Character Index (Sega)

Canon Characters

The video game characters. While mostly canon, creative freedom has been taken, and certain chars may only loosely resemble their original versions (due to in-game developments and/or compatibility issues from being created after the RP began). These profiles should by not be taken as a game-canon resource.

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Semi-Canon Characters

Characters from the cartoons and comics who've been altered and adapted specifically to fit into the Sega Sonic continuity/atmosphere for our roleplay. These chars may have very drastic differences from their original versions and should not be regarded in any way as canon.

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The original characters. While most have been created 100% by their players, here and there might be a character that was adapted from a completely different franchise.

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Non-Player Characters

Reoccurring small-role characters. They don't belong to any one specific person, rather they can be played by any member (though most often the one who applies them is the one who uses them the most). They have little to no character development and are mostly used to move the story.

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Restricted Characters

Characters who are either deceased/destroyed, were created for throwaway one-shot roles or are simply too powerful and on much too high a tier to allow to be played as regular characters. Whatever the reason, these characters are restricted and may not be applied for.

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