Emerald Sets

Within each dimension, each individual planet contains its own energy field that binds its reality together. This energy is an integral part of that planet's health and stability, created and maintained by a powerful set of seven gemstones that typically come in the colors green, blue, yellow, red, silver, cyan and purple. Each of these stones are self-generating and produce a limitless supply of energy, usually distributed by an eighth gemstone that acts as a mediator. With the exception of the mediator, they are typically small, about the size of a softball, are warm to the touch, and glow from their internal power. They contain a mixture of positive and negative energy which typically work in harmony, and it's rumored that they may be conscious and capable of sentient thought. They usually have a spirit guardian charged with protecting them.

Exceptionally powerful, their energy is laced through all things in its respective world, from the atmosphere, the land, to its people. These trace amounts of energy are minute and undetectable under normal circumstances, and some objects and people are naturally known to contain more of this energy in them than others. In people this can manifest as emerald abilities, and in uncommon and rare cases, indolism, and super forms. Their energy has been learned to be harnessed for artificial purposes as well, and after having been used to achieve a super form will scatter themselves around the planet.

In regard to the dimensions, emeralds from opposite sides generally do not mingle well together. Unless handled with care, placing two such emeralds closely together has been known to have disastrous results, as they tend to repel each other. This isn't to say interaction is impossible, but the proper circumstances must be met, almost as though the emeralds choose to get along by their own volition. This can especially cause problems if an emerald is used by an individual of the opposite dimension, as it will interact with the energy inside that person's body, causing temporary changes to personality and making them act contrary to their normal behavior - the condition intensifying for the duration of time they possess it. In indoles this can have a sort of "kyptonite" effect, temporarily disrupting their natural energy and halting their ability to use their innate power.

Four sets of Emeralds are acknowledged between SegaStH and the Crossover (Chaos, Sol, Aura & Time). The Power Stones of SatAM also serve a similar function. There will be no plans to introduce more sets in the foreseeable future.

Chaos Emeralds & Master


Two variations of "Chaos Emerald" exist between SegaStH and SatAMStH. These are unrelated to each other.


The emerald set for Gaia. For a long time the seven Chaos Emeralds had merely been a thing of legend, handed down through generations in various cultures through lore. The most famous of these legends bore their name, when a greedy tribal leader named Pachacamac tried to seize them for his own purposes. His once great civilization was decimated after invoking the wrath of the God of Destruction. Their original name is unknown and has been lost to history, though an ancient echidna mantra may hint at it ("The servers are the seven chaos…"). Within the last century its been proven to modern society that they do, in fact, actually exist. Since then they've been used, scattered, found and re-scattered numerous times.

Their distributor is known as the Master Emerald, a green gemstone in the same diamond cut as the Chaos Emeralds, but many times larger. It resides on a floating landmass known as Angel Island, the ancient scene of the legends involving Pachacamac's tribe. Its spirit guardian is a watery entity that has become known as Chaos.


After the tribe's destruction, Chaos was sealed inside the Master Emerald for 3000 years, and during that time the stone was guarded by the ancient echidna people - leading to its last descendant and guardian, Knuckles the Echidna.

The Master Emerald has been shattered at least three times - once when Chaos was freed, once during Sonic Adventure 2, and once when a Sol Emerald was touched to it. When whole it has the ability to empower or neutralize the seven Chaos Emeralds. When empowered the emeralds grow many times larger in size, becoming what some have referred to as 'Super Emeralds'.


Only one Chaos Emerald exists in SatAMStH. A legendary power stone and an item of worship to the Quartalism religion, in that it is believed the soul of their demi-goddess Lidah resides inside it. While most power stones are light blue and have a limited lifespan, the Chaos Emerald is green and self-generating, its power never waning. The amount of power it contains is immeasurable, able to increase a person's abilities several times fold and be used to power machinery. It can be used by Indoles and for the purposes of magitech.

The Chaos Emerald is owned and protected by its current guardian, Knuckles the Echidna, believed to be the reincarnation of the great demi-god Astal, who resides on the equally legendary Little Planet. Unfortunately, the gem is now currently unguarded due to Knuckles being stranded on Mobius.

Sol Emeralds & Servant


The emerald set belonging to Terra. Unlike the Chaos Emeralds, the presence of the Sol Emeralds has been well known throughout time, kept in the care of the royal family residing in the Kingdom of Soleanna. They are emerald-cut and their current guardian is the crown princess, Blaze the Cat. Their spirit guardian is a fiery entity known as Solaris. However, Solaris' true location has been unknown by the general population for centuries. An ancient legend hints at what may have happened though.

Some two or three thousand years ago, it is said that a clever tribe of cats saw the powerful glowing gemstones, naming them after the sun and seeking to use their power for their own purposes. Using the Servant Emerald, a small and oval shaped red gemstone used to distribute the power of the Sol Emeralds, they lured Solaris into a trap, sealing it inside the stone.


This legend has been tied to a rite of passage among the royal family, and stories believe that the small red stone attached to the crown prince or princess when they come of age and assume the duty of guarding the Sol Emeralds is, in fact, the Servant Emerald of legend with Solaris still inside - worn as a show of superiority. So far as anyone knows at this point it is only a legend though, for if it has any truth at all behind it, it is a closely guarded royal secret.

Aura Emeralds & Equality



The emerald set of Mobius. Teardrop shaped, much about the Aura Emeralds is a mystery, and at present it is unknown that they ever even existed. Having been shattered centuries ago, only vague hints at their existence and what may have shattered them exist in tribal lore, many of these corrupted due to retelling over time.

The reality is that their fragments are now known as the Power Stones. Unable to self-generate and sustain their own power since their destruction, the shards that have been left have long lost their color and are slowly dying, both through natural loss and through exploitation. This has finally reached the breaking point where Mobius' reality has begun to unravel, bleeding into Gaia and Terra in the form of random portals and misplacing inhabitants from each world.

Their distributor is actually what Quartalists view as the "Master Emerald", and it kept upon Little Planet. Given its role, a more proper term may be "Equality Emerald', as it worked in unity with the Aura Emeralds to distribute their power throughout Mobius. Their spirit guardian was the wind entity known as Aurora, its name still surviving as the goddess of the Celestism beliefs and corrupted into Antowas among Quartalists. It has long vanished, and it is unknown where its whereabouts might be or if it even still exists.

Time Stones


The emerald set for Little Planet. Almost everything about this set of emeralds are, at this time, a complete mystery, including the fact they even are emeralds in the first place. They are responsible for Little Planet's dimensional and temporal instability, and can allow users to travel through time.

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