Dr Finitevus (Sega)

"'Devil' is such a strong word. I prefer the term… motivational speaker."


Name: Dr. Zachary Hannibal Acerbus / Dr. Zipakna Finitevus
Nicknames: Fini, Zack, Doc
Species: Cyborg ground pangolin
Gender: Enby man
Age: 38
Alignment: Neutral Evil, but pretends to be Lawful Good
Height: 3'6''
Residence: Though he has a home in Station Square, he spends most of his time in one of the various bases he often moves around between.
World of Origin: Gaia
Occupation: Surgeon, inventor, geneticist, leader of the Dark Legion.
Likes: Above all else, he likes himself and to see other people in misery. He also likes power, fame, money, winning, yadda yadda… all that typical egomaniac stuff. He also enjoys watching the news, science fiction, B-rated movies, challenges, games that require concentration/skill, research outside his main fields of study, collecting DNA samples, karaoke, dancing, ice skating, doing yoga, reading, strawberry ice cream, riddles, tea, coffee, walking bare-footed, the color black, abstract/weird things, theater, night time, cross-dressing, and manipulating people.
Dislikes: Pretty much everything to do with people and society. He also can't stand failure, others trying to expose or upstage him, etc. Doesn't like overly spicy or bland foods, overcooked vegetables, jello, incompetence, nonsense beyond his own, being manipulated, humidity, direct sunlight or hippies.
Played By: Jammerlee
Theme: "River Below" - Billy Talent


An extremely creative, intelligent and ambitious person, Finitevus sees the world as a place full of possibility and is always in search of new inspiration and ideas. An analytical perfectionist, he aggressively pushes himself to be the very best among his peers, detesting to settle for what he feels is less than what he deserves. Having a naturally strong insight he's able to absorb and understand new ideas with ease.

Overall Fini is a very bitter and cruel misanthrope. He sees the world as nothing but corrupted and two-faced, undeserving of happiness or good fortune. Despite this, he knows what people want to see and hear, and he knows how to pull the right strings to deceive them and achieve his goals. He's able to put on a convincingly humble facade, painting him as a warm and generous person who would gladly give the shirt off his back. Charming, kind, sympathetic, idealistic - it's hard to believe he could do wrong. He symbolically wears his alter-ego as a statement regarding his world views and is perfectly aware of his own hypocrisy - in fact, he's greatly amused by the irony of it.

Finitevus is a very audacious and arrogant person. He's extremely opinionated and carries a hot temper, never apologizing and never accepting the blame for his own mistakes where it doesn't somehow benefit him. Tremendously devious and conniving, he's an excellent strategist with a sadistic and ruthless nature who does not tolerate incompetence. Dictatorial and difficult to catch off guard, he's very calm and collected even in tense situations. He prides himself as a gentleman and carries a sophisticated, though eccentric, attitude. He's not without his sense of humor, however, of which can be very cheeky, bizarre and morbid.

Over time his natural insight has been developed into an alarmingly sharp sense of perception toward others. He always tries to keep himself several steps ahead of others and has honed his ability to read, and in turn, manipulate others others into a finely tuned art. Perception, however, does not necessarily equal empathy, as while he can understand others, in most cases he has a hard time relating to them. Generally he seems to be detached and aloof when concerning his own feelings - this doesn't mean that he can't express himself, he just finds it difficult and taxing.


As a pangolin, he's naturally good at digging and climbing, can curl into a scaly ball, spray a noxious fume similar to a skunk, has an excellent sense of smell, and has a tongue roughly about as long as he is tall. His prehensile tail is extremely powerful, easily capable of supporting the weight of his body, and it, his head, back, arms and legs are covered in sharp armor-like scales that are capable of cutting.

As a cyborg, his hands have an impressively strong grip and both come equipped with a blaster capable of various settings ranging from stunning, armor piercing lasers, to generating EMP blasts. His fingers possess a set of various pop-out tools and act as a sort of swiss army knife (concealing various things such as screwdriver tips, pocket knives, etc).

He possesses technical know-how of your typical mad scientist. He's something of a jack of all trades, dabbling in a variety of fields such a mechanics, programming, medicine, etc. His specialty, however, where his talents and knowledge really stand out is in genetics. He's also learned how to pilot a variety of transport craft, use a variety of firearms and is an excellent swimmer.

Through necessity, he's also learned how to use his feet as a set of hands and is amazingly dexterous at it, able to perform pretty much any task someone can do with their hands. His tongue and tail can also be used to similar effect. Naturally, this means he's also developed an extraordinary sense of balance and flexibility, making him extremely agile. It's also notable that he's truly ambidextrous with both his hands and feet.


