Leda: i'm not sure where i'm going with this
Lans: …into Corneria?
Leda: XD probably

The official kingdom of The Corner. It is a grand place where all the naughty people go. Leda is the mayor.

While this originally was just an inside joke among the community, Corneria has now expanded into a password-protected subforum at both roleplay boards. This is where threads with questionable (and possibly rating-breaking) content are sent for private viewing. Though it does have a password, the password is noted on the subforum's description; the act of entering the password is essentially the same as clicking "I agree" before entering an adult area. This is to protect against claims of kids being unintentionally scarred, since they had to read the agreement and confirm the password before even being able to view such threads.

Contrary to popular belief, the name's origin has NOTHING to do with StarFox.

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