The cultural view of clothing on a large portion of Mobius differs from how most modern Western cultures view it today. To most thropic tribes and societies, clothing is seen as little more than an ornamental suggestion for either gender, and is in no way mandatory. In Eden's culture, clothing beyond sandals and collars are only worn by higher classed thropes who have "pet" status.

The most common form of clothing worn by thropes are shoes and gloves. Other common accessories are vests, belts, bodysuits and backpacks. Fancier clothing, while certainly not unheard of, is seen less frequently in the midst of Robotnik's war, as those caught in the struggle focus more on simple, practical things.

In most human societies, however, the view remains largely the same as Western culture, in that clothing is mandatory at all times by both genders and must cover all private areas. This is not to say that all humans share this view, however, as those who were raised in a thropic society may either become lax or ignore it entirely.


In SegaStH, for male thropes, clothing is typically optional beyond shoes and gloves. For female thropes and for humans, however, clothing is mandatory and must cover all private areas.

Gloves, and to a lesser extent shoes, however, are strongly recommended for all thropic characters. This is due to a cultural view of trying to create a sense of equality and uniformity among the different species. Some species have large and imposing claws for example, and you wouldn't want to unintentionally intimidate someone who wasn't born with a pair of their own, would you? This dress code creates a sense of security. That said, this rule can be cheated through wearing things such as fingerless gloves or sandals, but keep in mind the impression this might give some people.

Crossover-wise these oppositely extreme views between the Gaia, Terra and Mobius have been a large source of culture shock, and is decidedly hilarious.

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