Cream the Rabbit (SatAM)

"Freedom Fighter, detain by order of Robotnik!"


Name: Cristabel Tace Jones / RS-248807
Nicknames: Cream
Species: Robian marsh rabbit
Gender: Female
Age: 9 (physically frozen at 6)
Alignment: Neutral Good / Lawful Evil (Programming)
Stats: Physical: 5 | Mental: 5 | Luck: 11
Height: 2'3''
Build: Petite
Residence: Robotropolis
Occupation: Robian workerbot
Likes: Before her robotization she enjoyed quite a few things, such as helping people, drawing, playing make-believe, ice cream and candy in general, but not anymore since her mind's been lost to her programming.
Dislikes: Before her robotization she had a lot of typical childhood fears and dislikes… She hated broccoli and spinach, didn't like creepy crawlies, was afraid of the boogie man and the dark… However since her mind's been lost it's hard to say.
Hobbies/Talents: Before her robotization, things any normal six year old would have liked; playing make-believe, tea parties, playing with her dollies, drawing pictures with crayons, etc. These days she doesn't get to indulge in those and merely preforms menial tasks.
Played By: Jammerlee
Theme: "I Hope You Dance" - LeAnn Womack


Before her roboticization Cream was a typical young and cheerful six year old. Always optimistic, carefree, funloving, naive and innocent. From the beginning she had been taught to always be as polite and helpful as possible. She was outgoing and friendly as well as very intelligent for her age and enthusiastic. She showed an early talent of being a great artist and sharing the same love for art her aunt had. Her greatest talent was being able to bring a smile and warmth to even the most melancholy face.

All of that has been shattered though, as prolonged exposure to being roboticized has had a cripplingly damaging impact on her young and still developing mind. Should her free will ever be restored she will never again be the same person and require intensive therapy.



As a rabbit she has very sharp hearing. Despite her size she's many times stronger than the average thrope and can pop out out a set of screwdrivers from her fingertips. As a species-specific robian trait she has springs in her legs which allow for powerful long-distance jumps.


Being a little girl she didn't have much time to learn any useful skills. As a robian she's been programmed for all sorts of maintenance and construction tasks.



Standard robotic weaknesses; Strong magnets can be used to restrain her, EMP blasts will disable her software and effectively 'knock' her out, if her firewall can be bypassed she'd be vulnerable to viruses and hackers…


If she somehow had her free will restored she would be in a completely vegetative state despite the fact she wouldn't be paralyzed. Though there is activity in her mind, she's completely forgotten how to use her body or how to understand or recognize things. Should she ever be deroboticized she would quite likely die from suffocation.

Pre-RP History

Cream came into the world less than a year after the war against Robotnik began. She never knew her father; before her birth he had been captured in the coup trying to see her mother off to safety. Her entire life was spent in Knothole being raised by her mother alongside her aunt.

Being a young and innocent little child, Cream never really understood the depth of the situation the world was currently facing. She was aware that there was a really bad man out there who was doing mean things to people, that much was clear to her, but the naive way she would tell everyone things like how she would draw the bad man a nice picture and make him smile and be happy, it was pretty obvious her comprehension was limited.

Unfortunately… You know how parents always caution their children not to run off too far and talk to strangers? It was one day that Cream snuck out of the village to go exploring and naively… walked right up to a patrolling SWATbot unit.

You guessed it. She was captured, taken back to Robotropolis, and then roboticized. Now Cream is nothing more than a mindless workerbot who spends her days toiling away in one of Robotnik's various factories.

Post-RP History

Nothing of noreworthiness yet.

Crossover History

To be written.


Dr. Robotnik A tyrannical dictator who's taken control over most of Mobius. Cream has been programmed to mindlessly serve him with utmost loyalty.
Vanilla the Rabbit Cream's once devoted mother. She's no longer able to recognize this however and has been programmed to view her as an enemy.
Bunnie Rabbot Cream's aunt, though the two had shared more of a sisterly relationship. She doesn't recognize that anymore and, being a Freedom Fighter, has been programmed to view her as a priority threat.

Misc. Info

When she was still a normal little girl she spoke in a southern drawl and was never seen without a plush doll she affectionately called Cheese. Her first and middle names together roughly translate to "silent follower" and her last name was inspired by the classic country singer George Jones.


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