Dr. Eggman (Sega)

Name: Dr. Ivo Robotnik
Nicknames: Dr. Eggman
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 45
Alignment: Dark
Type: Intelligence
Height: 6''
Build: 282 lbs.
Residence: He has bases all over the world, but lately his primary base of operations is his undersea base.
Occupation: Mad scientist aspiring to take over the world. Leader of the Eggman Empire
Likes: Himself, his robots, wealth, power, fame, eggs.
Dislikes: Failure, betrayal, not being the center of attention.
Hobbies/Talents: Video games, art, Chao, putting his face on everything.
Played By: Dr. Mechano
Theme: "E.G.G.M.A.N." by Paul Shortino


Dr. Eggman loves himself, and is completely enamored with his own existence. Thus, the big guy revels in acquiring power, riches, and most of all, fame.

That said, he's definitely got an egocentric approach to nearly everything he does, and is a fun-loving character who often likes to theme his bases, schemes, etc. after himself. Where other villains would focus only on an attack plan, Eggman puts just as much effort into showmanship, always making sure he steals the spotlight whenever he appears, which to him might matter more than the scheme itself at times.

Eggman highly values loyalty, and in general, treats the members of his Empire- robots and organics alike- decently enough… As long as they stay on his good side.

As for Sonic, Eggman doesn't exactly hate that hedgehog, but he is annoyed by his tendency to ruin his schemes. On some level, Eggman sees Sonic as a worthy opponent and rival, and has a sense of respect for his old nemesis because of this.

It's often subdued thanks to his maniacal laughter and evil exterior, but the Doc has a soft side, and to some extent even a sense of justice. Eggman opposes mindless destruction, and is willing to stand up to other villains who advocate such chaos in their schemes.

However, don't let his nice points fool you- Eggman is a dangerous madman who won't rest until the world is under his command!



Eggman has exceptional memory and a keen eye for details. He's great at thinking of solutions at a moment's notice. Eggman has quite a bit of stamina, and has survived wrecks, explosions, and other traumatic incidents with little injury. Eggman has surprising strength, acquired from years of working on machines, and can lift some pretty heavy objects as a result. He possesses exceptional dexterity, which is useful for all the controls he has to operate. He's rather quick on his feet despite his weight as well.


Dr. Eggman is a mechanical genius, and can build a huge variety of machines, from mechs to airships to autonomous robots. He's also an ace pilot, and is usually the one to control the mechs he builds. Preferring to use flying machines, he doesn't really enjoy driving cars- But he can do it. His programming skills are top notch, and he's even programmed several robots with free-thinking artificial intelligence. Eggman is fluent in a variety of languages and can even understand binary in spoken form. Eggman's quite skilled with weapons, and is a great shot, whether it be with a hand-held laser or a large superweapon attached to one of his mechs. He knows how to swim.


Dr. Eggman himself cannot use the power of the Emeralds. However, many of his machines can harness their energy.



Eggman may be slightly more formidable than your average middle-aged man, but he's still not much of a threat without his machines. Although his strength is considerable and he could hold his own in a fight without his robots, the Doc isn't really fit to fight anyone with notable powers like super speed or super strength, which most of his enemies unfortunately possess. Despite being rather light on his feet, his weight still makes prolonged intense physical activity rather strenuous. So he's no pushover by any means, he tires quickly if overworked. Eggman's eyesight isn't very good, hence the glasses. While not outright legally blind without them, his normal vision is somewhat blurred.


Overconfidence is Eggman's greatest downfall. He frequently neglects to take precautions in his schemes and, in his arrogance, makes himself vulnerable to Sonic and his pesky friends. Eggman is terribly vain as well, and has a bit of trouble grasping the concept of a "hidden base", choosing to plaster his image all over anything he owns. His selfish attitude makes him difficult to get along with, and due to his childish nature, he's usually oblivious to why he can come across as so repelling to others. Oddly, despite casually risking his life on a regular basis with his evil schemes, the doctor is uncomfortable with driving a car, and with road traffic in general. He hates driving, and prefers to avoid it if he can, usually using mechs, airships, or his trusty flying Eggmobile instead.

Pre-RP History

Ivo Robotnik was born into a wealthy family, and grew up receiving all the money, games, and toys he could ever want. But with his parents busy managing the commercial empire, Robotnik Corp, impressionable young Ivo lacked the one thing he truly wanted above all else- Attention.

Despite being gifted in the field of science, his family repeatedly told him that his destiny was to inherit Robotnik Corp and continue running the family company. However, Ivo loved robotics, not business, and grew to resent his imposed destiny, especially since it felt as though his parents never even noticed his remarkable scientific skill.

Looking over the family records, Ivo become obsessed with the legacy of his late grandfather, Professor Gerald. Although Gerald had died several years before his birth, Ivo somehow felt he knew Gerald better than he even knew his parents, and began to deeply identify with Gerald's life and purpose. Ivo's destiny wasn't to inherit his parents' company, but to continue his grandfather's work as a scientific genius! Thus, he wanted to someday become a great scientist like Gerald, and worked hard to do just that.

Attending the finest schools of South Island, Ivo quickly became a prodigy, skipping several grades and ultimately graduating high school at the young age of twelve. By the time he was 20, he had already received his doctorate in robotic engineering.

Against his family's wishes, who encouraged him to just take an executive position at Robotnik Corp (As the company would someday be his), Dr. Robotnik sought employment with the United Federation government, and was quickly hired as one of G. U. N.'s top scientists.