None. But he would definitely find use for the emeralds, oohhhhh yes.


Aside from his powerful tail and the enhancements of his arms, Finitevus is extremely lacking in physical strength. Like any cyborg by his design, his arms are subject to restraint by strong magnets, can be disabled by EMP, and can be prone to hacking and viruses. He's also nearly blind without his glasses.

He's extremely brazen and arrogant, and while normally excellent at reading people this doesn't mean he's not infallible. He suffers from a very mild pyrophobia - he's not scared of fire, per se, but it makes him very uncomfortable.

Pre-RP History

As a young child Zachary lived in what appeared from the outside to be a picture perfect family; his father a successful business owner and his mother a stay-at-home wife. From a very young age Zack proved that he was different from other children, excelling in learning at a much, much quicker pace than his peers and showing a flare toward problem solving. His father, overzealous for his work and dogmatic, saw his son's potential and began trying to groom him from far too young an age toward becoming his heir.

By the time he was six, however, he would become involved in a house fire after knocking over a lit kerosene lamp and getting his forearms doused in the substance. Suffering severe fourth degree burns, this quickly lead to compartment syndrome. Despite an extensive time spent in the hospital, in the end, the limbs could not be saved. Seeing him as no longer capable of assuming control of his business, his father, ashamed and unwilling to continue supporting a crippled child, disowned and pushed for him to be given to social services where he could be "better taken care of".

The social workers were left having no idea how to handle his situation, passing him through a variety of foster homes. Though he was never abused by the adults, none were ever able to provide him with the stability he needed, which over time had a waning effect on him. This wasn't helped by the reception from other children. Zachary was a shy and bookish child who enjoyed spending much of his time around libraries, and because of that and his physical differences he was relentlessly singled out by his peers. As time went on he studied their tricks and soon learned how to manipulate them and his caretakers to his own advantage. This cycle continued well on into his teenage years; in the end, Zachary spent his entire childhood in the system until they were legally no longer able to hold custody over him.

Fortunately, though he was now out in the world alone, he came out prepared. Having already excelled through school and earned a scholarship, he ambitiously studied such fields as mechanics and biology, getting in contact with professors and institutes and formulating ideas. By the time he was released from social services he was already highly spoken of within the medical community - and it didn't take him long to receive the funding and support of a team of specialists for what would be considered a heroic project. Eventually Zachary grabbed the attention of the entire world when, through his and his team's dedication, he was fitted with a pair of mechanical arms - becoming the first true cyborg. Through the years his technology was improved to the point where the artificial limbs could flawlessly replace - and in some cases even improve upon - the originals, and eventually was released to the public for others to benefit from.

Zachary reveled in his newfound fame and the power and respect that came with it. Despite this, he never quite managed to let go of his roots, remembering how he had to struggle and fight to reach his position. Over time, he began to see that respect for the superficial thing it was, and while he tried to bury it, resentment began to develop. This would eventually reach its breaking point when, at age 28, Zachary decided to confront his father for the first time in twenty-two years. What he hoped would be a reunion with acceptance for his accomplishments turned into a fight that ended when Zack underestimated the impact of his metallic fists - shattering his father's skull. Terrified by his own actions, Zachary fled the scene.

He would never be the same after that. While outwardly he appeared as though nothing ever happened, internally his anger and resentment took over as a self-defense mechanism against his misery and guilt. Eventually the latter two would recede altogether, and he came to the conclusion that all were guilty in some way, and therefore deserving of punishment. Working in secret, and using the public's natural blindness to his advantage, he created an alternate identity for himself; Dr. Finitevus. As Finitevus he began building up a small but specialized group of terrorists.

Post-RP History

To be written

Crossover History


Isis the Jackal One of the first members to join the Dark Legion. She serves as a bodyguard and assistant to Finitevus and generally tends to be quiet and aloof.
Lance Argentum A smartass and a troublemaker who before joining the DL already had a long criminal record. He was the original guinea pig for Fini's neuro modifier.
Infinite the Jackal A mercenary Finitevus found snooping around one of his bases. Finitecvus offered to spare him in exchange for becoming a member of the DL

Misc. Info


For people who wish to have cyborg characters in the game continuity, his work with robotic prosthetics will allow the opportunity for this. However, please speak to me about it first so we can work out the details.

Finitevus wears special a cape that totally rips off Batman acts as a sort of flexible steel which he is able to use to shield his body from attacks. The clasp also contains a mechanism that causes it to release easily under tension should it ever become snagged and potentially endanger him because he's watched The Incredibles often enough. His uniformal robe is also made from the same material and thus acts as a lightweight but effective armor.

Loosely based off Dr. Finitevus of Archie and Dr. Zachary of StC.


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