Dr Eggman Nega (Sega)

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Name: Dr. Julian
Nicknames: Dr. Eggman Nega, The Negaman, Neggy (Through Metal Blaze)
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 45
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Height: 6'0"
Residence: Changes periodically - Numerous bases are hidden across the planet, and Nega travels to whichever is most beneficial to his schemes at that current point in time.
World of Origin Terra
Occupation: Mad Scientist
Likes: Nega enjoys a good cup of tea. Aside from that, the only other thing he really likes is himself, and maybe a few of his inventions.
Dislikes: Nega heavily disapproves of constant peace and order among the people, and as such, he also dislikes the people of Terra. Strangely enough, he has an absolutely unnatural loathing of Sonic the Hedgehog of Gaia.
Played By: Tony
Theme: N/A


Dr. Eggman Nega is a cold individual, who enjoys making portraying himself more like an upstanding gentleman, rather than the malicious, diabolical entity he really is, always addressing friends and foes alike with proper manners and respectful titles. Despite the pleasantries, he is certainly one of the most dangerous people to inhabit Terra, with an agenda that follows the ideal destruction of the kingdom to lay the groundwork for his own totalitarian rule. He takes great pleasure in causing mass mayhem and chaos for everyone else around him, and does not hesitate to go to extremes in order to acheive the goal at hand, even if it means the possible destruction of his own self along with everything else.

It is possible that even if he were to acheive his goal, he may not even be satisfied, for there have been clues that his real motivation for his schemes is to spiral the world into an inescapable era of chaos and destruction, not merely just iron-clad rule.

Whenever it comes to his plans, Nega is unparalleled in terms of quality and detail, with handfuls of back-up Plan G's and Plan Q's in check, in case a variety of things happen to go belly up during an attempt at conquest. Despite the setbacks that may occur, Nega tends to take things in stride, and keep his head cool. Only if a plan is completely derailed will he finally lose his temper, and whenever that happens, he's more than willing to destroy everything, including himself, in order to score the win over those who opposed him.

While he has a similar ego to his Gaia counterpart, Dr. Eggman, Nega is a little better at keeping that sort of thing to himself. The designs of his main bases, and mechanical creations, almost never resemble anything about himself, and usually stick to a more sleek, futuristic motif, his robots and strongholds taking on a dark, imposing design, usually coupled with some form of chrome decal.

Despite having worked alongside Gaia's Eggman in a minor few cases, Nega does not view him as an equal, and instead, believes him to be an inferior individual.


Utter genius. Dr. Nega is the smartest being alive on Terra, with an IQ of 300 that none come anywhere close to. He is utterly resourceful, having created many bases of operations, many types of machines and weaponry, and is even fluent in nearly every programming language imaginable. He's gone as far as to create his own version of artificial intelligence for some of his robot associates, like Metal Blaze.

Aside from creating his machines, it's no surprise that he is also an expert in their use, becoming an extremely dangerous enemy the moment he jumps into the cockpit. His piloting skills are unmatched.

Being as smart as he is, the biggest strength on his side is the amount of work he puts into his planning — everything from the smallest, seemingly unimportant details, to a variety of contingency plans in the event that any one step of his major schemes goes awry. It is because of this utterly meticulous designwork that he has become a force to be reckoned with.


He is extremely full of himself. He is no different from his Gaia counterpart in this regard. Overconfidence sometimes sets up entire schemes for utter failure, despite Nega's attention to detail. He'll usually be too busy keeping his cool, reassuring himself that the setback is merely a minor one, to seriously put forth an effort to keep the entire plan from going to pieces. As a result of this, his fuse becomes extremely short, and puts him on the brink of losing his mind — which is just as dangerous for everybody else.

Without his inventions, Nega's kind of useless. He has some physical capability, but he's not entirely well-equipped to handle a bad situation if his machines malfunction, or get destroyed, especially given the opponents he's used to facing.

Emerald Abilities

While he can't use them personally, they go well with a lot of the mechanical monstrosities he puts together.

Pre-RP History

Dr. Eggman Nega is a complete mystery. Some suggest that he was a former lab tech that went mad, while others even go so far as to speculate that he was some kind of government experiment gone wrong. Whatever the case may have been, he didn't become a major threat to Terra until fairly recently, appearing around the time Blaze rose to power.

In present day, Nega continues to plot his schemes to ultimately conquer, and maybe even destroy, Terra as a whole. He seems largely invested in Blaze's abilities as of late, as well as her link to the emeralds of their world, perhaps holding on to the theory that she wields the very key necessary to throw the entirety of Terra into a world of chaos and deterioration.

Only time will tell if he is successful in discovering this as fact.

Post-RP History

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Metal Blaze Mechanical being created based on Blaze the Cat and her abilities. Top associate of the Negaman Empire.
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