Dizzy the Mouse (Sega)

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Name: Dizzy the Mouse
Nicknames: Diz, Dizzy-kins
Species: Mouse
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Alignment: Hero
Type: Intelligence/Logic
Height: Average
Build: Chubby
Residence: Eggmanland (formally Grand Metropolis
Occupation: Copy-editor, secretary, general information person
Likes: Spicy food, the color blue, books (mystery, fantasy), music (jazz, rock, classical, movie soundtracks)
Dislikes: Rainy weather, numbers, overtalkative and loud people, crowds
Hobbies/Talents: Drawing, writing, video games (mainly puzzle and RPG), researching any topic that interests her in an exhaustive fashion
Played By: Dizzy
Theme: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LM7gZh9JWnA


When someone first meets her, Diz displays a very shy and meek persona. She barely speaks and won’t even look people in the eye. She also tends to stammer. She stays mostly to herself and has difficulty reaching out, even to people she wants to get along with. This wears off after a while. Among those she calls friends, she is much more open, able to laugh and relax and joke around. It may take her a while to get to a friendship state with someone, but once she gets there, she is fiercely loyal and hard to get rid of.

Diz values intelligence when she’s choosing her friends. She is rather a nerd herself, and therefore seeks out like-minded individuals. She believes smarts are one of the best qualities a person can have – and may choose a smarter person to hang out with other than someone who isn’t.

Diz is sometimes prone to getting down on herself when she does poorly. She really tries to achieve an impossible perfection, and can get discouraged when she can’t meet her own lofty goals. She wants to be the best at everything she does, and believes that if you aren’t the top, then you don’t matter.



Diz has excellent hearing, due to her large ears, and a wonderful and fine tuned sense of smell. She can also go long hours without sleep, with little to no ill effects. Due to her species, she is fairly flexible and can squeeze herself into small places fairly easily. Due to her weight, she does have some leg muscle from carrying around a few extra pounds. She can also carry things and grab onto things with her tail. Aside from a few balance issues, Diz is also an excellent climber, able to scale to high places with ease.


Diz can swim, and quite enjoys the water when she’s in it. She can drive, though it causes her great anxiety and she prefers not to do it. She knows a bit about computers, and is able to take care of her own laptop with little trouble. She has learned to speed-read and take information at a fairly quick rate. She also knows how to play the flute, though she hasn’t done so in years.


Chaos Cram: The ability to read several books, or take in several different sources of information at once without losing anything.



First off, Dizzy has weak vision. She has to wear contacts or glasses at all times, otherwise the world is a blur. She’s not very athletic or particularly strong, especially in the upper body. Her right leg is smaller than her left leg, due to early birth problems. She has poor balance and a slight limp because of this. Her foot twists outward at the ankle, and she has no ability to turn it. This is likely the reason for her being in bad shape.


Dizzy suffers from insomnia and infrequent bouts with anxiety. While she can get to sleep, usually she manages to wake up two or three times a night for no reason. Several types of situations can cause her anxiety: places with large crowds, being around strangers, getting lost… Once she gets started up, she finds it difficult to calm down, especially if she’s by herself. She also has a deep seeded fear of insects, due to an incident with an ant pile when she was very small.

Pre-RP History

Dizzy was born in Westopolis, to two perfectly normal people. She was born three months early, which led to several birth complications, chief among them a weak right leg. Due to her physical limitations, this led to her delving into the world of books and literature, since reading didn’t take any physical power.

Her parents were both professionals, and they gave her and her brothers a deep work ethic and a sense of professionalism in her own work. While they wanted her to take on a job that made a lot of money, Diz could only dream of achieving creative fame through her writing. This caused a great deal of strain between her and her parents, who had different ideas of what “success” meant.

She set out in Grand Metropolis to make her own life as soon as she was able. She chose Grand Metropolis simply for the experience of being in the big city, an experience she never had before. She’s still working on her writing, but knows she has to get a steady job to pay the bills until she’s made it as a writer. She’s ready to take on her destiny, whatever that may be.

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Misc. Info

-Dizzy has the habit of squeaking when she’s embarrassed or flustered.
-She has a large hat collection, because she has so much hair.
-She rarely removes her hats, either, keeping her long dreadlocks restrained.


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