Crash The Devil (Sega)

"It's better to be certain of everything, than to worry about nothing."


Name: Samson Teufel
Nicknames: Crash, Crash the Devil
Species: Tasmanian Devil
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Height: 4'1"
Residence: Metal City
World of Origin Gaia
Occupation: Handyman around his apartment complex, and explorer of Zones to get extra rings on the side. Also moonlights (rarely) as a street brawler.
Likes: A good brawl. Nothing gets the blood flowing like knowing everyone in the room is trying to knock your teeth in. Although he only does this every now and then.
Soda. Specifically, Big Red.
Breaking in a new pair of steel knuckles… This usually involves the first item on this list.
Being left alone to brood think every now and then.
And Julie. Definitely Julie.
Dislikes: People who only listen to rumors, even if he uses some of those rumors to his advantage.
Bright lights. They make his eyes hurt.
People who won't finish what they start.
Being reminded about Westopolis, and people making light of the Westopolis attack.
Played By: Vize
Theme: Joke Theme: "Won't Say I'm in Love"


The best way to describe Crash… is angry, if you don't know him. He always seems, at a glance, to be ticked off about something, and willing to take it out on his surroundings.

In actuality, he's a Jerk with a Heart of Gold. He means well, but being strong, and a bit on the gruff side gives you a reputation, whether it's true or not. As a result, he's taken to taking advantage of this from time to time.

Of course, there are always exceptions in two specific people to his usual gruff behavior:
Chuck, owner of Uncle Chuck's Chili Dogs, who he shares a morbid sense of humor with.
And Julie the Pangolin, who he (for reasons he has yet to admit even to himself) can get flustered around..


Strength is definitely Crash's strong point. In fact, he falls into the same strength bracket as famous powerhouses, Knuckles and Storm.
He's a remarkably good swimmer, and has very good dark vision, allowing him to see in almost complete darkness.

Street fighting. Where Crash really shines. He has no issues with fighting dirty, so he doesn't lose very often, although he's definitely no pro fighter.
Breakdancing. He does it as a form of exercise, and has added a few maneuvers into his fighting style, usually those that involve a handplant.
Crash, since his arrival in Metal City, has come into possession of an Extreme Gear, and is pretty good at using it. As long as it's skates.
And he's also apparently a pretty good listener, since he doesn't tend to talk much, and, although he tends to avoid discussions, has a knack for getting people to open up.

And despite appearances, Crash is NOT stupid by any means.


Crash has, to put it nicely, a VERY short fuse. In fact, his mood usually falls somewhere between 'annoyed' and 'royally pissed'. If he gets angry enough (not hard to do), he starts making mistakes. The kind that people can exploit. Easily.

As mentioned earlier, Crash has very good dark vision, but in exchange, his eyes are sensitive to bright light, so he usually wears dark sunglasses during the day, unless he's indoors. With dim lights.

Also, Crash is no idiot. But, basically, he can be outsmarted rather easily, if he's (really) angry.

And finally, Crash is SLOW. He's not a very good runner, and only seems quick at melee range.

Addendum: Crash has an old knee injury that acts up from time to time. When it's not acting up, you can't even tell anything's off. But when it DOES act up, Crash gets a harsh limp from the pain.

Emerald Abilities

Enhanced strength, with an increased boost for every emerald in his possession.
Chaos Burst: Essentially he creates spheres of Chaos energy he can throw/punch at his targets.
Crusher Crash: A Super Form. Crash becomes a bright cyan, and his Chaos Bursts growing in size and power.

Pre-RP History

Even as a child, Crash had always been an irritable individual, although he didn't start showing a more violent aspect of this until about age 12. Starting then, he started getting into fights at school, in his neighborhood, and, once he got older, even with the police when they tried to break up his fights. He spent a lot of time in juvenile lockup, until he was 16, when he dropped out of school, and got a job doing what he was best at. Fighting.
For a while, he'd just get into fights for some quick rings, until he was approached by a man who needed a bodyguard. Crash accepted the job, and, once he was finished, started getting more offers, from other people who needed some hired muscle. Up until a few months ago, in fact, a lot of Crash's time was spent, in effect, beating up people for money… until the Black Arms attacked Westopolis. After putting up a vicious fight (and actually taking out a few Black Arms), he, along with as many other people as possible, was evacuated. He ended up in Metal City, where he now has to basically start from scratch.

But the whole ordeal with the Black Arms had changed him. He still enjoyed a fight now and then, but he'd… lost the violent drive he'd had before, becoming a bit more philosophically inclined, turning his strength to more constructive pursuits.

Or hunting for Rings in various 'Zones' previously affected by the battles between Eggman and Sonic. Even if sometimes that resulted in issues between him and law enforcement.

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Other Info

Crash's scar itches when he's flustered, or just really embarrassed.

Extreme Gear Datafile
Name: Havoc
Type: Skate
Class: Power
Rider: Crash the Devil
Description: A powerful set of skates, custom built for Crash.
Low-top red and black skates, with silver piping accents seperating the various colored sections of the skates. 'Soles' are charcoal gray, with red glowing lights embedded in the heels.


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