You can call me Dizzy. I love reading, drawing and television game shows. I've been a Sonic fan since the Genesis days. We would play together, and I'd always pick Tails. As a young child I always thought the series needed more girls. This was pre-Amy Rose days, but I likely would have been just as annoyed with the pink thing as I am today. I decided that I would just have to make up some of my own.

Carmen was my first; at her birth she was a little kitten called Carmen Electra, and she could shoot thunderbolts. She was also Tails' girlfriend. I was about ten at the time, and I don't think the term "Mary Sue" was quite invented.

Needless to say, I got better.

What you'll get out of me is a cast of diverse characters, a mild obsession with mermaids, and a guard-dog mentality to protect the people I care about. While I can be quiet, I'm usually open if anyone wants to talk. I'm almost always around, so drop a line.

SegaStH Characters SatAMStH Characters

SegaStH Characters

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Carmen the Otter

icocardboard.gif Carmen is a sporty, spunky, spirited otter girl looking to get the most out of life, and never slow down.

Luna the Stray

icocardboard.gif Luna's a tough young street cat just trying to make it through life.

Origami the Panda

icocardboard.gif Character description here

Aquaren the Otter

icocardboard.gif Insert a brief description.

Dizzy the Mouse

ltrlzG3.jpg Insert a brief description.

SatAMStH Characters

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Carmen Neptuna

carmen.png Carmen's a Freedom Fighter in training, looking to achieve glory in battle. Very cheerful and good-natured, but quick to emote.

Kassandra Tigernan

icocardboard.gif Kassy's a sweet tigress doing her best to try and take care of everyone, doing what she can do aid in the fight for freedom, even if she can't physically join in.
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