Fang the Sniper (Sega)

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Name: Whatever his real name is, he doesn't share it.
Nicknames: Fang the Sniper and Nack the Weasel are the two names he most often gives out as his own (though Fang being the most common). He has other aliases he occasionally uses, and there are plenty of terrible things that people may of called him over the years.
Species: Weasel/wolf
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Alignment: Dark (Neutral Evil)
Type: Balance
Height: 3'3''
Build: Lean and weasel-y, though has a surprisingly pudgy belly causing him to be somewhat pear shaped. You know, like Mickey Mouse. With a gun.
Residence: Where ever there's pay. He sleeps on his bike a lot.
Occupation: Freelance Bounty Hunter, though he's also frequently involved in much less legal activities. The police generally are unable to pin him for any of it, though.
Likes: Money mostly (as it can get him anything he wants), beautiful women, red meat and roast beef, guns of all sorts, his aerobike The Marvelous Queen, Western movies (guns!)
Dislikes: Being denied what he wants, salad (rabbit food, to him), being made to 'play by the rules', the very thought of being penniless (or ringless, really), being out of ammunition, people even TOUCHING his bike, parting with even a single ring.
Hobbies/Talents: Fang enjoys participating in games of luck of all sorts, including slot machines and card games (Casinopolis is one of his favorite locations, for example). He'll also play the occasional pinball game, but as those sorts of games don't pay out (and pay is a big thing for him) they'll often be ignored in the favor of those that do. He actually likes those claw machine games at arcades, and is pretty good at winning whatever is inside them (he usually zones in on the ones that have blue rings, watches, or other high expense goods in them). He also enjoys racing in his aero-bike time to time, and enjoys watching Extreme Gear tourneys. He has a natural talent for marksmanship, which has been finely honed over the years.
Played By: Raki
Theme: "Don't Have One Yet" - No Seriously I Haven't Found a Good One


Sly. Snide. Rude. Not the kind of person people can stand being around for long, and he doesn't give two spits if they can or can't. The only time he's charming is when he want something or doesn't want to tip someone off.

Basically, he's an unrelenting jerk, and with an itchy trigger finger to boot.

He doesn't seem to have much of a conscience either, which frankly just adds to his charming pot-pie of a personality.

Oddly, despite all this, he's actually a rather optimistic fellow.



Being half weasel, he shares the weasel-y ability of seemingly having no bones (Weasels, of course, being a liquid animal (FACT!!)). This allows him to squeeze though a variety of tight spaces, though there are limits. If he can't fit his head through the space, the rest of him won't follow.

He also has the ability to bounce on his tail. I don't know how he does it either.


GUNS. GUNS. AND MORE GUNS. He knows how to use them and loves to prove that he does.

Has some skills in mechanics- mostly in how to care for and repair his bike. His bike means the world to him, so of course he takes good care of it.

Otherwise, he's a general 'jack of all trades master of none' type.

He's also very street smart to boot, though that comes mostly out of necessity. Also knows a fair amount of tricks when it comes to gambling or slight of hand.

Can swim fairly well, though he excels mostly at the doggy paddle.


None :D
Maybe Chaos Scumbag



Perfectly average, physically (ignoring the only having four fingers thing), so has the same weaknesses as an normal human being. You know, not being able to catch a bullet with his face, that sort of thing.

And while he can pull of short bursts of rather surprising speed (well, not compared to Sonic or anything), he tires quickly. He just isn't built for it.


Despite the fact that his whole personality is a flaw that generally causes people to hate and distrust him fairly quickly, Fang's major mental weakness is his greed. Always wanting more, he can be easily tempted to do something less than wise if it promises to be rewarding.

Pre-RP History

His personal history is basically unknown to everyone but himself, and he often, if he finds it unavoidable to share his past, lies about where he'd come from.

The truth of the matter is stranger than most fiction- Fang is, in fact, the first immigrant from the Sol Universe to Chaos.

Originally being born and raised in Sol, Fang led a less then pleasant life. His mother died while he was young, leaving him to be raised solely by his father, who struggled to make ends meet, and only, when he did manage to do so, by the skin of his teeth. Money became a central focus to Fang early on, as the most desirable thing one can have.

The old western movies that played on the few channels they had on their junky TV secured the idea in his mind, where the rich, both 'cops' and 'robbers' alike, where always the ones that had it all, including scantily clad women (it… was a further selling point for him, really).

Since the family was so poor, he spent the majority of his time working various jobs, putting all he could towards the goal of securing more of that wonderful, glorious money.

Unfortunately, it never seemed like enough. The more he got, the more seemed to pour out of his pockets just to cover living expenses.

And then he found a quicker way to make money.


Moving from job to job, he'd steal just enough from under their noses that he made a pretty penny without their notice.

It was this habit that brought him to where he is now.

During a stint as a janitor at a technology research center, his after hour snooping and looting session led him to discover a prototype vehicle being worked on. Admiring such a high tech, classy seeming vehicle (one that he could never, ever afford), Fang couldn't help but give it a test drive. After all, when would he ever get the chance to do so again?

While giving the craft a whirl on the test course, his curiosity drove him to a switch he hadn't noticed before. Thinking little of it, and expecting it to be something as benign as just a switch for a seat warmer or something of the like, he switched it.

Needless to say, it was not a seat warmer. Instead, the aerobike he'd been driving around so casually was equipped with some form of dimensional warp drive (or something of the sort, he never quite figured it out) which brought him quite suddenly to the place known only as… the Special Zone.

Fang wandered the strange, changing landscape for… he didn't know how long. Time was difficult to keep in a land with no coherent night or day. During his wanderings, he found a strange jewel. It reminded him of the fabled Sol Emeralds from home, but its shape was completely wrong. Either way, he decided it must be valuable (as jewels bigger than one's fist often are) and continued on his way. With no exit in sight, and starving, he decided to once again try the switch of his bike, unsure if it'd lead him to an even more maddening place or, he hoped, home.

It brought him neither. Instead, he arrived in the Chaos dimension. Confused but excited by the new location, he learned all he could about the new land, eventually selling off the emerald he'd found (according to the store owner, it was something called a "Chaos Emerald") in order to afford a new change of clothes (janitor scrubs aren't flattering) and supplies. Stocked up, he once again tried to return home, thinking of the fame he'd gain with the news of this new world.

However, try as he might, all he ever managed was to travel from the Chaos dimension to the Special Zone and back again, but never all the way back to Sol. Eventually, he gave up on the idea of going home- Chaos had become his home, and he felt that here, he had more of a life then he did back in Sol. Plus, here, everyone was… normal. Or at least, more normal than back in Sol, with it's gifted.

He made a name for himself as a bounty hunter, keeping in mind all the Westerns he had watched when younger, modeling his look around those ideals, and continued to travel to the Special Zone in search of the high priced Chaos Emeralds that made it so easy to afford everything he'd need. He found, with bemusement, that the Emeralds would often find their way back to the special zone, one way or another, and that, in theory, he could keep this cycle up forever.

Or could, at least, if it weren't for the hedgehog he'd occasionally run into also looking for those Emeralds…

And thus how things come to today.

Post-RP History

Crossover History


Blah Blah.

Misc. Info

The "originally from Sol" thing is based off of this: , so it's not entirely out of line, or so I think.

Probably no stranger to getting kicked in the crotch by angry ladies.


Originally played by Sipp.


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