Faris the Peacock (Sega)



Name: Faris Truthsblue
Nicknames: Know-it-all, Blue, Miss B, Loud
Species: Peacock, you read it correctly.
Gender: Female, you also read this correctly.
Age: 16
Alignment: Neutral
Type: Intelligence
Team: Team Royale
Height: Average
Build: She's a thin elegent little whisp of a mechanic. For the sonic world, I'd say she's average.
Residence: Emerald Hill Zone, she lives in he garage, really. It functions as an apartment, sorta. Danny, her Pen-Pen likes it anyways.
Occupation: She is a very well to do mechanic and most of what she does is…quite impressive. NOW, if only the other half of it didn't explode when looked at the wrong way.
Likes: She prefers the company of her inventions, oddly enough. Tinkering with toys, making the toaster roll over, yeah, that's what she likes. She also likes to sketch and will occassionaly deviate from schematics to the occasional inspiration. She also loves anything HIGH up and loves cars, ADORES cars…albeit she can't afford one. (seeing as she keeps wrecking them) Maybe a motorbike…hmmm. AVACADO!! MMM!
Dislikes: rowds, she can't stand crowds or the city. She can't stand people of higher stature either. She does not like water, she hates the ocean for the fact it's water with killy things in it. Also, loud and obnoxious personalities send her into screaming matches of her own.
Hobbies/Talents: Aside from the redundent fact that she's a virtual engineer, she enjoys music and has the ability to play the piano and other finer skills…not that she uses them, her mother made her take the lessons is all. She's also an ampt video-gamer and will pwn most anyone. Most of her interfaces are run like video-game start screens.
Played By: Whisperwing


She's a hermit, simple and clean. A quiet girl if you leave her alone…she'll go about her business and never utter a word. OH BUT if you manage to get on her bad side, WATCH OUT. This girl has a temper and she carries out her wrath on everything and anything in vincinity…including her own inventions. That very well explain the whole EXPLOSIONS thing a little more openly. Regardless of her random destruction at the hand of her trusty wrench…she's a kind soul…and will grumpily abide to the occassional person in need. She won't admit it, though. So there.



Faris can fly and her speed is decent, not in comparison with speed-types by far but she manages. Although not vey strong the girl is tom-boyish and enjoys a good tumble, isn't afraid of getting a few bruises. Her dexterity is through the roof, allowing her to create delicate components and the girl has an amazing sense of balance. She would be at home on a racing board. Her stamina is decent due to her RUNNING AWAY FROM EXPLODING OBJECTS…and she can lift a decent amount.


Dismantling, reassembling, blue-printing, digital, mechanical, electrical, hot-wireing cars…you name it.


She wants nothing to do with CHAOS anything, she figures she's got enough of that as it is without super powers. IF she got one, however, and she was feeling crazy…she very well use it to FUEL something. Imagine the explosion off of THAT!



She cannot swim and can't stand high-pitched noises.


Faris is deftly afraid of water, I mean terrified. She constantly forgets she can fly, which is a running joke as well as a problem. Faris is dyslexic.

Pre-RP History

She was born to a very well to do family. Although the bloodline is near aristocratic, the family line had dwindled to a small estate in the rurals of Green Hill Zone. She was raised with a classical education as well as social skill…but hated it. She did not want to follow in her mother's footsteps of being the gorgeous and perfect baroness…she wanted to build, she wanted to create. This appalled her folks as they associated her mechanic's gift with Robotnic's. When she brought home a Pen-Pen…that was it…she was out. Cut off from funds and free from opinion she moved to Emerald Hill Zone and settled down in her little garage. She named her reprogrammed Pen-Pen Danny and they live content in their small garage. She gets to work at what she loves for a living, sits around eating pizza…and above all? She doesn't have to wear a single dress or go to a single party!

Post-RP History

Their track record since they've been in the game.

Crossover History

Their track record in the crossover.


Sam the Hare Sam has been Faris's bodyguard for a very long time, in fact, ever since she's been a small chick. He had always wanted her to be his own daughter, having grown a great love for the girl. After she ran away from home he's been out looking…and after a little confusion and miscommunication…finally got reunited. Now they travel together pretty closely.
Limit the Lizard Limit was an accidental meeting. When one of Faris's drones was circling Angel Isle…he, having accidently been valuted off said isle…landed on it, damaging it extensively. The peacock found him with her droid on the beach…and they become fast friends.

Misc. Info

A sub-character that is attached directly to Faris's character is her modified companion, "Danny." Danny was a badnik that the peacock found destroyed on a journey to Ice Cap. She refashioned an intelligence, parts, structure and Danny was born. The Pen-Pen follows her or her command and is loyal to a fault…over him his AI has even grown a functioning personality.


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