Egg Mechs

Vehicles and weapons created and typically used by Dr. Eggman. However, many of his robots know how to pilot these craft and some of them, such as Metal Sonic and Ishntknew, are sometimes known to pilot them in Eggman's stead.

Known Egg Mechs

The Eggmobile


The Eggmobile (also known sometimes as The Egg-O-Matic) is a circular grey aircraft often used by Dr. Eggman as a means of personal transportation. Suited not just for air, but for all terrain, it's by far the most versatile of all of Eggman's machines, as it can be fitted with a limitless array of offensive devices and contraptions. The Eggmobile was the first aircraft Eggman ever designed, and as of yet he's never failed to find a use for it.

The Egg Walker

To be written.

Egg Viper

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