Chaos the Spirit (Sega)

"I am the Guardian of the Master and keeper of the Seven Servers. The people of my world have christened me by the name Chaos."


Name: No actual name, simply refers to itself as a guardian
Nicknames: Chaos, God of Destruction, Water Spirit, whatever other name people choose to call it… it's been known by many names throughout time
Species: Deity/water spirit/ascended chao
Gender: None; presumed male
Age: Immortal, though has existed at least three thousand years
Alignment: Neutral (True Neutral)
Type: Fortitude
Height: Roughly 5' in Zero form, though as an entity able to shapeshift this varies.
Build: Usually lanky in Zero form, but again, as a shapeshifter this can vary.
Residence: Angel Island, usually around either Holy Summit, Hidden Palace or the island's chao garden.
Occupation: GOD. OF. DESTRUCTION. Guardian of the Chaos Emeralds, servant of the Master Emerald and keeper of Angel Island's chao population.
Likes: Peace and tranquility, keeping everything in balance, solitude, its chao kin, seeing the chao safe and out of harm's way.
Dislikes: Disorder, disruption from its duty, anything that might involve chao becoming hurt.
Hobbies/Talents: When not by the Master Emerald's side, Chaos enjoys spending much of its time surveying chao gardens and being with its kin. This may also extend to engaging in typical chao activities, but this has never been proven.
Played By: Restricted
Theme: "Hot-Head Bop" - David Wise
"Open Your Heart" - Crush 40


Chaos pretty much embodies the definition of "neutral". It doesn't strive to ward off "evil", nor does it contribute to it, and indeed, sees the notions of "good" and "evil" as only prejudices conceived by the population. As an immortal being it has watched the world destroy and rebuild itself countless times, and knows that these forces are part of life's cycle and will always balance each other out. What Chaos does commit itself to is what it solely exists for - to make sure reality within the Chaos Dimension remains stable and that the harmony of positive and negative energies between the Master Emerald and the Chaos Emeralds flow as they should.

Overall the spirit seems to be very quiet and aloof. Chances are that unless it wants to make its presence known you'll never know it's even there, which is how it typically prefers things to stay. However, on the rare occasions it does present itself, it seems to display an almost child-like innocence. Due to its inability to communicate with the vast majority of people it can almost appear as dense, but those who can hear its voice discover a high level of intelligence and surprising wisdom. While normally a gentle and compassionate being, one who seems to display an almost supernatural level of patience, Chaos isn't incapable of anger. Like a child it's often known to turn wrathful and vindictive when those it cares for, namely its chao kin, are harmed or threatened. Only the chao ever seem to see it with any sort of regularity.



Chaos' body is composed almost entirely of water (said to be pure chaos energy in a liquefied form). As such it has all the strengths and weaknesses of the substance, able to literally form and shape itself in any way it desires, pass through the smallest of cracks, sink into absorbent surfaces and absorb virtually any blow to its body. It can extend the length of its limbs for extremely long range and versatile attacks. It's also capable of jumping extremely high, digging, climbing and is hydrokinetic.

Using its mysterious powers it can create pulses which cause disorientation and, by physically touching a person, can rapidly heal any wounds they may have. It possesses the same ability to sense and track the Chaos Emeralds or the Master in a way similar to Knuckles, except taken a step further; it is able to hear the "voices" of the gemstones, even from a great distance, and can therefor tell who is in possession of them, what they're being used for, and when they're being used.

For chao and in rare cases people who are highly spiritual and/or have a strong connection to the Master or Chaos Emeralds it can communicate through the use of telepathy, however the only people currently known to have this privilege are Knuckles and Tikal. Others with high energy, such as Sonic, may not actually be able to hear its voice but seem to be able to understand it on an intuitive level. Otherwise it communicates in musical chimes.


Nothing that seems to be of any particular noteworthiness.


With each emerald that Chaos comes in contact with it gains more mass, able to take on new and more powerful forms. Its forms are numbered by the number of emeralds it has; for example, after absorbing two emeralds it becomes Chaos 2.

Chaos 1: Becomes larger, its right arm growing a set of bones. It's unknown what abilities it gains in this form.
Chaos 2: Chaos becomes even taller and more muscular looking. It gains the ability to create a shield to protect itself from frontal attacks.
Chaos 3: Canonically unknown.
Chaos 4: Chaos becomes shark-like in its appearance, gaining the ability to fire off waves of energy.
Chaos 5: Canonically unknown.
Chaos 6: Becomes scorpion-like in appearance. Chaos grows several more sets of eyes and is no longer vulnerable to attacks to its brain (being too deep inside its body). Its shockwaves become more powerful and it gains the ability to inhale enemies.
Perfect Chaos: Chaos' super form, gained after absorbing all seven emeralds. Dragon-like in appearance, in this form Chaos gains complete and utter control over water, becoming a true god of destruction. Besides control over water, it can fire off yellow and pink bolts of energy as well as spit a huge beam of energy.

