The oldest and most widely spread religion in Mobius, and the most universally acceptable to all species. Its influence has been traced back well beyond recorded history - many thousands of years - and its worship is shared among a large number tribes, as well as most multi-species communities. Many differing tribal religions have roots tying back to it, whether from its origin story, to variations of their goddess, Aurora. The only race whom this religion is not generally open to are humans, largely due to the implications of specist individuals.

There are several different versions of Celestism, but most carry the same theme. For example, in each version, it is agreed that Aurora had created Mobius, the plants, animals (for these she created for her children), and gave birth to the thropes, mythropes, and even the humans (for they are her children, able of thought).

Its symbol is a stylized rendition of Aurora holding Mobius in hands.

Important Figures

Aurora: The very definition of 'maternal', Aurora is a calm and peaceful goddess whom is content to distantly guide her children down the correct path. She is typically depicted as a being of no discernible species, with long flowing hair and feathered wings, but with no tail, ears, nose or fur. Popular artwork of her often mimics Celestism's religious symbol - that is, Aurora lovingly holding the planet within her arms in a motherly fashion. The sun is often considered to be her heart, shining the warmth of her love down on all.

Tuollaf: The evil demon who was responsible for introducing negative thought into an otherwise unspoiled world. Usually unseen, it is often said that when one turns from the right path or makes negative choices, it is the influence of Tuollaf whispering suggestions in their ear.



At first, the world was paradise, and there existed great cities and the people were like gods themselves, able to create wondrous things, all in the name of their goddess. Indeed, the land was one of harmony, where thoughts of fear and anger were foreign.

However, things did not stay so utopian. The great demon Tuollaf saw the world which Aurora had created and became jealous of its beauty. He sought to destroy it - whispering terrible things to Aurora's children beyond her watchful eye. New emotions filled their perception - hatred, fear, jealousy - and thus, they began to turn against each other. In some versions, it is said that Tuollaf targeted the humans specifically, as they were among the weakest of Aurora's children and thus the most susceptible to his influence. In other versions, however, it's generalized.

Aurora was distressed by the fighting between her children, unaware of Tuollaf's influence and unable to comprehend what had come over them. She couldn't bare to see it, and this pleased Tuollaf. He continued to speak terrible things, pushing his influence and growing darker as thoughts of death and destruction joined the angry chorus, goading them until war finally began.

Horrified and distraught by what her children were doing, Aurora begged them to cease their violence, but by then Tuollaf's influence had become too strong. Unable to bare seeing anymore pain, she fled the world she had created. With their goddess missing, Tuollaf decided that then was the time to strike, leaving a trail of destruction in his wake. The beautiful cities were left in ruin, the once luscious forests were left to wither and rot, and the sky darkened until the land was plunged into a permanent twilight. As the land was tainted, life became unsustainable, and Aurora's children were poisoned.

When Aurora returned, she was aghast by what Tuollaf had done, and despaired over abandoning her children in their greatest time of need. Taking the few that survived Tuollaf's poison, she remade the world, now keeping a vigilant eye upon her children.

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