Central City

The capitol city of the Chaos Dimension, it is here where the president of the United Federation resides and is also where GUN's main headquarters are stationed. It is the dimension's political hub.

Central City rests beside the ocean and is best known for its bridges and steep streets. A ways off its coast is the now-abandoned Prison Island. At one point it had been targeted for destruction by the Black Arms, however, the bombs that had been placed around the city were successfully neutralized.

Notable Locations


Chaotix Detective Agency


The Chaotix Detective Agency is the base of operations for Vector the Crocodile, Espio, and Charmy, all of whom pride themselves as the Agency's namesake; Detectives. The trio of flatfoots are pretty freelance in their work, going for cases that are presented by the highest bidder. However, they aren't generally well known, and their trouble paying rent shows this.

If you happen to wander inside, you'll probably find at least one from the team seated somewhere. Otherwise, they'll be out at a fast food joint, or hot on the trail of a new case!

… But it's more than likely that they'll be at a fast food joint.

Starlight Zone

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TV Studio

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Police Station

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Oakly's Office

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The Regatta

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Honey Clothing

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Night Babylon

The nightlife district of Central City. Neon lit casinos and nightclubs blur together into one constant buzzing party. One such club being Nevermore owned by Coal Corvus.

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