Damn Fourth Chaos Emerald

This in-joke originated with an infamous quote from the introduction to the Circus Park stage in the video game ''Shadow the Hedgehog'', wherein the main character Shadow yells out, "Where's that DAMN fourth Chaos Emerald?!" It has since become used in mockery of the game's blatant and unnecessary overuse of profanity, and any mention the yellow Chaos Emerald in SegaStH can usually be counted on to have "damn fourth" preceding it in strikeout.

This in-joke was most popular when Kato was a member of the board and played Shadow, partially due to his love for injecting comedy into all of his characters. Since his departure, it has fallen out of use and is no longer seen as frequently as it used to be in play. However, it's still occasionally quoted in the AOL instant messenger chatroom.

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