Coconuts the Monkey (SatAM)

"No-no-no! This is horrible! I need a mop! STAT!"


Name: Conan Terence Cordell / SG-40578
Nicknames: Coco, Coconuts, Coconerd
Species: Robian weeper capuchin
Gender: Male
Age: 16 (physically frozen at 13)
Alignment: Neutral Neutral
Stats: Physical: 12 | Mental: 5 | Luck: 4
Height: 2'9''
Build: Lanky limbs with a somewhat rounded body
Residence: Elem
Occupation: Freedom Fighter
Likes: Being clean, everything being in order, cat's cradle, getting his way, seeing one of his millions of projects be finished.
Dislikes: Cleaning, having nothing to do, boredom, putting out effort just to see it wasted, not getting something done right, people messing up things he's already done, being left out of loop, people taking advantage of his gullibility, looking stupid, his OCD.
Hobbies/Talents: Coconuts loves to tinker around with things, whether or not he actually knows what he's doing. Pretty much anything that can keep him occupied he's got his hands all over. Pretty big on cat's cradle. He's very much into arts and crafts type stuff like weaving and clay molding as a means to sooth his obsessive compulsive need to use his hands, though he's not really that talented as an artist. He also enjoys reading.
Played By: Jammerlee
Theme: "Open Your Eyes" - Sum 41
"Monkey Vs Robot" - James Kochalka Superstar (joke theme)


Coconuts, by nature, is very pessimistic and cynical. His attitude is basically 'Whatever can go wrong, will' or 'If everything goes smoothly, something has gone wrong', so when something does go wrong, it usually annoys him more than it actually surprises him. Overall, Coconuts is very stubborn, very grumpy, neurotic and doesn't like to admit his mistakes.

When he's not being a grouch he can actually be rather pleasant and casual to be around and, on occasion, has actually been known to display a mischievous and arrogant streak. While he's not a coward, he can get paranoid easily and is easily startled. Too much stress has been known to send him into hysterics. He has an ADD-like way of jumping from one thing to another in his activities, and because of this usually ends up buried under a pile of unfinished projects. In spite of this he's also an extremely determined individual, once having set his mind on a goal he becomes single-minded to the point he he's nearly impossible to pull away.

While he's much more intelligent than he actually lets on, his roboticization has made it hard for him to completely distinguish the line between reality and fantasy, and because of this has become very gullible. To the extent even that he's been known to trick himself, jumping to outrageous conclusions without evidence to back himself up. He gets flustered easily, especially when he believes he's looking stupid, which becomes most evident when he suddenly goes silent and storms off.

One of his biggest quirks is his obsessive compulsive nature. He was always naturally OCD to varying degrees, but his roboticization has only worsened the effect. Coconuts, for the most part, must almost always be doing something with his hands. If he's sitting around idle without doing anything he'll often become restless, anxious, nervous, and if left that way too long aggressive and perhaps even hysterical.

Another quirk that's developed after his roboticization, and quite possibly his most annoying, is that he's developed a germ phobia to the extent that it can be crippling. He obsessively cleans his surroundings and polishes himself, often patrols around cleaning invisible dirt, and has even been known to stalk people. He does try to control this, he really does, but it usually ends up getting the better of him. Despite no longer having his sense of touch he often complains about his skin feeling crawly and no matter what he does can't seem to get the dirty feeling off him. Though he adamantly refuses to speak of the details it seems to stem from some sort of trauma he suffered while still under Robotnik's control.



As a monkey, he's naturally acrobatic. He's extremely fast when running on all fours or as long as there's plenty of things he can jump to and swing from. His tail is also prehensile and capable of supporting his weight while hanging. As a robian, he's considerably stronger than the average person, can shift his fingertips into screwdrivers, and is also capable of climbing almost any surface by digging his fingers into it.


Nothing really spectacular worth noting, he's something of a jack of all trades and can pick things up fairly quick. Please note, "picking things up" doesn't mean "master".



