Dr Fukurokov (Sega)

"Perfection is timeless."


Name: Zavodnoy Fukurokov
Nicknames: Zav. Clockwork.
Species: Eurasian eagle-owl
Gender: Male
Age: 92
Alignment: Neutral evil
Height: 4’7” (Standing straight)
Residence: Kukku Armada Battle Fortress
World of Origin Gaia
Occupation: Chief inventor and machinist of the Battle Bird Armada
Likes: Inventing, tinkering and otherwise crafting machinery. Opera. Reading. Painting. Sushi.
Dislikes: Mammals, especially Tails. Dr Eggman. The Babylon Rogues. Harsh colds. Coffee. His machines being destroyed.
Played By: Val
Theme: A Strange Reunion from the Sly Cooper HD Collection Soundtrack


Zavodnoy comes across as very grandiose, lofting his achievements as reasons to be treated with nothing less than the utmost respect. He is dramatic and does not believe in half measures, everything he does is done with passion even when he does become very subdued and cold which is usually when he’s angry. Make no mistake, he is cold blooded and takes great pleasure in seeing any enemy of the Armada be wiped from the face of Gaia. He believes in establishing dominion over the skies through fear and control. Humans and any Thrope not descended from birds are worth nothing more than being pawns to him.
He takes incredible pride in his status and his inventions, dreaming of the day his work will allow birds to eclipse all others. He despises incompetence and much rather prefers to take matters into his own hands. He does have a great deal of patience as long as things are going his way but a very short temper should they turn south. It’s also an extreme pet peeve of his when people either get his name wrong or simply can’t say it at all.


A genius at machines, responsible for the invention of modern day pre-Eggman model Extreme Gears, the designs for many Armada air and land vehicles and his own Flight Suit.
Despite his age he still has very sharp hearing and can speak and read multiple languages.
His cybernetic internals makes him very resistant to hunger, certain diseases and the aging process.

Flight Suit:
While wearing his suit Zavodnoy gains the ability to fly at high speeds, enhanced strength due to his mechanical wings. A blaster cannon on the back of each wing and aimed by his headset which allows for night vision and extremely powerful mechanical talons.


He is very, very old and as such physically weak. He’s lost much of his wing strength, only able to fly for a short while and very slowly. His eyesight is very worn, requiring constant use of spectacles. He requires the use of a walking cane much of the time.
He suffers from regular respiratory issues, coughing and wheezing often.

Emerald Abilities


Pre-RP History

Zavodnoy was raised predominantly by his father who was a clockmaker. His mother was a loyal soldier of the Battle Bird Armada, and Zav grew up on tales of glory fighting for birds rightful place in the world. He grew a deep rooted hatred for mammalian Thropes especially, not understanding why they seemed to be so favored when they couldn’t even fly.
From his father he learned the perfection of machines. How putting tiny pieces of metal in just the right place could create something that performed a task over and over for years, never questioning, never faltering. There was beauty in that idea, like a jigsaw puzzle being completed and seeing your finished work able to do whatever you desired. From there young Zav dedicated his life to being a machinist, studying anything he could get his hands on. He became a prodigy and in his mid 30s the Grand Kukku the 14th took notice and he was hired on to help design some of the Armada’s ships.

Faithfully he served, even when the Grand Kukku passed away and his son, XV took over leadership. Zav studied the old designs they had of the Babylonians as well as taking an interest in alchemy and used the power of the Ark of the Cosmos to craft all new Armada ships and even the modern designs for extreme gears (before Dr Eggman stole them.)
At some point as he grew older Zav realized he would not live much longer but he refused to die with his dream unfulfilled. He took his concern to the Battle Lord and together they head hunted a pioneer in cybernetic technology; Dr Zachary, and hired him to replace several of Zav’s internal organs with mechanical versions to prologue his life.
When the Armada discovered a Chaos Emerald on Cocoa island Zavodnoy soon came into contact with Miles “Tails” Prower. The fox boy single handedly disabled the BBA’s flagship and defeated the Battle lord himself, leaving Zav to head up repairs as well as a newfound hatred as not only had Tails defeated him and his creations but the boy was a mammal with the ability to fly.

Throughout his later years of hatred and dedication to his work Zav did have one single moment of compassion. A young girl, a child prodigy like himself, whose parents had vanished and left her alone. Zav took her in as his apprentice and taught her much of what he knew, leaning on the excuse that he felt nothing for her but did it out of a desire to forge a new master machinist to aid him.
Any sympathy he’d felt for the girl was destroyed however when she chose to abandon the Armada and join GUN.

Post-RP History

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Other Info

The word “Zavodnoy” is Russian for “Clockwork” and “Fukurokov” is derived from the Japanese word “Fukurou” meaning “Owl.” Fully translated, his name literally means “Clockwork owl.”


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