Dragonfly Pigeons


A small pigeon-sized bird that has overtime developed a set of dragonfly-like wings, giving it its name. Their vestigial feathered wings are useless for flight and seldom ever used. They've developed long whip-like tails which act as a stabilizer during flight . Their tucan-like beaks are used for crushing nuts and hard insect shells.


Dragonfly pigeons are most often found in warm typically tropical areas and generally prefer warm environments. Their delicate insect-like wings are unsuited for cold temperatures. Some species are known to be migratory and they generally make their nests inside hollow trees. They feed primarily on fruits and nuts, but aren't opposed to the occasional insect or egg.

Dragonfly pigeons are a favorite among Freedom Fighter groups as a means of low-key communication. Their easiness to tame and keep as pets, long stamina and homing abilities make them perfect for delivering messages quickly.

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