Commander Anderson (Sega)

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Name: Comwell Anderson
Nicknames: Commander, or Sir to you. Commie
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 59
Alignment: Hero, technically
Type: Balance
Height: Tall
Build: Slightly muscular.
Residence: GUN HQ
Occupation: Primary leader of GUN forces
Likes: Peace, things going according to plan, seeing criminals get their just punishments, classical music.
Dislikes: Terrorists, vigilantes (though he has a grudging respect for Sonic and co), heavy metal.
Hobbies/Talents: Likes to build models in his spare time.
Played By: Lans


Comwell is a very order driven man. He puts great stock in discipline and doing things by the book, though he knows there are times when 'the book' just simply doesn't apply. It is these times when he lets his loyalty to his nation and its people guide him into what he thinks is the best course of action to protect them. He stays calm, even under pressure, though he isn't above showing a little emotion at times, especially if it helps get things done.



In excellent shape for someone almost 60.
His GUN physical training has provided him with excellent stamina and sense of balance.


An expert at GUN's self defense techniques.
Expert pilot, for mechs or otherwise.
Decent driving and computer skills.
In addition his military and normal education has taught him much in the ways of tactics and critical thinking.
Good leadership and tactics skills.
Good marksman.





No special abilities, just a normal human.
Though he's physically fit, he IS getting on in years.


Tends to judge people by first impressions only.

Pre-RP History

Before he became the commander of GUN, young Comwell lived on the ARK with his parents, who were part of the research staff there. Though initially the 'wow factor' of living in space made life aboard the colony an exciting one, it quickly stagnated after a few months.

Luckily, there was at least one other child in his age range aboard: Maria Robotnik. The two quickly struck up a friendship, making life aboard the station bearable, and even nice at times. However things changed after Comwell accidentally witnessed Prof. Gerald and Black Doom presiding over Shadow the Hedgehog's awakening/birth.

It was bad enough that her grandfather had worked with that thing to create some sort of abomination, but then Maria actually began to spend time with it! Comwell saw Shadow as nothing but a monster, a veiw not helped by the fact that his father had been injured by the Biolizard a few months earlier before it had been contained. The two began drifting apart as Maria grew closer to Shadow. The final nail in the coffin of their frendship came when his parents decided to pursue other research back on earth and left the ARK, taking him with them.

Shortly after, news of a catastrophe aboard the ARK reached earth, and when the casualty lists included Maria, Comwell immediately blamed Shadow and Prof. Gerald for her death. When he was old enough he joined GUN, unaware of the true part they played in the massacre aboard the ARK, working his way up the ranks, gaining a reputation as someone who would protect the country, no matter what it took, and eventually becoming the Commander of the entire organization.

Recent events have caused him to reevaluate his feelings about Shadow and Gerald, especially after Shadow, with the encouragement of Gerald via a message stored in the ARK's database, helped save the world from Black Doom and his Black Arms soldiers. He's even considered possibly recruiting Shadow as a free agent, similar to Rouge's function, but with a current plateful of other matters, getting around to doing so may take a while.

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