible whiskers on her face. It makes her very alert to other presences. In a fight, she'll use everything at her disposal to win- and will fight until she does. Retreat isn't in her vocabulary.


Carmen is a practitioner of capoeria (or something extremely like it, if that's not plausible for Mobius universe) able to use her feet, tail and legs as weapons in a graceful dance. She is a yellow cord, with three years of training under her belt. (See Anything Else section for ranking details.) She is also proficient in the use of daggers, but doesn't own one. Her mother taught her many survival skills: she knows how to start a fire with wood brush and a rock, build a tent out of cloth, and catch fish bare handed. (She's sort of like a Boy Scout, camping skills and such.)



Carmen is prone to dehydration in the summer, and when she's working too hard. If she doesn't get enough water she'll pass out and be ill for hours until her hydration gets under control. She has a bit of an odd gait on land and can sometimes be clumsy.


Carmen's emotions are very quick- anger, sadness, utter joy can switch and reveal themselves at a misstep or harsh word from a friend. She has trouble keeping herself under control in times of high stress. She also tends to rush headlong into battle- and also refuse to retreat under any circumstances, even when those circumstances leave retreat as the best option. She also has trouble with heights- she really prefers to keep one foot on the ground- or both in the water. She also has next to no computer literacy. She doesn't know how to drive.

Pre-RP History

Carmen's parents met during the Great War, her mother Aquaren rising to the rank of Captain. They married and had Carmen, who enjoyed a normal two year old's life. Playing, eating, making trouble. Then things went bad. Carmen is too young to remember details, but the shadow cast over her life would be permanent. Like so many others, her father, Kiros, was taken in the chaos of the coup, to be roboticized like so many others.

Carmen and her mother escaped to the Great Forest, where her mother used her military training and survival skills to make the forest into their home. They lived off the land for many years, moving from place to place. Aquaren began to pass down her knowledge to her daughter. Life caught up with them one wintry morning, as a passing patrol overcame mother and daughter. Within Robotropolis, on the inevitable trip to the roboticizer, Aquaren made one last ditch effort, struggling enough to let her daughter escape. Carmen was forced to flee alone. Left on her own in the city, Carmen met a group of thropes who led the young otter to the underground city of Elem. Carmen lives and trains there now, eager for the day when she can join the fight. To her, being a Freedom Fighter is all about glory; her first true conflict may be a sobering experience.

Post-RP History

Their track record since they've been in the game.

Crossover History

Their track record in the crossover.


Aquaren Neptuna Carmen's mother, a former military Captain who raised her after the queue. She was last seen captured in Robotropolis.
Nate the Ferret Carmen sees the good-natured Nate as a like minded person, and looks up to him as a mentor.

Misc. Info

Carmen can speak Spanish, and when she's angry enough she will start to curse in it. She keeps a silver locket with her parents' pictures in it, but rarely wears it around, preferring to sleep with it under her pillow instead. She's also a little touchy about being taller than most thropes.

On capoeria:

Carmen's just one cord short of being in the advanced level.


Elem, Thropes, Fanchars

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