Cream The Rabbit (Sega)

"You should learn some manners!"


Name: Cream Bunfitto
Nicknames: None
Species: European Rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus) - Specifically, she's an English Lop.
Gender: Female
Age: 12
Alignment: Hero (Lawful Good)
Type: Flight
Height: 2'6"
Build: Slim
Residence: Leaf Storm
World of Origin Gaia
Occupation: N/A (does compete in Extreme Gear racing junior division)
Likes: Chao, flowers, Extreme Gear racing, apple candies, tea parties, clothes shopping
Dislikes: Rude people, dishonesty, ghosts, not getting her own way
Hobbies/Talents: Cream is a highly skilled Extreme Gear rider. She also loves party planning and crafts.
Played By: Nikki
Leaf Forest Zone


Sweet, polite, and genteel, Cream is a ladylike rabbit befitting her upper class upbringing. Firmly taught the rule 'if you can't say something nice, don't say anything', Cream always seems to have something kind to say about anyone she encounters – even if she sometimes has to struggle a little to find it. Generally a fairly demure girl, Cream is still sunny and cheerful – and can become excitable when discussing her favorite things: Gear racing, flowers, and Chao (especially her own pet Chao, Cheese).

Used to having her way, Cream can be a bit spoiled and react indignantly if denied something she wants; a reminder to mind her manners will usually calm her down, though she can turn sulky and even angry if she feels she isn't being taken seriously. Cream also greatly admires Amy and Blaze after traveling with them a few times, and one of the very few instances in which she will disobey her mother is seeing an opportunity to go on an adventure just like her heroes. An overall bright personality with a surprising adventurous streak, Cream's combination of eagerness and gentility both keeps her sunny and keeps those around her on their toes.


Physical: Most notably, Cream can achieve flight using her large ears. She is also a fast runner and excellent jumper, and has a keen sense of smell. She is a skilled Extreme Gear rider, competing in junior division with her personal board type Gear, Smile.

Mental: Even-tempered and happy-go-lucky, Cream rarely lets anything get under her skin. Despite her sheltered upbringing she isn't the least bit easy to frighten, and her easy-going nature allows her to go with the flow and adapt quickly to new situations. Cream is also very socially adept, skilled in navigating a conversation (as long as it's not simply over her head) and remembering and following the appropriate niceties for a situation.


Physical: For all her talents, Cream is still a little girl – she isn't very strong or durable, and can't really hold her own for long in a fight. Being a lop also means she can't pinpoint sound as easily as a perk-eared rabbit, and echoes and reverberation can easily confuse her.

Mental: Cream is an absolutely terrible judge of character. Experience has led her to believe that everyone in the world is as generous and well-meaning as she is, and it's very difficult for her to detect malicious behavior. If she happens to have taken a liking to said malicious person she will go to great lengths to deny their misdeeds, making excuses and allowing herself to be taken advantage of; it takes an extreme of bad behavior to shake Cream's faith, and once it's shattered her hurt and outrage will manifest in a shocking display of aggression followed by depression once her temper ebbs.

Emerald Abilities

Cream Heal: When in possession of an Emerald, Cream is able to heal herself or others, with the extent she's capable of depending on the number of available Emeralds – ranging from moderate scrapes and cuts with one, to broken bones with three or more.

Pre-RP History

The only child of an upper class family, Cream has had a rather sheltered upbringing. Always at her mother's side, the rabbit developed a composed and polite personality – though she was also often spoiled, both simply by virtue of being an only child and because her father, always away on business trips, tended to shower her with gifts and offer whatever her heart desired when he came home for a few days. Still, her mother's discipline kept her personality mainly soft and genteel, and Cream's live was fairly stable and ordinary.

When Cream was six years old, she and her mother were kidnapped by Eggman. Rescued by Sonic, Cream followed the hedgehog when he pursued Eggman in order to rescue Vanilla – an experience that gave her and her Chao Cheese a taste for adventure that didn't fade even after Vanilla was found safe and sound. Encounters with Amy Rose and Princess Blaze further solidified this - including an incident in which Cream and Cheese teamed with Amy and Big to rescue Cheese's twin, Vanilla's Chao Chocola - and Cream began adventuring regularly (with her mother giving her blessing if the older girls could supervise, though as Cream grew more confident she gained a willingness to slip off regardless of any potential aid). Amidst these adventures Cream discovered Extreme Gear racing; seeing this as an opportunity to indulge her curious adventure-seeking without placing her in too much danger, Cream's parents gifted her with her very own board-type gear, Smile, and began entering her in competitions.

Now a well-known competitor in junior division races, Cream has indeed found that to be a level of excitement she truly loves – and if an adventure presents itself, she's ready for that too.

Post-RP History

Their track record since they've been in the game.

Crossover History

Their track record in the crossover.


Vanilla the Rabbit (Sega) Cream's adored and adoring mother, Vanilla is supportive of her daughter's ambition… though Cream's adventurous streak is a source of worry.
Cheese The Chao Cream's best friend and partner is always by her side.
Amy Rose A personal hero of Cream's, and occasional adventuring companion.
Blaze The Cat Another hero of Cream's.

Other Info

Name Origin: 'Bunfitto' comes from her Italian VA, Sabrina Bonfitto.


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