Standard robotic weaknesses; Strong magnets can restrain, EMP blasts will 'knock' him out, he can be given viruses or be hacked, etc. He also lacks his sense of touch, taste and smell. Having been roboticized wearing shoes he's also lost the use of his feet which he could have used like an extra set of hands.


DIRT. Coconuts hates and fears dirt to the extent that it can be a crippling phobia. He will FREAK OUT over messes and often drops everything until everything is spotless. His OCD can also be used as a torture device against him and cause him to suffer from tunnel vision.

Pre-RP History

He was born in San Grandia. When he was still a kid his parents ended up splitting and his dad took custody of him. Though he personally never allowed himself to get tangled up in it, his cynical outlook began to develop from observation of the city's high crime rate. When the news of Robotnik's war began to flood in from the other regions he predicted that it was going to spill over onto their doorstep sooner or later.

He totally called it.

His dad was captured, but Coconuts managed to escape the initial strike; his foresight and natural agility giving him a leg up over the lower and more cumbersome SWATbots. For the next several weeks he managed to survive within the city, bumming around and hanging out with other groups of refugees who'd gone into hiding, most notably a rooster and a mole he had developed a fraternal bond with.

Most of those groups didn't last long, and once discovered a group would usually scatter and Coconuts would be forced to move on. He proved himself to be stubbornly hard to catch to the point he actually began to get somewhat arrogant about it, beginning to become aggressive and fighting back against Omega, the general Robotnik had stationed for that area. Often times he would argue good naturedly with his two best friends over who was Robotnik's 'favorite' due to the amount of effort Omega eventually began putting out when they were spotted. This cycle continued for awhile, until Coconuts was finally apprehended and roboticized.

His story could have easily ended right there, but it didn't. Awhile after his roboticization he was transferred over to Robotropolis, and through sheer chance eventually found himself mixed up in a raid being preformed by the Elem Freedom Fighters. He pursued the group as they retreated, managing to keep up enough to follow them through the underground tunnels and end up in the village itself. Recognizing the energy signature coming from the power stone responsible for making conditions in the refuge livable, Coconuts' programming set its sights on retrieving it for Robotnik. He probably would have succeeded if it hadn't been for one major flaw - As soon as he touched the power rock, his programming scrambled, allowing his actual mind to take control over his body again.

When everything had settled back down, Coconuts was allowed to take up residence in the village and on occasion helps out the local freedom fighters. However, his experiences under Robotnik's control had left him mentally scarred, making him more of a pain than anything else.

Post-RP History

After hearing about Griff, Lilli and Zachary's plans to visit Knothole Coconuts asked if he could accompany them. Upon reaching the village, however, he suddenly realized that tagging along may not have been the best idea and opted to stay in the car. After awhile he wound up getting too restless for that and decided to look for Griff… only to get slammed in the backside by a clumsy Antoine and both of them sent flying into the river, splashing Sonic and Knuckles. Knuckles left in a huff, and Antoine and Coco, both believing they'd been attacked, began freaking out and consequently splashing Sonic with even MORE water (teehee). Eventually Antoine simply fainted, and Sonic began to confront Coco. Luckily Griff appeared by this time and manage to diffuse the situation. Deciding to stick with Griff the two left to find Honey.

Crossover History

To be written.


Griff the Goat Leader of the Lower Mobius freedom fighters, Griff seems to take much joy in teasing Coconuts and taking advantage of his gullability, much to Coco's chagrin.
Lilli Putt An absent-minded space case, Lilli doesn't seem to pay much attention to anything unless it happens to be a stain on the ceiling. She and Coco don't seem to mind each other much.
Dr. Zachary THE SCARIEST ECHIDNA IN THE WORLD. Zachary is a reclusive responsible for keeping Lower Mobius' climate stable and often seems annoyed by Coco's presence. He also happens to be Coconuts' mechanic.

Misc. Info

Coconuts speaks with a New Jersey accent. He's loosely based off Coconuts from Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog.


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