Cassia the Sparrow (SatAM)

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Name: Cassia Acerbus (claimed last name herself)
Nicknames: Cassia, Cassie, Cass
Species: Cyborg Cinnamon Sparrow
Gender: Female
Age: 13
Alignment: Neutral Good
Stats: Physical: 10 | Mental: 06 | Luck: 05
Height: 2'8"
Build: Slightly underweight
Residence: Elem
Occupation: Traumatized girl, part time cook, mechanical assistance.
Likes: Singing (to herself at least); Zachary, and helping him when he needs it; cooking for everyone, not having to talk to anyone… usually; and sweets. Especially rock candy. She likes the crunch.
Dislikes: Most Robians (due to the memories they stir up), being outside of Lower Mobius (she feels safer there), and spicy foods.
Hobbies/Talents: Cassia once loved to sing, and whistle, and generally just make musical noise, preferably while dancing. She was able to usually brighten up the day of anyone she met…

But now, she doesn't seem to have any real pastimes, except cooking, unless someone else drags her into their hobby… which works, for a little while.
Played By: Vize
Theme: Hold - Superchick


Cassia is quiet, withdrawn, and generally rarely speaks to anyone except Zachary, and Nate. When she just speak, it's almost never more than a mumble, forget getting her to raise her voice.

She does, however, retain a certain naivete, that (most) people are inherently good, so she tends to trust easily… but her trust, when broken, is much harder to get back.

Her personality is also rather submissive, leaving her wide open to peer pressure. In fact, unless something directly opposes what she knows is right, it's pretty likely she can be forced (with little effort) to do it.

And, although she tries to hide it, she's gained quite a pessimistic streak, which she tries to keep in check… and which hopefully won't become permanent.



-Being a bird, Cassia IS capable of flight, but since her wings are roboticized, she must use jets built into her arms. It took almost two years for her to figure out HOW to fly, so she's not very good at it, since she makes little effort to actually TRY to fly. As part of the bundled package of being avian, Cassia has seemingly incredible stamina, when compared to a mammal, because of her greater lung capacity.
-To make up for difficulty flying, she's become a pretty good runner, but again, she doesn't usually run anywhere, unless she's told to.
-She's actually a very bright child, and learns quickly, picking up most tasks within a few days, although MASTERING them is a whole 'nother story. She also, unfortunately for her, possesses near-perfect recall. Unless she were to receive some kind of amnesia-causing trauma, she will remember things from years with near-perfect precision.
-And of course, who can forget, with roboticized limbs comes robian strength. Interestingly, she herself has gotten stronger from, more or less, having to lug those metal arms around most of her life.


-Cassia has learned to cook quite well, and, although she had trouble at first since she had trouble using normal kitchen utensils, could now give any fast-order cook a run for their money… In no small part due to Zachary having replaced the tools in her right hand with various cooking utensils, including, but not limited to:

* Hand Mixer (yes, she's aware of the pun)
* Spatula (replaced her screwdriver)
* Grater
* Potato Peeler

-Cassia's also picked up some general mechanical knowledge from Zach, enough that she could keep something running till the echidna got back, but she wouldn't be able to completely fix it. To this end she retains the standard screwdriver claws in her left hand.
—Additionally, Cassia has also been taught some of the self defense techniques Zachary learned while he was in the military, obviously by Zachary himself. She's learned enough, in fact, that she would be the rough equivalent of a green belt in traditional martial arts… The only problem is, since she's unable to SPAR with Zack (assuming he could even convince her to), she only has technical knowledge, and no experience using these skills. Her naturally meek nature, and tendency to run, rather that fight, has only "helped" this lack of experience remain in place.
-She also has a pretty good knack for sneaking around, simply by virtue of living in Lower Mobius, and needing to keep a low profile. She's also fairly good with computers. She's no master hacker, but she could probably get into low security areas with a little effort.
-She also knows how to sing, not that she would admit this, or even demonstrate it to anyone, considering her usual state of being nearly mute. It's more a hobby level of learning, rather than professional, the lack of training made up for by her voice itself.



Being a sparrow (even just by virtue of being a bird), Cassia's VERY light, with the exception of her wings. As a result, she's easy to knock around, and it's also pretty easy for her to break bones. And being a little clumsy doesn't help matters. She also can't swim very well, as sparrows are NOT a water fowl. Add to that her mechanical limbs, and she swims… like a rock.


Emotionally, poor Cassia is a wreck, traumatized at 3 by seeing her father roboticized in front of her, the same time her wings were also roboticized. As a result, she's become almost mute, and seems actually frightened of speaking, for reasons known only to her. When she gets reminded of her father (which is actually usually harder than it seems), there's a good chance she'll break down into tears.

And even better, her personality is fairly submissive, leaving her fairly susceptible to peer pressure.

Pre-RP History

Being born only three years before the coup, Cassia's life never really was normal. In fact, one of her first memories was being carried by her father as they tried to escape Robotnik's Swatbots… and failed. As Mobotropolis had a large population, and Robotnik only had SO many Roboticizers, it still took several days before Cassia and her father were taken to the Roboticizer, along with several others.

Ahead of them, was a bat family, or at least, a little girl and her mother, who seemed inseparable… And as they watched, the two were pulled apart, and the mother was placed in the terrifying machine, being transformed into a robot before their eyes. Next would have been the girl…

Or that was the plan, at least. What actually happened, however, was that the next mobian in line, a squirrel, tried to stop the SWATbot as it prepared to place the child into the Roboticizer. In response, the other captives started fighting back too. The SWATbots, acting quickly, attempted to continue the roboticization process.

Her father was next, but, since he was CARRYING Cassia, the girl had to be taken away. And with the panic any child that age would have, she tried to reach her father as the roboticizer activated… And as, at the time, there was no containment for the horrid machine, the result was the little girl's wings becoming robotic, all as she heard her father's last words to her… That everything would be all right. Not that it would matter long, as the rest of her would soon follow… except she BOLTED, attempting to hid in one of the corners of the room.

In the chaos around the machine, the Roboticizer was accidentally activated, even while no one was (now, at least) inside, and an echidna was knocked into it. Fortunately, he was quickly pulled free by a ferret, who had been just behind him.

Cassia would have been left there in that corner, if, during their escape, the echidna hadn't spotted her, and picked her up, assuming (quite accurately) she had had NO ONE left. Meanwhile, the ferret had been clearing a path to the exit with his brand new robotic arm. But once that task was complete, he went back… for the bat girl, who'd come out of the ordeal physically unscathed, in an effort to save her as well.

Unfortunately, once they got out of Robotnik's fortress, the bat was lost in the confusion, and separated from them, her fate unknown to the three escapees.

It wasn't until after the three of them, and a few others who'd thought to follow, reached Lower Mobius that she actually learned the names of her rescuers. The girl, however, had been traumatized by the events in the Roboticizer chamber, and had latched onto Zachary as a new father figure, possibly only because he'd been the one to carry her out… but either way, the echidna was stuck with her from then on.

Now, she usually remains in Elem, cooking for the others, or generally just being around…

And it seems she'll never really heal the scars inflicted in her past… but you never know.

Post-RP History

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