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The crossover is a separate third roleplay that SegaStH and SatAMStH host borrowing stories and elements from the main two to explore the possibilities of, well, what would happen if Sega and SatAM crossed over with each other. Set ahead in the future of the main two (since we're lazy and too impatient to wait for certain planned plots in main), it has overtime developed inaccuracies and, in the case of Mobius, a complete re-writing of the planet history. So while relying on its parents as its backbone, the crossover is actually a separate continuity unto itself.

Confusing, I know. It makes more sense once you get your feet wet.


Origin and History

Crossover Origin

Who brought up the idea, where it was first made, and how it expanded into the subforums it is today. (Under construction)

In-Game History

Includes the entire re-writing of Mobius' history, as well as the start of the appearance of the nefarious portals. For detail on events that have happened further in game and the history of specific characters, please visit the Crossover History of that character's profile page. (Under construction)

Crossover-Only Rules

Considering the Crossover has combined two Roleplays with variable gameplay, special rules have been created for the Crossover to stem any confusion anyone might have. (Under construction)


Portals are the only objects that allow the transfer of characters to each dimension. As they are randomly generated, the use of portals have similar rules to Hammerspace, in that they should be used with caution, and if overused or poorly written may be regarded as Godmoding and/or Metagaming.

Dice Function

For ease of use and the convenience of keeping established SegaStH applications, all dice used in the Crossover, no matter which continuity a character comes from, shall use a 6-sided die. Clauses associated with the dice may or may not apply while in the Crossover.


Other? Clauses?

Anything else worth mentioning. Like emerald clauses, ring clauses, incompatability clauses, santa clauses… (Under construction)

Misc. Info?


These mysterious rips in the space-time fabric are the reason (in-game) that the Crossover exists. Due to Mobius' increasing instability, these portals began to breech the three main universes (Gaia, Terra, and Mobius itself) as the fabric consisting of Mobius and the Special Zone begin to unravel. They appeared suddenly and at an alarming rate, though due to the massive semi-stable portal generated by the vanishing of Angel Island, the rate of portals appearing and disappearing has somewhat declined. With the exception of the Ring Gates between Gaia and Terra, these portals are so far the only way to cross over between the three worlds. (Under construction)

Alternate Characters

It is inevitable for SegaStH and SatAMStH to have their own versions of the same character. In the Crossover, mayhem can ensue due to mistaken identity, or if the two versions happen to meet, sheer hilarity. More often than not, these versions may act completely different and have different histories.

When discussing the Crossover, to distinguish between a character that appears in both Sega and SatAM RP's, adding the prefixes Se- and Sa- are applied to the character's name. Se- is for the version of the character in the Sega RP, and Sa- is for the version that appears in SatAM. This can also apply to any quick icons that may be implemented during play. The exception to this rule is if this character only appears in one roleplay, or if they go by different names. Chaos is a good example of the former, as he is only in the Sega roleplay, while Dr. Finitevus and Dr. Zachary are good examples of the latter. (Under construction)

Culture Shock

Due to the vast differences between Gaia/Terra and Mobius, there is bound to be culture shock between the trio. This can include government, clothes, Alternate Characters, Emerald Sets, and the existence/non-existence of the Roboticizer. Most culture shock is deemed hilarious, though at times it can be extremely perilous, as is the case with the Roboticizer. (Under construction)


Anything else worth mentioning that is not the history or rules of the Crossover. (Under construction)

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