Dr Eggman (Sega)

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Name: Ivo Robotnik
Nicknames: Dr. Eggman. Boss, Emperor. Egghead, Baldy McNosehair.
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 45
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Height: 6ft
Residence: Eggmanland
World of Origin: Gaia
Occupation: Inventor, Roboticist, Emperor of the Eggman Empire
Likes: Adoration, be it by his robotic creations or those who’ve seen the light and willingly live within his empire, Eggman can never get enough praise. He’s extremely proud of his more advanced creations, Metal Sonic being chief among them. Luxurious living conditions. While being the world leader is his goal for the betterment of everyone, there’s no denying the perks that come with wealth and power. Food of most any kind, though large sandwiches and hoagie’s seem to be a personal favorite. Very practical when working in the lab. Swimming. Eggman has a large personal pool he uses daily.
Dislikes: Sonic of course, or anyone who foils his plans. Most other bodies of government. Not being the center of attention. Having his creations or minions turn on him.
Played By: Val
Theme: E.G.G.M.A.N. by Paul Shortino
AOSTH Dr. Robotnik's theme


An egocentric showman and a diva, Ivo “Eggman” Robotnik believes through and through that he is the only person qualified to rule the entire world. Blind to any flaw in himself, his grinning face is the symbol of his entire empire, slapped on boxes, buildings and even being designed into his robotic servants themselves.

Speaking of his robots, he never treats them maliciously. While some such as Metal Sonic, have developed sapience, the majority of his Badniks are simple or mindless but that’s no reason to mistreat them. They serve him well, and many fall against his blue rival so the good Doctor treats them well, of course proclaiming his humanitarianism to the world in the process.
Eggman is very proud of any good deed, only reinforcing his egotistical delusions. He is a benevolent ruler and anyone resisting him simply doesn’t see that, in his mind.

Chief among those very resisters is of course the eternal thorn in his side; Sonic. The fact that a freakishly fast teenager has foiled the perfect machinations of the unfathomably more intelligent doctor is a mystery and source of frustration but to be commended nevertheless. Indeed Eggman does harbor some respect for Sonic buried deep in the core of all that irritation and desire to just see the spiky rodent out of his life, not necessarily killed but should the opportunity arise he wouldn’t say no. Eggman truthfully finds enjoyment in their conflict as it keeps life interesting but it’s only fun when he’s winning. He’s a man with ambitions loftier than Sonic would ever allow so he will do whatever it takes to remove this blue roadblock, permanently.

By far one of Eggman’s greatest creations is his daughter, Ada. The eccentric and boisterous Robotnik is equally as proud and devoted to his child as he is himself and normally would parade her about demanding all eyes turn and admire her brilliance but Eggman isn’t blind to the enemies he has made over the years and, for her own safety, keeps Ada’s existence a secret known only to his most trusted inner circle.

And should anyone betray his trust Eggman’s doting persona is quickly replaced by the harshness of the true evil genius he is. Make no mistake, his aim is domination and this requires him to be a certain degree of unhinged and ruthless.

Eggman is an odd mix of noble gentlemanliness, benevolent emperor and dangerous, backstabbing mad scientist.


His 300 IQ, allowing him to concoct any number of global scale plans and invent all manner of machines and robots to carry them out.
His engineering skills to build highly advanced robots with numerous weapons and capabilities as well as enormous bases and flying ships. Eggman has easily built several armadas worth of airships in his lifetime.
The fact that more than one of his robots have developed to the point of mimicking the mental complexity of real living beings speaks to his programming skill.
Despite what his physical appearance may suggest, Eggman is very fast on his feet, able to sprint long distances before becoming winded. He also possesses great strength, able to lift heavy chunks of machinery bare handed.
A proficient marksman with any laser blaster he himself designed and expert pilot of his own mechs.
Resourcefulness, he is able to think his way out of almost any situation.


