Chase the Dog (Sega)

"Uhh.. *headscratch*"


Name: Michael Furyu
Nicknames: Chase
Species: Collie/Saluki cross (Dog)
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Alignment: Hero
Type: Balance
Height: 3'4"
Build: Slim / Average
Residence: Parkside Square Apartments
Occupation: Attendant at Twinkle Park
Likes: Socializing, Making new friends, Rail grinding, Fixing and upgrading his Extreme Gear, Some points of his job at Twinkle Park, the colors red and black, getting caught in the rain and enjoys cooking.
Dislikes: Water, Species-ism, Cats, boredom, not knowing whats going on.
Hobbies/Talents: He loves collecting shells, he loves to travel, enjoys extreme gear riding, enjoys writing short novels in his spare time.
Played By: Xeric
Theme: "Mr. Brightside" ~ The Killers


Chase is best described as a very open guy. He tends to spend a lot of time listening to other's problems and hopefully cheering them up. If things don't go his way though, he can become slightly cold and 'outcasted'. He loves making new friends though. He won't care who they are, he'd just speak to them and call them a friend/ally.



Thanks to his rather streamline shaped body, he is rather quick on his feet. Through years of practice, Chase is able to use his tail as a 3rd arm. He is able to swing from poles and hoist himself with this rather powerful part of his body. Chase uses his knowledge in battle to think up tactics to beat his enemy. He's also quite speedy. Though, his logic is more powerful.


Chase learned few fighting techniques as a child, such as Kung-Fu and Thai-chi. He tries to use his surrounding to his advantage, such as using surrounding objects as projectiles and obstacles. His rather powerful tail can cause quite a bit of damage. He's able to drive small vehicles.


None as of yet.



His upper body isn't very strong, he uses his tail instead.


Terrified of water, He is very gullible though which means he can be tricked into doing almost anything. He is also quite scared of heights; theirs only so far up a building or mountain he can go without fainting or having a panic attack.

Pre-RP History

Chase had a pretty normal life. He grew up in the SOL dimension's capital, Soleanna; the City of Water. He lived above his family's cake shop where he worked part-time. Whilst traveling to college one morning, a strange portal appeared in front of him. He tried to jump out of its way, but he was sucked in. He accidentally got sent to Sonic's dimension due to the events of Sonic Rush; Nega tried to create a dimensional transporter. It went unstable and in the process opened many small temporary portals that sucked in many Sol residents.

When he exited the portal, he noticed he wasn't the only one who had be sucked in. Dazed and confused, he jumped up onto his feet, and headed for the closest city, this being Station Square.

On his way their, he found an abandoned Bike, although, he was very confused due to fact it had no wheels. He pressed the 'Start' button and it began to float, he was amazed. He jumped on and headed on his way.

Since then, he's managed to get his own place at Parkside Square Apartments, and managed to acquire a small job; work at Twinkle Park.

Post-RP History

Since Chase arrived in Station Square, he's worked at Twinkle Park. During one of his shifts, Blockhead Bill and Shaun the Deer burst through the ceiling of Twinkle Park, causing serious damage. After a discussion about their motives, Chase decided to help them on their quest to find Shaun's friends. Their journey led them to Station Square Town hall, where a Trail involving Dr. Eggman was taking place. After another lengthy discussion, Rotor the Walrus appeared, offering to help the group find Shaun's friends. Although, Chase had plans, so he parted with his new friends.

When he arrived home, Chase realized he'd lost his keys in all the commotion at Town Hall. Deebs Rec appeared and offered to help Chase find the landlord to get a spare set of keys. They agreed to get something to eat, as well as dragging Leedz the Pangolin from her apartment. When they founf the ladlord Tom Nook, Chase got a set of keys and the three went for food.

Chase is currently wandering Station Square.

Crossover History

Nothing Currently.


Blockhead Bill Rather odd Armadillo..
Shaun the Deer Chase assisted him in his quest to find his friends.
Rotor the Walrus Met briefly at Station Square Town Hall.
Deebs Rec Live in the same apartment complex, helped Chase find the landlord.
Leedz the Pangolin Deeb's flat mate, helped Chase find the landlord.

Misc. Info

Chase belong to a rather large pack of dogs in the Sol Dimension.


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