Dimensional Gates

Dimensional gates, created using modified warp ring technology, are used for travel between the Gaia and Terra

The 'prototype' had originally been developed by Dr Eggman Nega and required the Sol Emeralds as a stabilizer. However, when the emeralds were confiscated the machine went out of control.

A stable design was later created as a collaborative effort between Tails and Dr. Finitevus. This model requires the use of a fake Chaos and Sol emerald; these act as both the needed stabilizer, a power source, and a repellent to keep emeralds from either world being smuggled through. This gate is by far the largest and considered the primary.

Since Tails and Finitevus' design was released, other organizations, such as GUN, have managed to create downsized versions for public transportation; these work similar to the primary design, but are much smaller and require Chaos and Sol Drives to power them.

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