Dusty The Rabbit

"Let's go to work!"


Name: Major Dustin Allen Cash
Nicknames: Dusty
Species: Marsh Rabbit (Sylvilagus palustris)
Gender: Male
Age: 51
Alignment: Hero (Neutral Good)
Type: Balance
Height: 2'10"
Build: Sturdy
Residence: Station Square
World of Origin Gaia
Occupation: GUN Special Operative
Likes: Martial arts, hiking, swimming, cookouts, kids, iced tea, sweets (he's the type of person who will just… eat a sugar cube), spicy foods
Dislikes: Iced coffee or hot tea, cold weather, sour foods, being cooped up indoors, inefficiency, deliberate rudeness, seeing civilians or loved ones in danger, doing his paperwork
Hobbies/Talents: Dusty is a master-level martial artist and loves practicing or teaching the skill. He also likes most kinds of outdoor activity and is a good hand on the grill.
Played By: Nikki
Only Here For A Little While
Hilltop Zone


Generous and genial, Dusty projects an air of charm and sweetness that toes a line between Southern politeness and friendly familiarity. An open-hearted rabbit with a strong protective streak, he tends toward a paternal attitude toward the younger people he encounters. As a rule, Dusty views people as friends from the start – if he's proven wrong, so be it, but he strongly prefers to start with an assumption of camaraderie. Outside of mission situations he has a playful personality fond of tall tales and absurd humor – a lover of puns, dad jokes, and non sequitur humor, though like many people acclimated to perilous situations his humor can turn morbid around like-minded individuals. Highly active, even into his fifties he's a rabbit who's rarely still for long, and his days off are likely to involve some sort of outdoor adventure. Gregarious by nature, Dusty is happiest among people and will go out of his way to make sure everyone in the group feels safe and welcome.

Despite all this, Dusty does have a stern, fierce side. When in the field he does not take well to disobedience - raising objections is fine, but running off willy nilly after he's issued orders is intolerable and you had better be prepared to explain yourself - and he has a habit of attempting to take charge of a situation any time there's no equivalent officer or expert present regardless of other considerations. He can be surprisingly ruthless in combat, and a fearsome temper from his youth has been mostly tamed but can still make an appearance – with the right buttons pressed Dusty can be provoked into a white-hot rage, and once that happens, for good or ill very little can stop his rampage. He also has a self-denying tendency, placing the perceived needs of others above his own to the point that he can be reluctant to admit needing or wanting something, and it takes a determined and trusted individual to get it out of him.


Physical: Dusty is a master-level martial artist (specialized in Northern Shaolin kung fu); training and experience allow him to strike hard where it will do the most damage, brace himself against injury, and ground himself to make himself harder to move or throw despite his small size. He also has an excellent sense of smell and can see clearly in low-light conditions, and is adept at covering dangerous ground by the fastest, most direct route possible.

Mental: Resilient and headstrong, Dusty is a difficult rabbit to rattle – trying will only fuel the fire, and even if something does get to him he's generally capable of compartmentalizing it to worry over later. As a GUN operative he has working knowledge of a wide variety of weapons and vehicles, allowing him to operate or disable them as needed, and long experience has given him a keen understanding of battle strategy and tactics.


Physical: While Dusty has aged well due to his active lifestyle, he does have one significant handicap – due to years of exposure to explosions at close range, as well as an old injury that damaged the cartilage in his ears so they no longer stand up, Dusty has moderate hearing loss. As his ears are less mobile he cannot pinpoint the source of sounds as easily as other rabbits, and sounds below about 60dB sound muffled or muted to him (he can hear average conversation in a relatively quiet environment, but he may ask a speaker to repeat themselves; in the field, he relies heavily on his headset to follow conversation). He also has tinnitus in his right ear that can further affect his hearing. Aside from this, his small size can work against him as much as it can aid him – if someone does get him off his feet he may have a difficult time getting back on the ground, and he can't stonewall the types of blows a larger person might.

