Dark Legion
"Sad But True" - Metallica

The Dark Legion, as they're most often called, is a small but growing of organization of terrorists. Their leader, Dr. Finitevus, is neither concerned with dominating the planet or destroying it; his only goal is in causing as much misery, and destruction associated with achieving that misery, as possible. In spite of this, he realizes that in order for a group to stay strong they need something in common, and for this purpose he projects a fabricated goal; to overthrow the government in the belief that it is corrupt and has no right to control the population. Because of their willingness to cause destruction, they are considered a villainous organization.

Dark Legionnaires themselves have no restrictions on species. As a general rule they've all either been subjected to some sort of physical enhancement or were created in a laboratory. Cyborgs are the most common, followed by chimeras, with few primitive AI droids mostly serving as assistants, guards or extra firepower. Usually they're found wearing specially designed uniformal robes while on missions that conceals the face and body, but for blending easier into the public, members also have holographic devices used for altering their appearance, often built right in on cyborgs. As a mandatory standard they each (With the exception of Finitevus) have the DL insignia tattooed somewhere on their body.

Name Origin

"The Dark Legion" was a villainous organization of echidnas in the American Sonic comic book produced by Archie Inc. Their leader was a distant relative to Knuckles the Echidna and they sought to have rights to general technology which the echidna society had put a ban on. Dark Legionnaires were best recognizable by their black cloaks and cybernetic attachments. Dr. Finitevus originally supposed to be the lead medical adviser of this group.

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