It has only been seen drawing upon the negative energies of the emeralds, so it's unknown if the positive energy forms would look any different. It's also unknown what kind of effects the Sol Emeralds or Servant Emerald would have on it, but it's doubtful that it would be anything good.



As powerful and nigh invulnerable as Chaos seems, its weak point is its brain; it floats in the middle of its head and is solid, unlike the rest of the watery mass that comprises its body. When struck, the pain causes Chaos to lose his semi-solid state and liquefy. Outside of watery environments it's also extremely slow and capable of being frozen, and probably also evaporated as well. The very gemstones that gave Chaos its power can also be used to restrain it if used by knowledgeable hands.


Chaos is fiercely protective of its chao kin, and harming or threatening them is the only thing currently known to set off its temper. Its pledge of neutrality could also potentially be a weakness.

Pre-RP History

Though the information has been long lost to history and the whys and hows are unknown, Chaos was hatched as an average chao and, at some point, came into contact with the seven Chaos Emeralds. Having absorbed their power into itself, it became the watery entity it is now.

Chaos lived peacefully at the Master Emerald shrine, Holy Summit, protecting the gemstone and chao who lived around it. However, the powerhungry and greedy leader of a local tribe of echidnas, Pachacamac, strived for more power to overthrow neighboring tribes. Despite the pleas of his daughter Tikal, whom Chaos had formed a bond with, Pachacamac and his warriors stormed the shrine to claim the gem as their own, trampling Tikal and the chao.

Chaos, enraged, intercepted the echidnas and absorbed the negative energy of the chaos emeralds. It decimated the echidna civilization, but before being able to move on, Tikal prayed to the master emerald for help, sacrificing herself to seal Chaos within it.

The subsequent influx of power tore the land itself from it's resting place, and in repentance the remaining echidnas vowed to protect the master emerald to prevent Chaos from returning and destroying the world. It was then that Chaos was given its name and subsequently became both worshiped and feared as the God of Destruction.

Fast forward 3000 years. The last remaining survivor of the echidna race had been sitting before the emerald alter in contemplation. In a flash Dr. Eggman, having heard of the old legend, appeared and shattered the massive gemstone. Chaos, free once more, followed the doctor like what seemed a loyal puppy, obeying and allowing Eggman to exploit it. Eggman proceeded to gather the emeralds, feeding them to Chaos, and managed to reach six before Sonic and Knuckles defeated it.

Chaos turned rogue at this point and refused to follow Eggman's orders. Stealing the six emeralds back from Knuckles, later acquiring the seventh that had been aboard the Tornado 2. Finally Perfect again, Chaos sent out to finish the job it had started three thousand years prior. It's first target had been Station Square, where Chaos utterly destroyed the once bustling city in mere minutes.

As Sonic and co. arrived, Tikal (also freed from the Master Emerald), whom had been leading all of them against Chaos, revealed her true form. She begged Sonic to return Chaos to the master emerald before it could destroy the world, but Sonic refused. Determined that simply patching the problem wasn't going to sooth Chaos' anger, Sonic took on his super form using the positive energy of the emeralds and proceeded to pummel Chaos into submission. Finally defeated, Tikal showed Chaos that the chao it so cared for were safe, cared for and protected by the people of earth. Pacified, Chaos finally calmed down, and it and Tikal vanished.

Since then Chaos has taken to wandering the world in exploration of its various chao gardens, though it often makes frequent returns to Angel Island.

Post-RP History


Crossover History

To be written.


Tikal the Echidna An echidna girl Chaos had managed to form what could be described as a friendship with. She's done her best to protect him, and protect others from him.
Knuckles the Echidna The last living echidna and a secondary guardian to the Master Emerald. Chaos tolerates his presence.
Dr. Eggman He released him from the Master Emerald after 3,000 years of captivity, after which, while still pursuing vengeance for its fallen chao kin, Chaos allowed Eggman to exploit it for awhile.

Misc. Info

Chaos is said to only appear during times of great crisis. While normally a restricted character, during the rare times he is allowed activity he is played by Jamie Lee.


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