Carmen the Otter (Sega)

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Name: Carmen Neptuna
Nicknames: Carmie, Carmela
Species: Otter
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Alignment: Hero
Type: Speed
Height: 3' 8''
Build: Lithe, but muscular in the swimming muscles
Residence: Central City
Occupation: Works at an ice cream parlor; also is training to be a lifeguard
Likes: Surfing, swimming, air-skating, blue things, spicy food, being around people
Dislikes: Pink, sitting still, bland food, storms, being too far from water, hiking, being alone
Hobbies/Talents: Carmen is an excellent surfer and air-skater, though she excels far more at the first. She likes to watch other Extreme Gear users, sometimes to see if they'll provide any competition. She also enjoys dancing, cooking, and feeding people. (The two go hand in hand.) She also enjoys watching sporting events and (although she’d probably never admit it) wrestling.
Played By: Dizzy
Theme: Blue Water, Blue Sky


Carmen is an energetic, spirited young girl. She loves to be active and around people, especially around people who enjoy life like she does. She is very passionate and feels things very strongly: joy, rage, even sadness. She’s quick to make up her mind and act, and truly hates being idle. While not an official hero, she is the type that will lead a group instead of follow, and break away from someone she considers wrong, or a bad influence. Carmen is defensive of her friends and family- anyone that threatens or harms them will have one seriously pissed off girl on their heels. Although she has her down times like everyone else, she does her best not to dwell on bad things- and encourages others to do the same.



Carmen is a born swimmer. Her fur is waterproof and she can hold her breath for about ten minutes underwater. She has strong leg muscles and if it comes down to that, nasty little claws on her hands and feet. Her tail is also very strong, and she can and will use it as a weapon. While she's good at moving quickly in place, on land she can only maintain a high running speed for a few minutes at a time, preferring a sort of long-jumping stride to flat out running. She has a good sense of where people are, because of thin, near invisible whiskers on her face.


Carmen is a practitioner of capoeria; able to use her feet, legs, and tail as weapons in a graceful dance. She is a blue cord, with five years of training under her belt. She is also an excellent surfer and air-skater. Although she hasn’t taken a lesson in several years, she also knows some ballet. Her moves on the Extreme Gear track reflect her dancing ability; aerial spins, leaps and even backflips are present in her style. She skates the air rather like a figure skater.


If Carmen found a Chaos emerald, she'd most likely give it to her mother.



Carmen is prone to dehydration in the summer, and when she's working too hard. If she doesn't get enough water she'll pass out and be ill for hours until her hydration gets under control. She has a bit of an odd gait on land and can sometimes be clumsy. Although she keeps it braided up, sometimes her hair gives her trouble; getting caught in things, or worse, tugged on by people.


Carmen's emotions are very quick- anger, sadness, utter joy can switch and reveal themselves at a misstep or harsh word from a friend. She has trouble keeping herself under control in times of high stress. Although she try not to start fights, she has no trouble at all with finishing them, especially when someone is insulting her or the people she cares for. Carmen can be incredibly competitive- losing isn’t something she considers an option. While she knows how to work a car, her driving leaves something to be desired. (Possibly a crash helmet and a harness for her passengers.)

Pre-RP History

Carmen has lived in her home on Resort Island since she was about three years old. She and her mother moved there just after her father passed under mysterious circumstances; Carmen’s mother Aquaren Neptuna used the retirement pension she received from GUN to move them into a new home away from the city. Carmen is currently in high school, enjoying life while trying to find answers to several burning questions: What exactly happened to my father and why won't anyone tell me about it? How can my mother continue to live so comfortably without a job? Will I ever find the perfect wave? She's just about ready to go seeking her own happiness- and possibly bring some back home to her mother, who was never quite the same person after her father passed.

Post-RP History

Their track record since they've been in the game.

Crossover History

Their track record in the crossover.


Aquaren the Otter Her mother, who's done a good job raising Carmen mostly by herself. She loves her mother dearly, but has questions about her past history.
Axe the Hyena Total bastard who stole from her, made her lose her job, and worst of all, beat her in a fight.
Skater the Fossa A good buddy who shares her love for all things Extreme. He modded her skates, and is usually willing to put them through their paces with a good race.

Misc. Info

Carmen’s stuff: She has a blue and white surfboard with flower patterns. Her airskates are blue, white and silver. She usually carries a backpack used to store her board wax, clothes and skates.

- Carmen curses in Spanish when she's angry. All attempts by her mother to train her from this have currently failed.


Thropes, Chaos Dimension, Fanchars

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