Working for G. U. N., Dr. Robotnik helped the military develop weapons and combat mechs. The young genius was frequently praised for his innovations, and the positive attention he had craved so much was definitely rewarding. However, soon, things would take a turn for the worse…

Dr. Robotnik was always an insufferable genius, and arrogantly decided to break into G. U. N.'s databanks, looking for potentially interesting secret information. What he found shocked him- He found plans, confiscated documents, and records of the military's raid of the Space Colony ARK, including his grandfather's secret execution. The military covered their tracks and claimed a terrible accident aboard the colony killed everyone, which is what Ivo had always believed… Until now.

Upon discovering GUN's execution of Gerald and the subsequent coverup of the ARK incident, Ivo became disillusioned with the government, and began to see the powers that be as corrupt and unfit to rule. Seeing himself as the only mind brilliant enough to rule the planet, he set out to take over the world.

After a time, his parents retired, no longer able to run the company. Ivo stepped down from GUN, publicly declaring that his career as a scientist had ended, and graciously agreed to be Robotnik Corp's new CEO; But this surprising change of heart carried with it an ulterior motive. It was too risky to steal from the military, but Ivo needed cash and resources, and this exceedingly wealthy company would provide both.

Embezzling money and stealing materials from his corporation, Dr. Robotnik began to secretly build top secret machines in his lab. Robots equipped with weapons… A mechanized hovercraft… Deadly traps… Something had changed. Dr. Robotnik had become a mad scientist.

After some time and preparation, he publicly emerged as a supervillain with ambitions of world conquest, donning the alias "Dr. Eggman" in conjunction with his scheme. Using the robots and machines he created, the doctor launched an invasion on South Island, which he hoped to extend across the entire globe. However, Sonic the Hedgehog- who would later become his nemesis- stopped him. And the rest is history. Since then, he's been battling Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends for the fate of the planet, launching schemes from simple robot invasions to moon-sized space fortresses.

In recent times, he and his rival have worked together to battle mutual enemies, but conquest is still his primary objective, and he's always ready to hatch a new scheme to conquer the world.

Post-RP History

Crossover History


Metal Sonic Prized creation and second in command of the Eggman Empire. He was designed after Eggman's nemesis Sonic the Hedgehog. Over time he's come to view Metal as more than a mere minion, and on a deeper level treats him as the son he never had. However, being the eccentric supervillain that he is, Dr. Eggman has yet to fully realize this.
Robo Knuckles Robot modeled after Knuckles. Dr. Eggman considers him a valuable soldier, and generally likes his determined personality.
Silver Sonic Mk3 A Sonic-type robot produced along with Metal Sonic. He was stolen and remodeled by GUN, but currently seems to be back to his old self. However, suspicion has been raised about his loyalty to Eggman…
Bokkun A childish robot who works as Eggman's messenger.
ES-002 Selica A gynoid modeled after a human who considers herself to be a replacement for Metal.
ES-003 Ishntknew Another human modeled android and the most realistic of the three ES-Series. He's fiercely loyal to Eggman, and holds a personal grudge against the doctor's enemies.
Sonic the Hedgehog Dr. Eggman's archenemy and hero of Earth, Sonic is always a thorn in the doctor's side. However, while Eggman initially hated Sonic for ruining his schemes, the doctor has in recent times come to admire his nemesis for his strength and determination, and has on several occasions met the hedgehog on common ground to defeat bigger, badder foes.
Miles "Tails" Prower Sonic's pesky sidekick. Tails is a mechanical genius in his own right, and has earned Eggman's begrudging respect for his technical prowess in recent years. In a way, he reminds the doctor of his own youth, though his nostalgia doesn't make Tails any less of an enemy.
Knuckles the Echidna Dr. Eggman has worked with Knuckles in the past, usually as a result of him bamboozling the gullible echidna into helping him with his schemes. Thus, Eggman usually sees Knuckles either as an enemy or as an unwitting ally to his plans for world domination.
Amy Rose Dr. Eggman doesn't interact with Amy much, but he knows she makes a good hostage when he needs to lure Sonic into a trap. As such, she's a frequent kidnapping victim for the sake of his schemes.
Shadow the Hedgehog The creation of Eggman's grandfather, Professor Gerald. Shadow is often an enemy or unsteady ally to Eggman's schemes, depending on the circumstances.
Dr. Talon Rival mad scientist. He managed to steal Metal's naked blueprints. Thusly, Eggman sees Talon as an annoying and inferior evil genius, and is frequently irritated by his schemes. Eggman isn't aware of this, but he is the self-proclaimed second-in-command to the Dark Legion.
E-123 Omega A traitor to the Eggman Empire, Omega is dead set against murdering Eggman. Dr. Eggman takes personal offense to Omega's betrayal and subsequent attempts on his life, and would like very much to dismantle the rogue robot for his insubordination.
Dr. Eggman Nega Dr. Eggman's inter-dimensional counterpart. Though they've worked together in the past, Nega is absolutely insane, and as of late Eggman has tried to distance himself from his loony lookalike for his own safety.

Misc. Info

Eggman's preferred method of transport is the Eggmobile, the doctor's personal hovercraft which is custom-designed to attach to various mechs of his own creation. While an imperfect process, the Eggmobile is also capable of attaching to and overriding other machines not made by Eggman as well, though this tends to occur with varying degrees of success.

Eggman's pince-nez glasses aren't just stylish- They're quite useful! His specs have a built-in Chaos Emerald radar that can detect Emeralds within a vicinity of forty square miles.

Eggman's jacket is made of a durable, flame-resistant material; Useful considering all the explosions the doctor encounters.


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