Seven Force

Seven Force is Professor Resson's personal battle mech and his ultimate masterpiece, even beating out his previous (and unfinished) Diablon. Seven Force is made up of a multitude independent pieces which serve multiple functions, and as such can reconfigure themselves to work as a whole in seven different battle forms; not counting its default form, which is a large green platform.

Resson can activate the form of his choosing at the start, but each subsequent transformation is decided seemingly at random by the machine.

In addition to the forms below, Seven Force has shown certain weaknesses as a whole - Resson hasn't been able to work out all the bugs associated with EMP, and if critical points are hit on certain forms it's prone to overheating. If Seven Force is destroyed, it will disassemble and its pieces will fall to the ground.

Soldier Force

Seven Force takes a large humanoid figure reminiscent of a Gundam or similar battle mechs. Is about 20 feet tall. Soldier Force can attack by sending out giant boomerangs or shooting its fist (this attack requires some aiming) - it can also fire small plasma blasts from its eyes. Its weakness is that many of its attacks are telegraphed and therefore easy to avoid.

Tail Force

Tail force is slightly similar to the Egg Viper - it has a small cockpit with arms and a long multi-segmented spiked tail. Using its tail, it can cause high-damage attacks that can smash through buildings, and it also has rapid fire pulse cannons on its arms. However, tail attacks are slow and ineffective against small targets.

Tiger Force

Tiger Force is a high mobility form in the shape of a tiger, which Resson rides on top of. Tiger Force can achieve frightening speeds, and is able to do damage with acrobatic flips. Tiger Force can also fire a reflective laser from its tail, but not very rapidly. Tiger Force is quick but not very durable, and Resson isn't protected as well in this form.

Eagle Force

Eagle Force is another 'riding' form where Resson stands on top. Eagle Force flies, using jets stored in its giant wings. The wings can cut through enemies as well as fire plasma shots. Eagle Force is difficult to use in closed spaces or against small ground targets.

Blaster Force

Blaster Force is shaped like a revolver, suspended in midair by several hidden thrusters and gravity diffusion devices. Blaster Force can fire high powered pulse blasts, able to cause serious damage to whatever it hits. It has two battery packs, and must takes some time to alternate between them every six shots, allowing one to recharge.

Urchin Force

Urchin Force looks like a giant spiked wheel, the cockpit being a concealed spherical shape in the axis. Urchin Force spins and travels at high speeds, shredding anything it runs over. However, Urchin Force is vulnerable from the sides and is hard to turn at slow speeds.

Crab Force

Crab Force is a large blocky mech vaguely in the shape of a hermit crab - it is able to create barriers between it and its opponent, as well as shoot a few kinds of explosives. Crab Force is useful for fighting off pursuing foes while retreating, but lacks offense.

Seven Force is based almost directly on the second stage boss of the Sega Genesis game Gunstar Heroes, as seen here.

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