Emerald By-Products

Chaos/Sol Rings

A rare but naturally occurring phenomenon, Chaos and Sol Rings - so called by the curious way they tend to crystallize into ring-like patterns - are the result of Chaos/Sol energy that has crystallized into a solid form. While extremely powerful, unlike the emeralds they are the by-product of, their power is limited and disintegrates through usage. They cannot be used to achieve super forms, though preforming weakened versions of emeralds abilities may be possible - with potentially hazardous side-effects.

In recent times GUN has discovered how to recreate this phenomenon artificially. While the artificial chaos rings are even less powerful than the naturally occurring version, they still make potent power sources and are used as the cores of Chaos Drives.

Chaos & Sol Drives

Originally engineered by GUN and kept primarily for military use, chaos drives are cylindrical and create a potent power source for machinery using artificially created chaos rings as their core. Unlike normal batteries which frequently need to be replaced or recharged, chaos drives can - slowly - recharge on their own by stimulating regrowth of its crystal core - so long as their power is not completely depleted. Generally they come in four colors depending on their wavelengths and properties.

Green: Vehicles and mechs whose primary design is speed.
Red: Used for tanks, mechs and other heavy duty machines.
Purple: Primarily seen in aircraft, satellites, etc.
Yellow: For submarines and other various aquatic machines.

Since the events of Sonic Rush, GUN and SWORD have established communication with each other, and SWORD has begun developing their own version; Sol Drives. While these still come in the four basic colors, they're ball shaped and are, at this time, only in the experimental phases.

Drives have also been discovered to have strengthening effects on Chao and Sola without the mutational effects of animals, and can be used as a sort of "kyptonite" against indoles if using energy opposite from the world they are native to.

Fake Emeralds


Fake Chaos Emeralds are an item originally created by Tails during the events of SA2. It has the same wavelength and properties as a real Chaos Emerald and can be used much in the same way as one, however it is weaker than the real thing and, unlike a real emerald, has a finite amount of power - but can be recharged by a real emerald. It is unknown at this time whether any combination of fake emeralds would be able to produce a Super form, but seeing as they're weaker than the genuine article it is most likely they would be too unstable and would be likely to endanger the user.

In SA2, Sonic the Hedgehog was able to use a fake emerald to activate Chaos Control, and the red jewel used to power Tails Doll is a failed attempt to create a fake Emerald by Eggman. During the Crossover Tails was forced to create a new fake Chaos Emerald for Dr. Robotnik.

A pair of fake Chaos and Sol emeralds are used to power the primary Dimensional Gate between the Gaia and Terra. Only Tails has managed to figure out the formula on how to create fake emeralds, which he keeps as a closely guarded secret.

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