Delta The Cat (Sega)

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Name: Delta the Cat
Nicknames: Pest
Species: Tuxedo Shorthair
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Height: 3'1"
Residence: Soleanna
World of Origin Terra
Occupation: Paparazzi, magazine writer and photographer
Likes: Royalty (Princess Blaze!!!!)
Pink and Black
Not being alone
Her fans
Red Snapper
Her parents
People who turn their back on her
Not getting to sleep in
Played By: Wren


Someone who has been obsessed with dreams of royalty since very little, Delta the Cat will stop at nothing until she's at least a duke or duchess. Unable to keep herself away or plan the long game, a total commoner, she tries to get close under the guise of a professional photographer by day and a Paparazzi by night. She's both jealous and not— she knows people are only born into royalty and she got the very short end of the straw. Her sparse upbringing helps fuel her desire to be among the rich and affluent one day; she really, truly won't rest until she's at least a duchess. This of course means she dreams of marrying wealthy, no matter what territory it is.

But underneath this superficial layer is a girl who boasts a ton of weaknesses. She wants to be the best, if only because she came from nothing, with parents who were unloving and cruel. She has a hard time making friends because her dreams are so high up that she mostly makes them online. Someone who definitively loves life in the limelight, she's mostly gotten her affirmations from getting good photos of royalty. The fact that Blaze only seems to tolerate her stings, but snapping a shot seems to be the only way her boss gives a damn about her.

She's kind and sugary, but it all feels a bit… fake. She has an indomitable will and the belief that once people love her, she'll truly be happy. She can genuinely give love in return, but it's wistful and one can tell she really wants to be out there among the stars.


A genius photographer, she's been awarded for her shots, but she never really was satisfied with art school style attention. A magnificent article writer, but doesn't consider it a worthy talent, and just uses it to supplement her royalty photography. She has a deep loyalty to her fans, and feels like she always owes them the best shot— so her loyalty, when earned, will go so far it'll almost be misplaced. She's also a fantastic climber, jumper, and is great at hiding in trees.


Insecure. Feels terrible when she doesn't live up to her fan's expectations. Relies on her status for everything, her emotional security and her purpose, and therefore is easily manipulatable. A really sad person on the inside who needs validation to validate themselves. Can't climb down from trees after she's climbed them.

Emerald Abilities

In having a Sol Emerald, Delta would use it for the sheer opportunity to talk to Blaze. A Sol Emerald might sparkle in her hands, but her destiny isn't to be the star, no matter how hard she tries.

Pre-RP History

Growing up in a latchkey family, Delta raised herself, watching television. Enamored with the stars, especially royalty, Delta swore up and down she'd marry a prince or princess (it didn't matter) once she grew up. But her family wouldn't afford her the private schools or the closeness to follow her dreams. She just lived close enough to the action in Soleanna to watch the castle every day after school, hoping she could at least make friends with Blaze. Of course, that never happened for obvious reasons, Delta was a commoner and nothing could change that.

Her occasional birthday parties would be celebrated with her as a princess, as this was the closest she could get to her dream. A great photographer growing up, she realized she could use her talents to get close to royalty, but her offers for royal portraiture, even advertising her talents as free, were always rejected. This was when a lowlife agency decided to pick her up and basically pay her nothing for her expert shots and articles. Knowing just about everything about the Soleanna Royal family, Delta would write articles singing high praises of Princess Blaze, tinged with a bit of longing to be where she was.

This was where she gained her fanbase, and the first bit of loyalty and taste of Royalty that Delta had ever known— and she clung to it like a baby panda. Ever since then, she's been pleading for exclusive shots with the princess, only to be turned down over and over, and going full paparazzi as a result.

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