Even after all these years Eggman still often underestimates Sonic and his friends, generally assuming his robots and plans, by virtue of being made by himself, will be enough to handle them.
While fast and strong as far as humans are concerned, he is still an overweight middle aged man, his vision isn’t perfect and too much physical activity will leave him a wheezing mess.
Eggman prefers to fly everywhere as he finds cars and dense traffic uncomfortable and even frightening should he himself be behind the wheel. Ironically he finds them, of all things, dangerous.
He also often plasters his own grinning face over his “Secret” bases.
By far his greatest weakness is his overconfidence. More often than not, should anyone outmaneuver the Doctor, it’s because Eggman believed he was three steps ahead of where he actually was.

Emerald Abilities

None to speak of himself, however many of Eggman’s machines are designed to harness Chaos energy from an emerald in their possession.

Pre-RP History

Ivo Robotnik was born into a wealthy family, and grew up receiving all the money, games, and toys he could ever want. But with his parents busy managing the commercial empire, Robotnik Corp, impressionable young Ivo lacked the one thing he truly wanted above all else- Attention.

Despite being gifted in the field of science, his family repeatedly told him that his destiny was to inherit Robotnik Corp and continue running the family company. However, Ivo loved robotics, not business, and grew to resent his imposed destiny, especially since it felt as though his parents never even noticed his remarkable scientific skill.

Looking over the family records, Ivo become obsessed with the legacy of his late grandfather, Professor Gerald. Although Gerald had died several years before his birth, Ivo somehow felt he knew Gerald better than he even knew his parents, and began to deeply identify with Gerald's life and purpose. Ivo's destiny wasn't to inherit his parents' company, but to continue his grandfather's work as a scientific genius! Thus, he wanted to someday become a great scientist like Gerald, and worked hard to do just that.

Attending the finest schools of South Island, Ivo quickly became a prodigy, skipping several grades and ultimately graduating high school at the young age of 12. By the time he was 18, he had already received his doctorate in robotic engineering.

Against his family's wishes, who encouraged him to just take an executive position at Robotnik Corp (As the company would someday be his), Dr. Robotnik sought employment with the United Federation government, and was quickly hired as one of G.U.N.'s top scientists.

Working for G.U.N., Dr. Robotnik helped the military develop weapons and combat mechs. The young genius was frequently praised for his innovations, and the positive attention he had craved so much was definitely rewarding. However, soon, things would take a turn for the worse…

Dr. Robotnik was always an insufferable genius, and arrogantly decided to break into G. U. N.'s databanks, looking for potentially interesting secret information. What he found shocked him- He found plans, confiscated documents, and records of the military's raid of the Space Colony ARK, including his grandfather's secret execution. The military covered their tracks and claimed a terrible accident aboard the colony killed everyone, which is what Ivo had always believed… Until now.

Upon discovering GUN's execution of Gerald and the subsequent coverup of the ARK incident, Ivo became disillusioned with the government, and began to see the powers that be as corrupt and unfit to rule. Seeing himself as the only mind brilliant enough to rule the planet, he set out to take over the world.

After a time, his parents retired, no longer able to run the company. Ivo stepped down from GUN, publicly declaring that his career as a scientist had ended, and graciously agreed to be Robotnik Corp's new CEO; But this surprising change of heart carried with it an ulterior motive. It was too risky to steal from the military, but Ivo needed cash and resources, and this exceedingly wealthy company would provide both.

Embezzling money and stealing materials from his corporation, Dr. Robotnik began to secretly build new machines in his lab. Robots equipped with weapons… A mechanized hovercraft… Deadly traps… Something had changed. Dr. Robotnik had become a mad scientist.

After some time and preparation, he publicly emerged as a supervillain with ambitions of world conquest, donning the alias "Dr. Eggman" in conjunction with his scheme. Using the robots and machines he created, the doctor launched an invasion on South Island, which he hoped to extend across the entire globe. However, Sonic the Hedgehog- who would later become his nemesis- stopped him. And the rest is history. Since then, he's been battling Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends for the fate of the planet, launching schemes from simple robot invasions to moon-sized space fortresses.

In recent times, he and his rival have worked together to battle mutual enemies, but conquest is still his primary objective, and he's always ready to hatch a new scheme to conquer the world.

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