Mental: For all his cheerful attitude, Dusty is a dweller – for every crisis that's harmed his comrades or loved ones he goes over the scenario wondering what he could have done differently, and his tendency to self-blame for a catastrophe is one of the only things that can be turned against him to knock him off his game. Additionally, once his temper is triggered Dusty is absolutely tunnel-visioned in his pursuit of whatever set him off, disregarding his own safety and surroundings in order to put an end to the offender until he succeeds or is incapacitated (or talked down by a close, determined individual).

Emerald Abilities


Pre-RP History

Native of a rural town in an agricultural region, Dusty developed both a keen work ethic and a stern protective streak early in life. Particularly where his brother was concerned – and perhaps in part because he was small for his age and species himself - Dusty could be defensive and fierce, ready to fight at any perceived slight. When work in the fields couldn't tame his constant ferocious energy and high temper, his parents took a risk in hopes of settling him down: they placed him in martial arts training. Martial arts – most specifically Northern Shaolin - became one of his primary ways of controlling his energy and temper, and upon reaching adulthood he decided to use this outlet to serve and protect by joining GUN. Physical skill and unyielding character brought him up through the ranks, and Dusty ultimately achieved the rank of Major and a field command position with a special forces unit. Vastly preferring field work and finding his combat prowess and protective instincts worked to their fullest at the head of a small group, Dusty has refused any further promotion and has made clear his intention to remain where he is until retirement - best to be where he can know his people as individuals, and they know him, rather than be a distant figure.

Through these years of work and advancement, Dusty never forgot his family – any available time was spent back home with his brother, and the birth of his niece Marilyn – 'Bunnie' – stands out as one of the highest points of his life. Always at the ready with gifts and tall tales when he visited, Dusty had a full inclination to spoil her that had to be managed by his brother, and a tendency to talk endlessly about her that became well known among his military peers. When the tractor accident that claimed Bunnie's limbs struck, Dusty rushed home on leave to help; he watched his niece's recovery and adaptation with glowing pride, and considered her strength and resilience just one more thing to brag about when he returned to active duty.

Upon the death of his brother, Dusty returned home again – this time preparing to retire to stay by his niece's side. Before he could formally do so, Bunnie announced her plans to move and live on her own; after much discussion with her and debate with himself, Dusty ultimately decided to allow her the freedom and independence she clearly needed, returning to the military with the promise of frequent letters, calls, and visits… a decision he still questions, but makes the most of. In the time since, he's made good on his word – and in the meantime is fond of and grateful to Uncle Chuck for the support he provides while Dusty is away.

Currently, Dusty uses the measure of autonomy his position allows to work against threats such as the Eggman Empire, going where needed and bringing the fight as close to the enemy as his skills will permit. Though Dusty would like nothing more than to retire, find a nice husband, and adopt a child (or two, or ten), at this point in his life he has placed his duties above this desire on the grounds that the harder he works, the fewer people who already have that life will risk losing it. So he keeps fighting, doing his best to be a stable paternal figure to anyone who needs it and absolutely doting on his niece whenever their paths cross.

Post-RP History

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Crossover History

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Bunnie the Rabbot (Sega) Dusty's beloved niece, he spends any time off he can get visiting and will talk about her endlessly to anyone who looks like they might be listening.
Uncle Chuck Dusty is fond of and grateful to Chuck for the support he's given Bunnie, and always ready to chat with the hedgehog.

Other Info

He's never even tried iced coffee or hot tea – he just finds the idea absurd. (He loves frappes and bubble tea, though.)

The idea of hearing aids has genuinely not occurred to him and he would be surprised to learn that's an option when he can still hear… mostly… under the right circumstances.

Name Origin: He's a dust bunny! (By coloration, anyway.) His middle name comes from actor/comedian Leslie Allen Jordan.

Equipment: Dusty normally carries his GUN headset. His boots and gloves are laced with lightweight metal to protect him and add extra force when fighting mechanical foes, and his gloves are equipped with pads that can add an electric shock to palm strikes. He carries grappling equipment when needing to move swiftly in uneven terrain.

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