Coal Corvus (Sega)

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Name: Coal Corvus
Nicknames: N/A
Species: European Carrion Crow
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Alignment: Neutral evil
Height: 3’2”
Residence: Central City, Night Babylon
World of Origin Gaia
Occupation: Nightclub owner, informant, smuggler
Likes: Looking fashionable. Money, regardless of where it comes from. Feeling important/respected. Hot cocoa (with little marshmallows ofc)
Dislikes: Feeling a lack of control. GUN. People trying to disrupt his business. People trying to get out of owing him.
Played By: Val
Theme: Call me Devil - Friends in Tokyo
I'm a wanted man - Royal Delux


Coal presents himself with a cool, calm and always in control demeanor, constantly exuding a quiet confidence. He’s got a snarky quip for every situation and there are few things he seems to take completely seriously. All of it is a complete fiction however, an act to hide the frightened little boy hidden behind his persona.
Permanently anxious and jittery, Coal is terrified that one day his past transgressions will catch up with him so he surrounds himself with things he feels safe around to make himself feel better. Guns and bodyguards are never far away and he despises having to leave his safe nest.

As a smuggler and informant for the Battle bird Armada, one of the few things he is deathly serious about is his work. If someone owes him money or recourses or a favor, be sure he will remember it and come to collect sooner rather than later.

While he’d have the world believe he’s a cold hearted businessman he does have a heart buried somewhere underneath all that bravado, he’d just prefer noone ever found out.


Owner of a nightclub, constantly a great source of income to allow him to pay for luxury items.
As a bird he’s capable of wingless flight.
Proficient with many handguns for self defense.
Underworld contacts from many places all over the city and with the Kukku Armada.


Crippling anxiety when plans go wrong or a gunfight breaks out.
No formal combat training whatsoever.
Can be conflicted when it comes to pulling the trigger himself.
Prioritizes his own reputation over much else.
Demands punctuality and gets irritated when others are late.

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Pre-RP History

Coming from an abusive home, Coal was forced from his early teens to work to help pay bills and came to view money as the source of all happiness. Afterall it made his life easier, meant he could get nice things ect. He became very superficial and learned that the only person he could ever truly trust was himself. As soon as he was old enough he moved away and got his own home.

Coal’s dream was to own a nightclub and though it took many years of sweat and underhanded deals he eventually had enough to buy a building in Night Babylon which he renovated into “The Nevermore.”
However the bills quickly piled up and he knew he’d have to do something desperate to keep above water.

Reaching out, he was able to connect to some underworld smuggling rings and offered to use his club as a money launderer. Seeing the new income roll in, he decided to up his game and reached out to the Battle bird Armada themselves. He could provide any intel he learned from hearsay from patrons while also allowing a place for the Battlebirds to come for a good time with guaranteed VIP treatment.

By this point Coal’s become something of an underworld celebrity, playing host to the wrong people for the right money and wrapping himself in a sheik style to convince others he is high class.

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Coal is very much aware that as a Crow, the “Nevermore” reference doesn’t really work however he’d argue that ravens and crows are in the same family so technically…


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